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  1. Ironman Mk 2 test flight left arm, replica prop. prop lined with foam so can be worn for cosplay but stand copied from film to allow for display. looks very professional and unique. Made from aluminium sheets and various bits and bobs. Both sections open on hinges and are locked by thumb screw and magnet catches. piece exhibits traits associated with hand made props. Swap for original comic art Byrne, Kirby, infantino, Swan, Ditko etc
  2. Here's two of my so called key oa pieces Moon knight no 1 origin page 2000ad no 1 signed by Dave Gibbons
  3. I have an Amazing Fantasy 15 that had tape over the "inside" of the cover staple areas. Would this be graded as restored?
  4. I collect comic art but I also like lots of different styles of art. One day I would love to own a Quentin Blake, Banksy or Picasso for example, but the prices are out of my reach. I've got an original Tracey Emin with a hand written note on the back as providence. It was gifted to me by Tracey herself.
  5. I would love to get an affordable (if any exist) Jack Kirby (anything) Steve Ditko (anything) John Byrne 70s/80s Curt Swan 60s/70s Wayne Boring (anything) Al Plastino (anything) George Papp (anything) If I can get just one of these pieces I would be happy!