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  1. Wow. Nice book. A 4.0 is out of my budget, much less a 6.0. I hope you can make it happen.
  2. Working to complete my Sub-Mariner run. Adding issues #4-7. I'm probably halfway there.
  3. " CGC census 10/19: 118 in 9.8, 1 higher." According to the info at the link, there is one 10.0 Hulk #181 graded by CGC. I wonder what that would sell for.
  4. Honestly, for that price would you rather have a Hulk 181 (even a 9.8) or a 5.0 Amazing Fantasy #15?
  5. How do you do that? I'd like to see what people are actually paying vs. what outrageous prices people are asking.
  6. What's the best price these days online for a GS X-Men #1 in a 4.0 or higher? I haven't seen one for less than $1200.
  7. What is CGC using - a microscope? I can't believe the microscopic issues I see would drive it all the way down to an 8.0.
  8. $269.00. I thought it was a good deal to be the third issue of Strange Tales.
  9. It must have sold already. I don't see a 5.5 listed currently on eBay. Did it say how much it was selling for?
  10. Would you happen to have a World Of Fantasy #16 4.0 or higher? Hard to find.
  11. Shoulda waited! There's one for $8.98 there now.