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  1. It appears that a 3.0 AF #15 sells for around $16K or so from what I see online. I personally think that this comic will only keep going up in value every year, much like Action #1. Any speculation on where this comic (a 3.0, for example) might be, price-wise, in, say, five years? $20K? More? Less?
  2. Agreed. It's inevitable that Doom will make another MCU appearance. If Disney can make him right this time, well, you know what will happen to FF #5. I just hope I can get a copy before that happens.
  3. I've noticed that even with all the speculation going on over FF #4, it still hasn't overtaken FF #5 - the first Dr. Doom. I'd love to have that one (again). You can't get even a 3.0 for less than $2500 now. It's really going into the stratosphere.
  4. I bought a mid-grade FF #4 back in '90 or so for about $75, then like an id-iot sold it a few years later for some magic beans. Still kicking myself over that.
  5. I saw a mid-grade X-Men 94 at a used bookstore last year for $200, and since I had sold mine long ago, I snapped it up. It's maybe a 6.0-7.0, and I'm mighty glad I have it in my collection again. It sits next to my 4.5 GS X-Men #1 that I picked up last year for $850. :>))
  6. It's like getting an Amazing Spider-Man #1 if you can't have Amazing Fantasy #15. And the first new X-Men in the regular title is definitely a key, even if it's not their 1st appearance. And with the new X-Men inevitably coming to the MCU, and with a new generation of superhero lovers wanting to get their first appearances, the price is going to keep going up and up.
  7. A couple of suggestions. FF #48 or a high grade #49. Avengers #4 (always a solid choice) GS X-Men #1 (get ready - it's gonna explode) Spider-Man #4 (a key; 1st Sandman and a very early Spider-Man, always an excellent choice)
  8. I'm scratching my head over the skyrocketing price of FF #4 and the first Silver Age Sub-Mariner. He's not even made an appearance in the MCU yet, and already this book has passed Hulk #181 in value, as well as Avengers #4. It's crazy. What if his movie appearance is a dud? I can understand a spike in price, but not this Krakatoa. I know a lot of this rise is comic speculation, but still, Wolverine has been around for 20 years in the movies; his first appearance should be solidly ahead of FF #4. About two years ago I almost got a 3.0 FF #4 for $1K. Now I'd pay double that. I've never seen
  9. Thanks for all that info. I know good investment is all about supply and demand. But how often do you go into a comic shop (or even to a show) and see either TTA #1 or TOS #1? I don't think I've ever seen one in a LCS - only at a big show or online. You'd think that the low supply and even a moderate demand would have made these issues comparable to, say, a Hulk #181 or GS X-Men #1 which have an overabundant supply. But it seems that regardless of supply, a solid investment comic boils solely down to demand these days. High demand/low supply (for example, Avengers #1) and you get sky-high
  10. I was seriously thinking of springing to get a lower grade copy (3.0-4.5) of either Tales Of Suspense #1 or Tales To Astonish #1. I love the PHMs and these are certainly keys, IMHO. Does anyone see either of these two continuing to rise in value significantly in the future?
  11. It's not ignorance, sir. It's puzzlement. One allegedly has the most perfect copy of the most desired comic, but never has it graded and never shows it to anyone, save two or three people - ever. To most anyone, this would be strange, in addition to never even having a photo of it circulated. A collector in any other field would feel the same way. Your comment that I'm "ignorant" for asking honest questions is unjustified and, quite frankly, offensive.
  12. Now that I've verified some of the dates for this book, I have another question. This supposed best-anywhere Action Comics #1 was discovered in 1977, maybe traded hands a time or two, then made its way to The Dentist around 1982-1984. Since then, he's never allowed anyone to take so much as a photograph of it, yet there was a five-seven year span before he got his mitts on it. No one took a single photo of it in all that time? Really? The supposed highest grade of the king of all comics? And in the 43 years since its discovery, not one single, solitary photo exists of it to prove its top-dog s
  13. I think this series is way underrated. Once Subby hits the silver screen, I think they'll really take off. I picked up issues 1-10 in the last two years.
  14. Mail call. Been after this one for a while now. Upgrading from a restored 3.0.