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  1. Thanks for all that info. I know good investment is all about supply and demand. But how often do you go into a comic shop (or even to a show) and see either TTA #1 or TOS #1? I don't think I've ever seen one in a LCS - only at a big show or online. You'd think that the low supply and even a moderate demand would have made these issues comparable to, say, a Hulk #181 or GS X-Men #1 which have an overabundant supply. But it seems that regardless of supply, a solid investment comic boils solely down to demand these days. High demand/low supply (for example, Avengers #1) and you get sky-high prices; high demand/high supply (i.e. Hulk #181) and you still get high prices. The movies really are driving up the issues with first appearances, seemingly regardless of supply. Too bad they aren't doing Tales From The Crypt-like movies based on these PHM issues.
  2. I was seriously thinking of springing to get a lower grade copy (3.0-4.5) of either Tales Of Suspense #1 or Tales To Astonish #1. I love the PHMs and these are certainly keys, IMHO. Does anyone see either of these two continuing to rise in value significantly in the future?
  3. It's not ignorance, sir. It's puzzlement. One allegedly has the most perfect copy of the most desired comic, but never has it graded and never shows it to anyone, save two or three people - ever. To most anyone, this would be strange, in addition to never even having a photo of it circulated. A collector in any other field would feel the same way. Your comment that I'm "ignorant" for asking honest questions is unjustified and, quite frankly, offensive.
  4. Now that I've verified some of the dates for this book, I have another question. This supposed best-anywhere Action Comics #1 was discovered in 1977, maybe traded hands a time or two, then made its way to The Dentist around 1982-1984. Since then, he's never allowed anyone to take so much as a photograph of it, yet there was a five-seven year span before he got his mitts on it. No one took a single photo of it in all that time? Really? The supposed highest grade of the king of all comics? And in the 43 years since its discovery, not one single, solitary photo exists of it to prove its top-dog status? Saying "Well, Mr. X, Y, and Z saw it and they verified it's the best" isn't verification. I don't know them and I can't see what they saw. So, I'm sorry, but until The Dentist or a prior owner can at least give a modicum of photographic evidence (much less a CGC grade or, shocker, display it somewhere) that the condition of this copy exceeds the 9.0 copy sold on eBay a few years back, I'll consider the eBay copy the best Action #1 in existence.
  5. I think this series is way underrated. Once Subby hits the silver screen, I think they'll really take off. I picked up issues 1-10 in the last two years.
  6. Mail call. Been after this one for a while now. Upgrading from a restored 3.0.
  7. Wasn't "The Dentist" copy originally the one in the Edgar Church Collection discovered in 1977? If so, I understand that The Dentist bought his high-grade copy from a Sparkling City Comics sale of Mile High Comics in 1984? Do I have this info right?
  8. Not bad. I picked this copy up a year and a half ago for a song.
  9. Does anyone besides me think that it's a good idea to grab the first appearance of Metamorpho in Brave And The Bold #57? I think it's seriously undervalued, considering how popular the character is. If a movie does ever come out on this character, considering that he first appeared way back in 1965, I think it'll shoot up like a rocket. I mean, it's not like the first appearance of Venom or Wolverine, where there's a million copies of those comics floating around. 1965 is somewhat scarce, especially in better condition. Ideas?
  10. Wow. Nice book. A 4.0 is out of my budget, much less a 6.0. I hope you can make it happen.
  11. Working to complete my Sub-Mariner run. Adding issues #4-7. I'm probably halfway there.
  12. " CGC census 10/19: 118 in 9.8, 1 higher." According to the info at the link, there is one 10.0 Hulk #181 graded by CGC. I wonder what that would sell for.