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  1. (In my best Inigo Montoya voice) I do not think pole means what you think it means. I think there are too many... um, poles in this thread already.
  2. Those issues have 40 and 50 cent cover prices. Cheryl. Or any number of better sources, especially for somebody who just has a few comics they got when they were a kid. There's really nothing to get excited about here.
  3. I guess it's too bad that Kirby's uncle didn't give Jack a job?
  4. I think he meant people who were removed by CGC, not those who decided their time was better spent elsewhere.
  5. It always is. Coppers used to be Moderns. Bronze comics used to be Moderns. There have been multiple threads on this very subject quite recently. Go find them.
  6. They may not be relevant to you, but perhaps they are to some. You misunderstand. People can collect whatever they want, but foreign licensed reprints are NOT Marvel titles.
  7. Does CGC employ magicians? Are the words on the label magic? Or maybe you think collectors are nothing but retarded sheep? If the market doesn't already acknowledge a value difference between editions, how will CGC's actions change anything? I am certainly not against CGC fully and properly identifying and classifying every book they grade and slab, but they have enough trouble with the stuff they already regularly separate. The other problem is that there is already an issue with making claims about the census rarity of certain versions of some books. Never mind that the vast majority of what's on the census was submitted before CGC decided to acknowledge the difference.
  8. You didn't receive an invitation? I guess you're just not special.
  9. MJ in ASM 42 is not remotely comparable to the standard last-page-teaser-for-the-new-character-who-will-be-featured-next-issue. She is a regular human and a supporting character and she was already known to readers and the title character for many months without being really seen before her iconic proper introduction.
  10. I'm just talking about a minor character from Spectacular Spider-Man 112.
  11. Anything that will net more money than selling raw and be worth the time and effort involved.
  12. Whoever this mysterious person may be, I'm sure he's beloved by all in the comic collecting hobby. He’s certainly never been immortalized as a thief in an issue of Spectacular Spider-Man... A lying thief!
  13. Whoever this mysterious person may be, I'm sure he's beloved by all in the comic collecting hobby.