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  1. I see multiple colour breaks on the spine. The grade looks pretty accurate from those pictures.
  2. How will you be able to tell which scuffs are on the comic and which are on the slab?
  3. Donors aren't doctors and FF 252 is the other issue that advertised the Tattooz insert.
  4. Yes, CPV is the erroneous way some people refer to Canadian Newsstand editions.
  5. You mean Sharon Ventura, the temporary placeholder for the Ms. Marvel trademark?
  6. No, 238 is the first appearance of the Hobgoblin, with no qualifiers needed. Half of the story is about him, with the rest being regular Spidey/Peter stuff as usual. Yes, though it's not really much of a battle.
  7. The Ms. Marvel story has two parts. The first part is the inventoried content with a complete story that would have been published 13 years earlier had the series not been cancelled. The second part is the additional content tacked on to the end that was created for MSH #11 to bridge the gap between (what should have been) Ms. Marvel #25 and Avengers Annual #10. Rogue appeared (briefly) in the inventoried story.
  8. "Scarcity over supply & demand?" Scarcity is supply. Superman - originated in comic books Batman - originated in comic books Spider-Man - originated in comic books Sonic the Hedgehog - originated in video games, not comic books
  9. And when you try to bid with/purchase from them, which third-party site will you be using?
  10. Yes. Get the records from the publisher. Good luck! Anybody (not going to mention any names ) who claims specific (and, undoubtedly, low) numbers is a huckster trying to inflate the perceived value/actual sale price of their . Beware.
  11. But, like Spectacular Spider-Man 90 (also May 84 cover date), it came out weeks after ASM 252.
  12. Yeah, that's what I thought. But here's an unauthorized (interior) cameo:
  13. You're looking for actual comic books with Calvin & Hobbes covers? Why would they even exist?