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  2. So you think the "9.8 market mentality" applies to these books and the multimillionaires who could actually buy them?
  3. Was the first comic you read a major key, or even a key at all? I know mine wasn't, so why did we keep reading?
  4. But seriously, any actual newbs might want to look into bocabill's history.
  5. This thread is for people who were here 15 years ago!
  6. The multi-packs weren't made for the hardcore collector market and, as reprints, would have been shunned at that time if they had. It didn't matter much what was in them, although it would be interesting to know who chose those issues and why.
  7. Isn't $27 an unusually low price for that issue (at least in CGC 9.8)?
  8. Indeed. And how do you understand a character's development without reading about his/her origin? The big problem with origin stories is that they've been endlessly retold and revised for many characters.
  9. Most likely due to damage from the bag's seams. That's always an issue for bagged books, especially if they were kept sealed for a long time.
  10. I don't know if they were in Walmart, but even if they were, multi-packs were found in many stores.
  11. In theory, they will be because they're priced differently than Directs. In practice, CGC does not have a separate entry for either of them yet.
  12. The book never went to CGC and he already got the other book back. Assuming the book arrives back soon, the guy is probably just a flake rather than a scammer. But if there are any further problems... Which has what to do with the Canadian posting this story?
  13. I don't see why not, they both have multiple covers (on the enhanced editions). Of course, they aren't the only ones like that. The most obvious ones, which tie-in closely to some of the books in the OP, are the 4 issues that begin Reign of the Supermen for their respective titles, all of which have a die-cut cardstock cover over a regular cover, directly ripped off from Fantastic Four 358. Fantastic Four 387, Sabretooth 1, Spider-Man 57, Spectacular Spider-Man 223 also have die-cut cardstock over regular. Marvels, Ruins, Last Avengers Story, and the four Tales of the Marvels books from 1995 all have acetate over cardstock. Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha has chromium/acetate over regular. Spectacular Spider-Man 229 has acetate over regular. A few Spider-Man books have two covers, with each getting a chance at the spotlight while covering the other. It's not easy to tell at a glance that some of them have both covers because it was during the time that Marvel had fold-out front covers, but only one of those covers for each issue had it. (I couldn't find the regular cover for ASM 434) I'm probably forgetting some that I know, but that's a bunch more books with outer covers.