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  1. Are you retarded? I was directly responding to your "The first time anything approaching hard evidence appeared was in your post with publication data." reply to RMA. I posted a link to a site with that information much earlier. I never even implied that your "nasty and disruptive" accusation was a direct response to my post containing the link.
  2. Incorrect. I provided a link to Mike's Amazing World and everything is there to see if you bother to take more than a superficial glance at the site. Instead of dismissing my posts because I'm such a nasty, disruptive (), you could try reading them. Maybe you'd learn something.
  3. Every piece of misinformation hurts, especially when it comes from someone pretending to be some kind of authority. And do you really think that's the only error on there? I kind of want to get the app now just so I can see how many pieces there are after I tear it to shreds.
  4. And yet, you still have blatant misinformation on your app that could have been avoided by a quick look at Mike's site. I guess that says it all. Blaming me for your errors?
  5. No, I actually meant get a physical copy of each book and look at them in a certain way. But I'm sure he wouldn't understand that even if I explained it in greater detail. He didn't even bother taking a close look at the link I gave him and instead dismissed it as a random internet source.
  6. You looking at the wrong sources of "information" does not create a debate. Try looking here. Even if you just look at the books themselves, you can see that ASM had a different release week than the other two.
  7. The real Rule 31: Only after you've convinced the majority of people who've been in the hobby for at least 5 years that More Fun Comics #31 is the first appearance of Superman may you ever refer to any advertisement as a first appearance.
  8. CGC's error does not justify your own. If you're going to be just another contributor to the spread of misinformation, go away.
  9. ASM 252 is the only first appearance of the black costume.
  10. You mean the one below? I think ygogolak is trying to help anybody who actually thinks your info is accurate by pointing out a significant problem.
  11. Copper books used to be Modern. Bronze books used to be Modern. Nothing follows the Modern Age.
  12. Go look at some 9.8s with fugly diagonal miswraps and come back and tell us the answer. You can find lots here.
  13. The only price difference between Direct and Newsstand for this issue is that the Newsstand explicitly states that the Canadian price is also $3.99. Just more inconsistency in recognizing different editions. Based on how CGC treats Newsstand editions, there is no reason for this issue to be separated in their system.
  14. i was going to give you half but you got a deal!