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  1. Lazyboy

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    At least you upgraded your Cage 1. But it's still worthless (as evidenced by you getting a copy in a 25/$9 grab bag).
  2. Lazyboy

    Top 50 Copper Books in Overstreet

    Or maybe X-Factor just had huge sales at the start of the series and there are a ton of copies out there. How many other books on the list have numbers that are even close? Apocalypse is easily a top CA villain.
  3. Lazyboy

    *IMPORTANT* CGC 1st Appearance Stan Lee

    The important thing everybody should take away from this thread is that, if not for CGC noting it on their labels, nobody would realize that Amazing Fantasy 15 contains Spider-Man's first appearance and the book would be worthless. Wow! How stupid can some people be? 1st appearance notes, according to this genius, do not matter, EVER! Tell that to the guy who is selling the book that has in the notes "Spider-Man's 1st appearance".
  4. Lazyboy

    *IMPORTANT* CGC 1st Appearance Stan Lee

    I called them, too. But I agreed. I can't recall anybody ever wasting more time on something so utterly irrelevant... that wasn't also entertaining.
  5. Lazyboy

    *IMPORTANT* CGC 1st Appearance Stan Lee

    Wow, I really didn't think my opinion of you could get any lower. Good job proving me wrong.
  6. Lazyboy

    *IMPORTANT* CGC 1st Appearance Stan Lee

    I don't know. Is your mirror broken? Do the notes change reality? No, they don't. Thanks for playing, genius.
  7. Lazyboy

    *IMPORTANT* CGC 1st Appearance Stan Lee

    Congratulations on being the king of irrelevant garbage? CGC's issue notes are completely irrelevant. They do not matter. EVER!
  8. It's obviously restoration. CGC does not have any interest in noting it as such, nor do they frown upon it at all.
  9. Lazyboy


    It looks dirty as well, but it looks like some ink was lifted by those dirty fingers.
  10. Lazyboy

    What is this ink??

    Distributors, not stores.
  11. If a book has more than one printing, it should be easy to tell which one it is, although the method of identification may vary.
  12. Lazyboy

    Why Has Thou Boards Failed Me ???

    It's something, but the actual print and/or distribution numbers might be lost to history and there's little chance of them ever becoming public knowledge even if they're not.
  13. Lazyboy

    To Slab or not to Slab?

    It's hard to say. Without actual sales data, I'm not sure whether my Ultra Mint 10 Action Comics 1 or Ultra Mint 10 Detective Comics 27 is worth more. The real answer, of course, is that the value of a person's collection means nothing on a message board and I literally know infinitely more than you about comics.