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  1. I can't believe it took until page two for that joke to be made!
  2. No, it's a custom-made issue. Every copy is exactly the same, not personalized. Exactly. Yeah. Price doesn't (necessarily) say much about demand. It only takes two to push an auction and one to buy at a fixed price.
  3. 1. That one's not personalized. 2. How many people really care about it and how many copies do you see?
  4. It's a personalized promo book, which explains both why nobody cares about it and why you don't see the copies that exist.
  6. Paltrow, yes. SLJ's Fury was taken directly from the Ultimate comics, in which they (apparently changed him and) made him look like SLJ years before the movies.
  7. My first thought was that they aren't, and my second thought was that this is an interesting topic to be started by somebody who values something else (rarity) over content.
  8. A revelation is not the same thing as a first appearance. The symbiote itself is not Venom. When did Spidey's original costume gain sentience?
  9. No, even ignoring the misuse of "cameo" for first appearances. It's still "brief and "full" appearance, not "partial" and "full" appearance. Their early appearances aren't identical, but the biggest difference between Venom and Carnage is that Eddie Brock didn't appear before Venom.
  10. All I was saying is that some copies that shouldn't still be out there based on how the distribution channel was supposed to work are still out there. Which you know firsthand, regardless of how or when you got them or how many you got.
  11. Do you know why it's broken down into brief and full first appearances? Because it has nothing to do with the percentage of the character's body that is depicted!
  12. First, you have to specify whether you're looking at the entire market or an individual title. Still, it's generally difficult to estimate the percentages at any given time for either. Not counting titles that were only available though the direct market, of course (that's easy ). Newsstand distribution was in decline since the early 70s until it basically died for comics. That's why the Big Two embraced the direct market. But the direct market has also had its ups and downs, so the percentages could change in unusual ways at times even if the general, slow trend of falling newsstand sale
  13. CGC is bad and inconsistent in that regard. Never, ever trust CGC's issue notes. The only "previews" that are actually first appearances are those that are called such, but are actually unique stories that lead into something (usually the regular series), like DCP26. Fixed.