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  1. That's really not a valid comparison. I can buy Valiant comics wherever I can buy Marvel comics. I can easily walk to the nearest two McDonald's locations (and get to either relatively quickly). I've never even heard of Ruth's Chris Steak House.
  2. As is often the case, yes. But solarcomic is even dumber.
  3. It only affects quoted content. The original pic(s) will always be fully visible in the original post, but if 5 each quote the same post with 10 pics, you don't have to see and scroll past those same 10 pics over and over again. That's the best part of this feature.
  4. Didn't it? I'm sure he has posted it before.
  5. I've seen one store that does that and one store that has glass display cases with some books clearly displayed and others just stacked, but with a list on or by the case.
  6. No, to see which books are actually worth something, rather than waiting a decade for the worthless OPG to break out the $20 #116 from the "101-149 ..... $3" run. That's okay for short runs with unique names, but not so great for longer runs, reused titles or common words. Try figuring out which issues of the 90s adjective-less Spider-Man title are worth something using that method (not that anything from that title is worth much).
  7. That is a terrible suggestion in general, and especially if your runs are post-1980. Use a site like to do that, since they actually have an interest in properly pricing their books that are worth more than the surrounding issues.
  8. I hope so, although some people here seem to lack even the most common knowledge (not to mention common sense). I was just reassuring Toast that he didn't do something stupid.
  9. According to Mike, of the 3 issues that contained ads for Incredible Hulk 181, none preceded it. Daredevil 115 was released simultaneously, followed a week later by Thor 229 and then weeks later by Marvel Premiere 19.
  10. There are definitely some from the 90s.
  11. It's extremely difficult to make a real estimate for multiple reasons. There was a poll/thread a couple of years ago. The poll was messed up during the migration, but the discussion is still there.
  12. Wasn't it Youngblood 1 that was the first Image comic and discussed earlier in the thread?
  13. It's still a reprint title even if it includes some new supplemental material. Every issue's main purpose is to be a reprint, but they aren't just reprints.
  14. February 1991 and April 1992 are not the same month. ASM 361 doesn't have to be Copper just because NM 98 is.
  15. Um... immediately when it was released? More recently, the price increased in line with the general market trends (including the large amounts of speculation, of course).