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  1. You mean this one that you started as an offshoot of this thread that I started?
  2. Yeah, there are a bunch of separately-stapled inserts that can were bound in the centerfold of comics from around that time. You can usually tell from the outside of the book if it has one because of the unusual staple placement.
  3. Having a bar code instead of other markings does not necessarily make a comic a Newsstand edition.
  4. Well the label says polybag removed and its a newstand edition. I thought that was the question. Key point in bold, which means that the notes for Direct and Newsstand are identical.
  5. 1. The Newsstand edition of this issue is not separated by CGC. 2. Notes on a CGC label aren't proof of anything, even when they're actually correct.
  6. Let's play a game. It's the mid-80s and you're a big Marvel fan. A new issue comes out, but OH NO, IT'S MISSING ALL IDENTIFICATION! Who is the character on the cover? Which series is the issue even from? Yeah. Exactly. I like characters to look like, you know, themselves. Say what you want about the art, but that's a terrible Magik (and New Mutants) cover.
  7. Neither do many of the other who pull numbers out of their , but they still do it. I've been told many things by store owners. Some have even been true!
  8. Only in a ridiculously arbitrary way that makes a half-assed effort look like perfection. No, it isn't. If it's not on the label, it's not in their database.
  9. And you don't understand how this is actually a negative?
  10. Because of the worst Magik art ever? Are we sure that isn't actually a really early Shatterstar cover by the character's true creator?
  11. What will the next one sell for now that one of the two suckers bidders has a copy?
  12. It's a special qualified label that automatically ignores only the witnessed additions. Any other defects that would normally get a green label will likely result in the book getting the relatively new yellow/green label.