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  1. Speculating for non-speculators

    Agree 100% Disagree 100% Unless you are able to day trade your books and miraculously time the shifting winds of the comic book market perfectly, it's just as easy to lose money on these highly speculative and hyped books as it is to make money on them. Maybe if you have no knowledge, perspective or insight into comics and the market or you're stupidly overpaying. Every book I have truly speculated on has skyrocketed. I'm talking about a dozen or so issues that I was buying for <$5 (more like $1-3, usually) that I thought should be $30-ish, but the market was being stupid. Now those books are mostly $100+ because the current market is a different kind of stupid. I do still have a single copy of each in my collection and those aren't going anywhere because I am a collector, but the only reason I bought extra copies was speculation.
  2. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Demand drives sales. Supply and demand together determine prices.
  3. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    or ever...
  4. Diamond account - dumb idea?

    Good luck to any collector who cares about grades and orders a bunch of singles from Diamond... It's also probably something that most people just don't even consider as a possibility, let alone an option.
  5. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Of course the flagship title was higher, but it's not like they were in different tiers at the time. During the peak of the industry, ASM was well above Web, but that was years later. Statements of Ownership from the June 1988 issues (ASM 301 & Web 39): Avg. print run: 469,913 (ASM) 437,255 (Web) Avg. distribution: 284,824 (ASM) 243,007 (Web)
  6. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Nothing was really "huge" at that time. But there was nothing small about Web's print run/distribution. It wasn't Uncanny X-Men, but neither was it significantly smaller than ASM.
  7. The Official Saga #1 RRP Appreciation Thread

    Printing means printing, not distribution.
  8. The Official Saga #1 RRP Appreciation Thread

    No, they print as many as they know, or think, they can sell plus any extras they need/want. They don't give a about secondary market value of books... unless it helps them sell more initial copies (see: incentive variants, and they certainly don't care about the long-term value of those). It is a special version that can't be confused with any other version, no matter what people call it, but if it was printed as part of the same run as the regular third print, it is a variant of the third print. But that doesn't really matter, because it is still accurate to call it the RRP edition and the rarity, rather than the time it was printed, is the primary appeal of the book. The market is irrelevant. It determines nothing but prices, which aren't required to conform to any kind of logic. Like I said earlier, the book was printed at a specific time and nothing anybody says can change that.
  9. The Official Saga #1 RRP Appreciation Thread

    We're discussing a comic book. It was printed at a specific time and nothing anybody says can change that. There are no relevant opinions here.
  10. The Official Saga #1 RRP Appreciation Thread

    It's not wrong to generalize it, because the deviations are a tiny minority. It would be wrong to say that the system is perfect and always followed without exception. It's a variant of the third print. People can (and do) have all the worthless opinions they want, but arguing with facts just makes them look bad.
  11. Really? It sure was nice of CGC to grade the book for free. Do you have a connection there?
  12. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Further proof that you don't have a clue what you're talking about when you try to call out shills.
  13. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    As usual, a book that Jaydog doesn't like is obviously shilled because the same eBay users bid on multiple copies, but when people bid on multiple copies of Batman 608 RRP, he'll perform an entire circus routine to try to convince everyone that everything is legit.