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  1. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Why? Is the kid an expert and already owns the story in some format? Does she tell him how much she paid for the gift? (Who does that?) Was the price actually too high? Buying collectibles as a gift for somebody else is fraught with peril. You can do it if: You know exactly what they want and can properly identify it You have a good understanding of the hobby and what they have and what they would like but it is a very difficult thing to do. And that's only about choosing the right item, not pricing.
  2. If you think anything is going to change other than the issue numbers, you're There's a huge difference between cancelling a title just to relaunch the next month with a new #1 and cancelling a title because sales suck but giving the property another chance after some time has passed. Publishing for readers is the only sustainable model. Publishing for collectors is a big party, but bad things happen when the music stops.
  3. Early Image? That depends on whether you want the dates they were supposed to be published or the dates they were actually published. But seriously: here.
  4. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    The listing wasn't perfect, but there are many far worse listings that require much more than just basic knowledge to see through. This listing provided the proper title, the issue date, and great pictures. If you don't know anything and are still willing to spend large amounts of money, there are only three relevant questions: 1. When are you going to get screwed? 2. How badly are you going to get screwed? 3. How many times are you going to get screwed before you realize it? Of course, this is all assuming the buyer didn't understand exactly what they were buying.
  5. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Yes, it is on the buyer to know the slightest thing about comics if they're spending that much on a single issue. If they don't have a clue, they should stick to paying cover price until they do. What if they instead bought a CGC 4.5 Fantastic Four 52 that was listed for $10,000? They would be screwed over far worse in that case. But you couldn't blame deception, only complete ignorance.
  6. Letter pages in comics, where did they go?

    You're using the reason right now.
  7. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Big deal. Nearly everyone has been in the Avengers, especially if you include the offshoot teams. Forget this stupid "staple" argument. It's not relevant because either both BP and MK are staples, or neither are staples. The original point was that they are both lower tier characters, which remains true. I'm willing to put them on the same level if you just don't like people saying MK is higher. For what, a month overlap with both short-lived titles? Marvel currently giving BP a push doesn't change his 50+ year history. He could become bigger than he has been, and most likely has a better chance than Moon Knight of doing so. Still, until it actually happens...
  8. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I don't have a clue what either character is doing or has done recently, nor do I care. Marvel sucks. But staple characters are consistently published with their names on the book (at least if they're heroes). That does not apply to either BP or MK. They are both lower tier characters. Fine, partial reprint series. I'll admit, I thought there was more reprinted material in those issues than there actually is when I wrote that. I still listed it even though his name isn't in the title because it does contain a bunch of original BP content and his name appears on the covers.
  9. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    FF 52 (July 1966) Jungle Action - 20 issues (Jul 1973 - Nov 1976) partial reprint series and no name in the title, but he did have his name on the cover Black Panther - 15 issues (Jan 1977 - May 1979) Black Panther - 4 issues (Jul 1988 - Oct 1988) Black Panther: Panther's Prey - 4 issues (1991) Black Panther - 62 issues (Nov 1998 - Sep 2003) Black Panther - 41 issues (Apr 2005 - Nov 2008) Black Panther - 12 issues (Apr 2009 - Mar 2010) Black Panther: The Man Without Fear - 11 issues (Feb 2011 - Nov 2011) Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive - 7 issues (Nov 2011 - Apr 2012) Black Panther - ongoing (Jun 2016 - ) WWBN 32 (Aug 1975) Moon Knight - 38 issues (Nov 1980 - Jul 1984) Moon Knight - 6 issues (Jun 1985 - Dec 1985) Marc Spector: Moon Knight - 60 issues (Jun 1989 - Mar 1994) Moon Knight - 4 issues (Jan 1998 - April 1998) Moon Knight - 4 issues (Jan 1999 - Feb 1999) Moon Knight - 30 issues (Jun 2006 - Jul 2009) Vengeance of the Moon Knight - 10 issues (Nov 2009 - Sep 2010) Moon Knight - 12 issues (Jul 2011 - Jun 2012) Moon Knight - 17 issues (May 2014 - Sep 2015) Moon Knight - ongoing (Jun 2016 - )
  10. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I find nothing wrong with this listing. He does not call it Fantastic Four #52. He gives the year of the book. He shows the back cover which has a UPC code which didn't exist when the original came out. So in my opinion, this listing is fine and there is no deception. Yes. Except for leaving out the colon, he listed it as the proper title of the book. A clear back cover picture is provided. The date of the issue is provided in the body of the listing. If some fool bought it thinking it was an FF 52, that is entirely on them.
  11. Why Pressing ISN'T Restoration

    Why the hell are you bumping a thread that ended 14 years ago? It's not. Pressing is now ubiquitous. Yeah, dents and bends disappearing is just magic, not fixing.
  12. Yup. Yup. Maybe. It doesn't quite look flat. Nope, just a boring regular Newsstand edition. Probably not.
  13. No, they are intentional. There is a good explanation for them here.
  14. Counterfeits, no hobby safe?

    "Counterfeits, no hobby safe?" Of course not. Money corrupts everything.