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  1. A costume is a costume. A character is a character. The Acrobat is not Captain America, no matter what he wears.
  2. And my explanation was insufficient to help you? Sorry.
  3. Hobgoblin at his peak may have been even bigger than Venom. But that peak was 35 years ago.
  4. No, you haven't. Those issues that (may) reprint parts of Batman 227 are some other number of some other title from some other publisher in some other country.
  5. I'm just saying that it's not some ridiculously obscure, minor piece of the Marvel Universe.
  6. Darkhold was the focus of one season of SHIELD. I actually think they did a good job with Ghost Rider. The Darkhold also had its own series.
  7. Yeah, TWD is getting some attention because of the new season starting and attention drives demand.
  8. In theory, but the random numbers in that waste of paper don't match raw FMV for most books either.
  9. Got. Past tense. I don't know how it has really worked for the past two decades or so (besides not well). The point being that Overstreet originally got numbers from dealers who determined them on their own. But an annual paper guide has been outdated for a long time now and it's even more useless in this stupid market.
  10. I don't think you understand. I am just talking about reality. I have already said that the market is insane and I am not paying record prices for anything either. Well, that's 250x more than I've ever paid for a comic!
  11. WTF? There is absolutely no way to infer that I think that from what I posted. What I actually said: Nobody gets to lie and mislead people because they want money.
  12. Where do you think Overstreet got the numbers for the Guide? Unless you're a thief (or know some really generous people, I guess), how would you ever acquire a book if you weren't willing to pay an owner's price? And if copies are so plentiful, it should be possible to find some for lower prices somewhere. Like I mentioned earlier, the OPG is irrelevant trash and has been for a long time. It is massively plagued with absurd prices, both low and high.
  13. Yes. So? Who needs to be scumbags when dealing with the first full appearance of one of the most popular characters in comics? What? What's wrong with that? The OPG is in the trash, or at least deserves to be, and has been for many, many years. Yes, the current market is insane. The fact that false claims are being made all over the place doesn't help that.