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  1. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    So which monopolistic entity is manipulating the price of AF15s?
  2. Grading Skill Of A Comic Dealer

    You assume wrong, like you always do. Your reply reads like someone looking for a reason to justify ripping people off, and that's your prerogative, About what am I wrong? You must have left out a bunch of relevant facts in your original post about the situation. Do you not realize that anybody can follow the link I posted and read the extremely deceptive words you used? There is no misinterpreting the specific words you used. You obviously chose them very carefully to create a very inaccurate description of your product for sale.
  3. Grading Skill Of A Comic Dealer

    Except when providing very misleading information while selling and refusing to correct it even after being called on it, right? Why? She obviously wasn't interested in putting any extra effort or money into selling the stuff, and probably didn't possess the knowledge necessary to effectively do so. Was she stupid enough to think that she was going to get full market value selling in bulk or that none of it would be resold for a profit? These "several people" were brought in to make an offer on a collection for sale and not being paid to appraise the comics, right? I assume that if several people saw the collection (fragment), she took the best offer that was made by the prospective buyers. What? "One of the first people (Guy #2) asked for some advice, and the guy (Guy #1, the buyer) he trusted with this information moved in on the collection himself."
  4. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    AF 15 is definitely common. It's not extremely common, but it's certainly not rare or even uncommon. In the marketplace, multiple copies are always available. They may not be available at every retail store, but it doesn't matter which group of sellers has the product in a connected world.
  5. I just watched most of Chappelle's Show last week.
  6. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    But the majority of copies of Book #2 may be in the hands of old (60+) collectors. That would make it much more risky in the long term. What does the market look like when their demand is removed and their supply becomes available? There is a difference between high demand and high demand relative to low available supply. A comparison to real estate is completely invalid due to the enormous difference in visibility of total supply.
  7. Wrong (at least mostly). Anyway, it's very difficult to accurately measure popularity and the reason for it. Price can't properly reflect it because it's influenced by many other factors.
  8. I don't get it. Of course the runs by Morrison and Waid were great, but when was the last time that really mattered to back issue prices? Tower of Babel even had a (very loose) animated adaptation. But that was years ago, so it isn't getting a bump from that.
  9. 1st appearance of the real Domino

    I dont know, maybe hulk 180 and 181? maybe the fact that those who look for keys drive up the value of certain books? Keyword: defining. The question was asking about value's influence on first appearances, not first appearances' influence on value. Very different things.
  10. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    The main thread. 35 pages spanning 5.5 years.
  11. Uncanny X-Men 302 logo variant

    That page also says there are 3 versions. What am I missing?
  12. 1st appearance of the real Domino

    How can it be the first appearance of the Valkyrie if it was revealed to actually be the Enchantress in the story? They are different characters. Also, what does value have to do with defining first appearances?
  13. Uncanny X-Men 302 logo variant

    There are 3 versions of that issue: Direct, Newsstand, and Error (Newsstand edition with "Only 25c" circle).
  14. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Yes, there have been multiple threads about that book here on the boards. But that price is going to have to jump a lot in the next few hours to belong in this thread.
  15. Marvel has only ever had one trick, and they had it long before they were known as Marvel: flooding the market. Is it coincidence that they had their best growth phase and became the Marvel we know when they were prevented from using that one trick? I doubt it. There will never be a "new Marvel" in the comic industry because the conditions no longer exist for it to happen. The game has changed, for many reasons. Creators and publishers can still achieve success, but creators have learned from the history of the industry. [/thread]