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  1. Correct. Do not take the census as an indicator of actual scarcity for Newsstand editions of any issue, even if CGC now acknowledges and separates the two versions.
  2. You first. Good for them! They're still preview books. Who hates them? Don't have to be. The hobby isn't ruled by the stupidity of speculators and newbs.
  3. Lazyboy

    The high cost of FF # 48

    Galactus departed and left the Surfer trapped on Earth. Why would he appear in the series (outside of flashbacks)?
  4. Exactly. One way or another, the thread would have eventually tackled brief/cameo versus full, ads, etc. But I wanted a discussion, not just to write an essay. The timing may have been poor, as well. I started it not too long after the change and some people may still have been mad at me for not irrationally hating the new boards.
  5. The thread wasn't about first appearances or previews, it was about literacy and understanding stories versus superficiality.
  6. Yes, but there is a lot of confusion for a few reasons, mostly stemming from the fact that comics are a visual medium. I started a thread about the definition and perception of appearances once, but nobody responded.
  7. But can you prove which came first? ygogolak needs to know quickly, before his brain-dead speculator overlords become displeased.
  8. Yup, she definitely never had her powers stolen, or got new powers and went out into space, or (whatever the clowns at Marvel have done to her in the last 20 years ).
  9. Only trailers matter. Why would anybody waste their time watching a full movie?
  10. Of course it is and has been forever. Previews that consist of material that was created for another book are just ads.