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  1. Kerry Drake Detective Cases #16 CGC 8.5 LT-OW pages -- high grade File Copy! Only $75 shipped!
  2. Kerry Drake Detective Cases #22 CGC 9.0 CR-OW pages -- high grade File Copy! Super cool Rogues Gallery cover! $125 shipped!
  3. Last call, comic addicts! I'll be closing this thread this weekend. I might post a couple more books today if I can get my pics organized but they're all coming down soon. Shoot me an offer, if I'm wasted enough I might do something crazy. I'm working on it....
  4. Shocking Mystery Cases #59 CGC 4.0 OW pages! Purple label notes: Restoration includes small amount of color touch on cover. Killer LB Cole horror/crime mash-up cover! Really tough book, only 6 copies on the census and 3 of those are restored! SOLD to @Huuuugh99
  5. Baffling Mysteries #22 CGC 3.5 OW-W pages! The cover presents really beautifully for the grade, since it's due to the chipping you can see along the right edge. "Fools! You are now slaves to the Flame Queen!" Was $225 NOW $200 shipped!
  6. Batman #163 CGC 8.0 CR-OW pages! Classic Joker judge and Joker jury cover! Batwoman and Batgirl appearance! Was $325 NOW $300 shipped!
  7. Picking up on this thread again, a lot of the books listed previously are still available! Prices dropped, offers welcome! This next book available is Strange Worlds #7 CGC 7.0 with crisp White pages! Classic space monster cover by Everett Raymond Kinstler! Check out the Jean Grey-looking redhead, looks like an inspiration for Marvel Girl's green minidress costume from the early X-Men books! Featuring "Space-Gods of Planetoid 50! Sabotage on Space Station 1! The Man Who Fought The World!" Was $500 NOW $450 shipped!
  8. Thanks, that's all of the Super Magician for now but I might let go of more soon.
  9. Super Magic Comics #1 CGC 3.5 SB pages! Awesome cobra cover! Was $350 NOW $315 shipped!
  10. Super Magician Comics #2 CGC 7.0 CR-OW pages! Beautiful colors and a sinister skull on this 1st issue of the series (after Super Magic #1), and the highest graded copy of only 7 on the census! Get it while you can -- was $750 NOW $700 shipped!
  11. Super Magician v2 #3 CGC 7.0 OW pages! Extreme wartime propaganda cover in beautiful condition, only 10 unrestored copies on the census. SOLD to @bronze johnny
  12. Super Magician #11 CGC 6.5 OW pages! Awesome bonfire cover! Only 7 copies on the census! Was $400 NOW $300 shipped!