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  1. I'm sure this has been covered (probably ad nauseum) in the past, but searching both the forums and Google didn't turn up a satisfactory answer. What is the relative impact of a non-color-breaking bend vs. a crease of the same length? I see references in the Overstreet Guide (which as many have discussed is inconsistent and unclear at best), but also know that CGC doesn't adhere to the same guidelines. Useful tools like the "Ultimate Comic Book Grading Cheat Sheet" that has circulated online is also helpful, but references creases rather than bends. Any rules of thumb? Obviously, a 1"
  2. Too much dust shadow for me to put that into the NM range. Also looks like something going on along the lower left front edge, but can't tell what. Also some bending/discoloration on lower right front corner. From what I can see, I'd be at a 9.0 without the dust shadow, so probably around 8.0 tops with it.....that dust shadow just does too much in terms of reducing eye appeal. If this was an older book, you might not get dinged as much. Others may differ on that, but to me, it really detracts.
  3. I'd go with 4.0, with the potential for a bump with a press. This one is a little tougher than many. I could see anything from a 3.5 - 4.5 depending on the grader, but that subscription crease keeps it at 4.0 for me.
  4. Agree with 7.0, with the corner crease being the biggest problem on top of the accumulation of small issues. It does look like a press could fix that up.
  5. Agreed.....if the water stain is just on the back cover, it will ding you enough. If it seeps into the book (and I suspect it does.....hard to tell, but it looks like you might even see some on the upper left front corner), you've got a much bigger problem. If it's just the back, I'd say 6.0/6.5, but a stain of that size on the back cover doesn't bother me as it would some. If it's through the book, I think you're closer to 4.5.
  6. Definitely not a 9.8. Hard to be too confident in the grade from pictures inside the bag, but I would guess in the 9.0 - 9.2 range, leaning more toward 9.0.
  7. 7.5.....too many color-breaking spine tics and the corners look a little blunted as well. The back cover looks to be a bit scratched up based on the last photo as well. Very solid copy of a nice book, but I don't see a press helping a whole lot.
  8. I have to think it's been covered on here somewhere, but I struck out in my searching. How does a VERY badly misstapling of a book impact grade? I've seen staples off a little on other books, but this may be the worst I've personally seen. Book is otherwise in pretty nice shape Thoughts?
  9. Right, I'm quite confident that is the case. For books that go for only a few bucks each though, it's not worth the cost or hassle. The more like them I get though, the more tempted I am to buy a press and start practicing.
  10. Interesting.....thanks for your insights. That hadn't occurred to me. Unfortunately, they are heavy enough to be noticeable when held at the correct angle, but were impossible to see in photos prior to purchase. After the second or third time I received books with those impressions (from different sellers), it really had me wondering.