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  1. PGM Tales of Suspense 39

    Front cover is all there and clean, over the majority of it. Too much so to call it 0.5 despite the rough back cover. Grading is not supposed to be front or back cover biased, a book should be graded on its whole. But books with a demolished back cover and relatively sound front cover tend to grade higher than the inverse, so that in mind, based on the presentation of the front cover, IMO, it's at least a CGC 1.0, which would warrant slabbing if resale was in mind. Were the front cover like the back and the back like the front, it's a CGC 0.5.
  2. PGM Whiz Comics 4

    Not much expense, and I favor Classics Conservatory as being one of the best in the biz and affordably reasonable. There's a member here also. I've seen a few posts of his, showing some of his work, and it's top notch. I can't remember his forum ID but I do know that he worked with Matt. He's great too! I'm sure another member will guide you to him.
  3. PGM Canteen Kate 3

    If that does feel like sandpaper grit, chances favor that most of it can be flicked off without making the appearance of the areas worse, and certainly high chance of improving it. If you do decide to give it a try, let us know how it went.
  4. PGM Canteen Kate 3

    Alf, whatever that dark matter is, it doesn't appear to have completely soaked through the cover, leading me to believe that those spots may be 3-dimensional and rest on or embedded into the cover stock. If these are actual flecks of matter, just adhered to or slightly embedded into the cover, have you tried to dislodge one of them with the edge of a sharp implement. Not digging into the paper underneath, but the point into the side of one of those flecks to try to dislodge it without marring the cover? You may be able to rid the cover of most of that by giving it a try on just one small fleck, you certainly won't hurt the paper in that way as there's no color to flake off.
  5. PGM Whiz Comics 4

    Cover is real nice, and the artwork fantastic. A Whiz 4 cover that nice? A rusting, brittle interior? I wouldn't let them even touch one another. Set a time frame, say a year. I'm sure you'll find a bargain on a sound, coverless #4. Then you send cover and interior out to a preacher to be professionally, properly married, you submit the finished product and you'll have either a beautiful addition to your collection, or a piece to sell that will bring more than the expense incurred, I'm sure, as we'll be talking qualified FN or better without another else done other than attaching the cover.
  6. ASM 97 Rusty

    +1. It can get worse over time, even if stored in archival material and in an ideal, temperature/moisture controlled environment. Once the oxidation process has begun it will deteriorate further, even if removed from the environs that caused it in the first place. Along with brittle paper, oxidation/rust is the closest equivalent to cancer for comic books.
  7. ASM 97 Rusty

    Also, with rusted staples, the advent of storage comes into consideration. Where the book was stored for the majority of its life. Rust is exacerbated by moisture. Most comics stored in a basement = a moist environment, which exacerbated the oxidation. So aside from the staples, when present, a book with rusty staples should also be meticulously examined for waves, tidelines, spotting, mildew, etc., etc, the typical signs of moist/damp environment long-term storage, which also will effect the grade accordingly. Some of these textural surface defects cannot be readily seen on even clear, high quality scans.
  8. ASM 97 Rusty

    Most oxidized staples have also rusted the paper. Sometimes you get lucky and the rust of the staples hasn't migrated enough to the surrounding paper from around or under the staples to be visible to the naked eye without using magnification. In the case of this 97, it has. There's rust on the spine, and we can't see how much there is or isn't on the centerfold paper around the staples. The grade here depends on being able to see the centerfold, inside the spine, etc., etc, in other words, to grade it with some degree of logic, when you see rusted staples, you need a 360 degree view of those staples, as much of them and the paper immediately surrounding them to give a good grade estimate. Based on what images are provided, 7.0 would be a safe guess.
  9. PGM Planet Comics 71

    IMO, the only way to tell for sure, with that much color flaking on the spine, is to first view the spine edge on, and then open the cover to see the spine from inside to determine what's just top layer flaking, and what, if any of it is complete paper loss, daylight shining through, or tiny splits along that spine. Based on the image, it's probably little of both, how much of each the determining factor between 4.0 and 5.0.
  10. Gold Bars

    That's an easy one. Hide them from her in your comic cabinet!
  11. Gold Bars

    My portfolio is looking pretty good, so I'm standing pat. But I do have a sweet tooth. Can you supply me with 500 kilos per month every month with these?
  12. Burma Sky

    Here it is online for those that would like to read what you're referencing. http://pangolinbasement.blogspot.com/2014/09/toth-our-fighting-forces-146-burma-sky.html
  13. PGM Captain Marvel 18

    9.0 sounds right. That small upper right break shouldn't drop this beauty below 9.0, but it won't make 9.2 because of it. Also worth noting is that "scuffed" stress area on the spine line immediately to the left of the MARVEL COMICS GROUP box 'M'. It's not a defect of wear so not a deducting factor. All 18s have it. it's a printing plate production flaw, just like the "breaks" on the spine line on Cap 110 and many others.
  14. Please Grade My TOS39

    You and me both!