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  1. There's an answer to that, because of GPA. Last month, a CGC 1.8 universal sold for $367. I assume that was complete. About 4 months ago, a 0.5 incomplete sold for $258. Going by these two most recent sales, my feeling is that he should be able to buy the next Act 47 in the CGC 1.0 to 1.8 complete range for less than $400 or thereabout. IMO $300 is too much for an incomplete copy in a marketplace where a complete 1.8 sold for $367 last month. That stated, if it has to be an Action 47, and not another early Action to add to his collection, than it may be wise to jump on this for $300 and not have to wonder when the next low grade Action 47 will come along. If not a keenly wanted issue, a must have needed issue, then $300 is either steep, or priced at the top of the market, IMO, for an incomplete 0.5.
  2. Actually, when someone asks a question, as the OP did, that's solicitation of an opinion. Even if you disagree with the response that solicitation evokes, it's still not an unsolicited opinion, since the OP did ask and anything that takes place as a response is not unsolicited. Also, to better answer his question more thoroughly, knowing which book the solicited opinion refers to, might or might not have a bearing on the solicited opinion.
  3. I would heed Lions Den's advice. Only one staple tine penetrated and properly closed atop the centerfold. Enough to hold all the parts together adequately, as it appears. The other staple tine penetrated just 1 page shy of the centerfold but does look like it closed around and is holding the second leaf in from the centerfold. I don't think CGC would note anything on the label if everything is held together firmly, both top and bottom. If they did, it might be the longest label notes ever, "only one tine of top staple penetrated through the centerfold", and on and on and on. The centerfold is not detached and nothing is popped through, so my feeling is no label notes. As Lion noted, I'd leave well enough alone as well.
  4. I wouldn't return it. Send it in for grading. Let CGC verify and label it to be a manufacturing error if that's the case.
  5. The new operative word is "climate change". This way you can blame any weather you want on it, hot or cold, windy, wet, or dry.. .
  6. ….said Kav, as he gazed intenly into his infinity mirror and pondered.
  7. In 1200 AD Europe, between endless Holy wars, rampant disease and plagues, I don't think the average life expectancy was much more than today's legal voting age. Ahhh… the "good old days"; when you could be accused of being in league with the devil, arrested, clad in chains, and then be burned alive if your neighbors crops failed.
  8. And what if we're only seeing one side of the coin? What if she has a gaping wound on her hand, one that we can't see, and the rope is serving not only to hold her steady but as a tourniquet too, so she doesn't bleed out before the guy with the hot iron can cauterize the wound, and the real villain is the cow puncher that inflicted the injury to her hand, the cad now trying to keep her from getting in-the-field, improvised medical aid?. Must we assume that the guy with the hot iron is the villain and not the hero and it's not the other way around?
  9. I agree; an unintended error. A quick scan of their raw books currently listed at auction reveals nothing that similarly stands out with any tells for resto or trim. Nor can I remember anything out of the ordinary in the past that stood out to me as suspect, when while surfing ebay I've stopped and viewed their listings.
  10. Didn't notice that ever; until now. Error? New policy? Maybe the work was done by a restoration professional and submitted with the restoration certificate? Although I don't know of any pros who consider trimming a restoration/conservation procedure. An interesting find, to say the least.
  11. OK, I had a chance to look at it on my full size monitor. It's probably not color touched. A tell is there, due to dissimilarities typical to color touched areas, in the blue near the top left corner. But the back cover scan reveals the probable culprit for this tell. A moisture spot/stain, that probably migrated through the entire book. The right edge, however, does appear to be trimmed. The unnaturally "too" sharp right corners aren't being caused by the top and bottom edges being hacked. The top appears short in relation to artwork because it's shifted up, and there's a lot of art showing at the bottom (enough to counterbalance it. It's the right edge that's trimmed, with what I'd call a 90% probability. Also, because there's not a bit of overhang at the bottom, in fact, the opposite, the inside pages showing beyond the level of the pages, this is occurring not due to cover only trim, but because the paper surrounding the staples is loose, the staples not firmly seated and there I sufficient play for the cover to shift up and down.