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  1. TurtleCrazyGirl1999: The new champ of Stan Lee autograph forgeries

    I'm confident that any pros involved in assessing grades or performing restoration checks for any of the grading services would have enough familiarity with Lee autographs to know when they're looking at probable garbage or likely the real thing. However, at least the CGC, the one that counts the most, does not authenticate autographs. They will validate/certify an autograph if witnessed, in the way a notary functions, the yellow label the equivalent of the notary's stamp and signature.
  2. TurtleCrazyGirl1999: The new champ of Stan Lee autograph forgeries

    I'd wager that it's a "he" and that as soon as one of his buyers has one of his Stan Lee forgeries assessed before they leave feedback, that perfect score will be dinged unceremoniously.
  3. Optimal temperature for storing comics?

    Doesn't matter if the room is dark or light. They should be stored in darkness. Drawers, cabinets, etc. Normal, home, room temperature. A heating/cooling system set for somewhere between 66 and 72 degrees. What's comfortable for the occupants is fine for the comics as long as they're not exposed to heat, moisture, light. Avoid storage in basements (too moist) and attics (too dry/heat). The basement turns the paper to mush and the attic turns the paper brown/brittle.
  4. TurtleCrazyGirl1999: The new champ of Stan Lee autograph forgeries

    Many do that. Keyword spamming. Against Ebay rules, but never enforced unless reported. Like forgeries and other knock offs, ebay typically doesn't enforce their own rules when broken by listing violations and fakery even when reported and you've drawn them a blueprint. They simply don't care. Welcome to ebay and the return to the Ebay Wild West of 20 years ago. Which is why you report criminal activities like forged instruments being transacted in the mail to the Feds, state attorney general's offices, and their local DA's office, best to file a report in triplicate cc'ed to all three. You don't waste your time reporting to ebay and theirs deleting it.
  5. PGM ASM #300

    I thought he's the buyer.
  6. PGM ASM #300

    Your learning process of the hobby, that is, your feeling out process of getting your bearing; a good handle on the dynamics of the hobby, will go a lot easier for you at this beginning stage of the game, if for now, you concentrate your purchases (purchases of moderate to great expense) to solely CGC graded comics.
  7. PGM ASM #300

    A neutral, negative, or false positive (positive with a negative comment) should never be left for being overcharged. That's on you, not the seller, I have to say. Any seller can put a modest price on an item, or a ridiculous one. It's up to you to determine if you wish to pay it. Now, if he stated that the book is a certain grade, based the price on that, and you paid it, then it is on him, for overgrading. Which is different than charging a usurious price for a well represented item. If he misrepresented it, it's on him.
  8. PGM ASM #300

    Unread is a nebulous term. A book can be mangled in handling or storage, even a warehouse stack of them never sent out for distribution. Damage can be incurred by a number of means other than reading. I've seen raw ebay books that looked no better than VG being touted as "unread".
  9. PGM ASM #300

    CGC graded? 9.4 about $450 9.6 about $700 9.8 about $1800 to $2000
  10. Is there a list of Pressers in the forums?

    This. Always respect your host.
  11. TurtleCrazyGirl1999: The new champ of Stan Lee autograph forgeries

    Depends on the period. The straight line at the top of the S, in and of itself, can or cannot be a tell. it depends on the year in which it was signed. Anyone passing because of a straight line atop the S, or the length of it, without considering when it was signed might be passing on the real thing. There's a lot more problems with these than the material and the straight line S. There are many elements here that are amiss for any Stan Lee signing period. I would do a thorough analysis, with multiple examples, from year to year of Stan Lee signatures. But the problem with doing so is that for everyone who would benefit from it for honest reasons, that is, to aid them in identification, it would assist 10 forgers to improve their faux product. A cook book for Lee forgeries, so I'm reluctant to create a thread with a Stan Lee signature study, analyzing his signature. It's not for my not wanting to share, it's for mostly whom I'd be helping! It's best they make these mistakes. If you think this is bad now, just wait.... until Stan passes, God forbid. The floodgates of $10 and $20 Stan Lee faux autos will open.
  12. TurtleCrazyGirl1999: The new champ of Stan Lee autograph forgeries

    Bargain box material. And exactly. No COA, no backstory, no source quoted, plus they're willing to let them go for $19.95?!? Seems like unlimited quantities as well. You'd have to question that even if the forgeries were top quality. But that's not the reason alone here. The forgeries are garbage. Forged by someone who was never within 50 feet of Stan to see how he signs. The successful forgers don't just study the finished product and try to duplicate that. They study the mechanism that imparts the signature on the medium. This isn't even a third rate forger and which is why none of their items will even approach a realistic result of what a real Stan should sell for. The only buyers paying near or at true value know their stuff. These buyers haven't a clue. It's a bargain, and like buying dollar bills for 30 cents, they're getting what they paid for. Counterfeits.
  13. TurtleCrazyGirl1999: The new champ of Stan Lee autograph forgeries

    We're comic hobbyists. Because we're intimately familiar with comics and their grading, the great majority of us here can quickly discern the vast difference between a VG and a VF comic by noting the flaws. A lot of us can readily tell the difference between a VG and a FN comic, by noting the flaws that are still quite evident, but not quite as evident as on the greater difference between a VG and a VF comic. Some of us are exceptionally good graders and can recognize the far more subtle flaws between a VG and a VG/FN, or even between a VG and a VG+ comic, a very fine line indeed that not most in the general hobby other than right here among members can consistently do. The same is true of autograph collectors. Many have the same kind of expertise in identifying flaws, equal to those here that can consistently differentiate between one notch in grade on a comic. There are flaws in signatures. Although our signatures are subject to change, the way in which we execute them, that is, hold the pen, the angle, the trajectory of the tip, the depth/pressure, the lift points, remains pretty much the same, even if there are intervallic differences, like a little more space here and there, size differences on a whole and within, each component, etc. These just don't cut it for any stage in Stan Lee's signing career. There are no documented signatures of Stan's in the past 50 years that come close to anything here on a micro level, it's not him. And an autograph hobbyist with a great deal of expertise in certain signatures can tell the same way a comic hobbyist here can tell the difference between a VG and a Fine. In this case, these are so far off that it's like telling the difference between a VG and a VF/NM! The only reason I won't mention why, analytically, is because I don't want to help them to correct these glaring defects..
  14. TurtleCrazyGirl1999: The new champ of Stan Lee autograph forgeries

    Anyone who has consistently seen Stan sign over a long swath of time and is an aficionado of autographs would know. The entire baseline is off here, but that much is consistent with Tonfulle-84's forgeries. There are motions that Stan makes when he signs, even with subtle differences from sig to sig that are not evident in the same way the path of the pen took in these and in Tonfulle-84's forgeries. Any prime authenticator would red-light all of these. PSA, JSA, etc. Not just with a finding, "unable to authenticate", which infers doubt that it may be real, but they're not sure enough to pass it. All of these would fail. No question about it.
  15. TurtleCrazyGirl1999: The new champ of Stan Lee autograph forgeries

    There was a time when Stan would sign neatly and pick a path of less resistance; he'd choose a place where not only his signature, but the surrounding art of that spot would enhance each other. Let's face it, Stan is a creator and an artist. He knows which artistic elements compliment each other. Years ago, you'd meet Stan, exchange greetings and you could ask Stan to sign something in a certain place in a certain color and he was very accommodating. You didn't have to get cagey and cut a template, a window in a comic bagged book to guide him to that spot. You'd ask, he'd sign it there, and it was legible, for the most part. Fast forward 20 years or more and you get the illegible Stan Lee's over faces and key elements of art, sometimes even over other creator's and artist's signatures already on the piece! The placement alone here is not the tell as he used to sign in places that don't block faces. It's the track itself that's not right for any stage in his life. It's not his handwriting, past or present, regardless of placement..