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  1. Hypothetically speaking, the book in question would determine whether there is or isn't a "bag to be left holding". For instance Lets say the book in question was a TTA 13. Bought as a 3.5 or so before anybody had an inkling that the GOTG franchise would emerge and tat the book's status would change from "just another TTA/Atlas pre=marvel horror common" into a sought after super key. The book's market value explodes exponentially, and a restored 3.5 soon becomes 2 to 3 times the value of what an unrestored 3.5 fetched when you bought it as unrestored. This is now a book that restored or not, you are not going to want to return it. There are loads of books like this. TOS 50, MSH 13, MSH 18, etc., etc., books of nominal value and interest and then suddenly, PAM!@ They hit. So, the question of whom is left holding the bag on a book where resto is discovered at a later date than when purchased can only be properly addressed once a title and number join the elements of the question as important details. Also to consider, the proportion of market value, the difference between market price of books in the lower grade ranges, between unrestored and restored is slim to begin with, in some cases realizing prices that are very similar!
  2. Offer him $1250. If he refuses that, here's your next counter:
  3. If you have an armada of flying monkeys, ready to be strategically deployed at a moment's notice, that might prove to be an excellent tool for meaningful and mutually beneficial negotiations.
  4. And while you were making up your mind about that, we were making up our minds about this, which you...... won!!
  5. Where are you presently in your negotiations with the owner? Did you try offering $900?
  6. DOL'T do it. Just DOL'T!! Or you may regret it.
  7. Thank God. Now we'll get some answers around here!
  8. Not so rare. You don't have any married friends?
  9. OK, at least he's reasonable. I wanted to assure you two are grading at least in the same ballpark and he is taking the defects into full consideration.
  10. Further, Among the myriad of grading services in different collectible arenas, many no longer in operation, I don't recall ever reading text indicating that their work was guaranteed, other than guaranteeing that the submitted item would be run through the grading process. I don't recall ever reading that one of the services guaranteed the results and that it was more than subjective opinion.