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  1. Ironically, there is an acronym for that was in use on ebay NPB (either non-paying bidder or non-paying buyer). I think they changed it to UPI, un-paid item, around the time when ebay's entire buyer/seller outlook started to heavily favor the buyer. They eliminated the negative feedback for buyers and other changes, and didn't want that intimation that a buyer could possibly be in the wrong thus getting rid of the inference that a buyer wouldn't pay and the buyer was the party in the wrong. That's when the NPB became the UPI, the focus on the item instead of rightfully, the buyer/bidder. .
  2. Oddly enough, NP is the standard acronym for "nurse practitioner".
  3. What's stated in their writing conforms with state law. Point is that like it or not, that's the rules. I won't bid in any auction, or for that matter, play any game where something of value is at stake, unless I have a clear understanding of the rules. Once I know the rules and what to expect, then I decide to participate or not.
  4. It's Texas. Laws governing the house participating in their auctions are different in Texas. It's legal. Further, Heritage makes no secret of this. I don't know if there's been any changes since, but a decade or more ago I read through their auction guidelines; in one of their auction catalogs. Heritage was open about it, full disclosure, their language left nothing out concerning this. They can bid, their associates can bid, their family members can bid; even the consignors can bid. If when bidding in a Heritage auction, you are unaware of this, it certainly isn't because they failed to inform. It's all clearly addressed right in the auction fax section, long before the auction pages.
  5. Even though he was born in the US, doesn't John reside in Canada?
  6. What I was referring to was a fairly substantial angled miswrap. Also, if a book is cut substantially enough out of plumb to be immediately noticeable, say for example, 7 inches wide across the top, yet only 6 and 1/2 inches wide across the bottom. A noticeably irregular shape.
  7. Go into your settings, that gear-looking icon on the top right of the page, then check to make sure everything is as it should be. Nothing changed and no addresses, phone numbers or alternate emails added.
  8. It would be really helpful to all to have a topic, as you suggested, on mis-cuts and mis-wraps as they pertain to and how they affect CGC grader's judgement of grade! For instance, say you were to have an AS 129 before you that is an absolute gem from the standpoint of the absence of wear. But it's wrapped or miscut to some degree, from mild to wild. How does this affect your opinion of grade as a CGC grader? And how are those decisions made based on the DEGREE of miscut or miswrap. At what point does the book still qualify for the 9.8 you want to give it based on all other factors? At what point is it no better than 9.4? Or 9.0? Or 8.0, etc., etc.? Does the degree of asymmetry, that is, the book not being cut plumb, a trapezoid instead of a rectangle, affect the overall grade. Do the miscuts and miswraps affect books from different eras differently? This would make an interesting, ongoing topic, especially with images of arious examples included.
  9. The reason may have been a much more simple one than could have possibly been suspected:
  10. Well, that just another feather in your plume-festooned chapeau. Eventually, you're going to need a bigger cap.
  11. Actually, you directed your accusation to me. You didn't direct it to "someone"; some non-specific member of the hobby. You specifically directed it to me: Let's compare your 2 different renditions of this accusation sequentially: The first time, you stated, "If you", and as the post was in response to me, I can only take that to mean that we are specifically referring to me. The second time you stated, "If someone". Someone non-specific. A huge difference.
  12. I called them counterfeit? Where exactly did I do that? Love to see it.
  13. I was thinking the same thing about the light soiling that the 3rd picture reveals which may be foxing. Given the other defects, and their status as being non-reversible, I don't think that if even most of those spots can be mitigated that it's going to move the meter much on the grade.
  14. LazyBoy nailed it. His entire analysis is correct, IMO. No trim on any edge. The initial rough cut, mis-wrap hence mis-cut is giving that false impression of something later cut off on the edges.