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  1. What happens to comics with these types of covers and content. . There are literally thousands of them.
  2. That could always escalate and easily get out of hand.
  3. Listen, there's only one sure way to make everybody happy. And that's to have enough happy helmets on hand so everybody gets one. "Happy Happy Joy Joy" - Stinky Wizzleteats | The Ren & Stimpy Show | NickRewind - YouTube
  4. I haven't either, but let's look at the possible upside. Whatever they are doing at eBid, however they're running the show, could it possibly be any worse, functionally, or any less user-friendly than Ebay has become, even if they were purposely trying to destroy their company, which I must say appears to now be the norm post-2020?
  5. Ebay wants to become Amazon Jr. They started down this road 5 years ago. The second to last part was the managed payments for their sellers, like Amazon. And now this. Broad, non-specific categories to dissuade auctions, which will eventually be dropped altogether. Maybe along the way to doing away with the auctions they'll adopt sie other Amazon-like policies and features. But that's why this. Just another step towards their long term goal.
  6. Pete Puma How Many Lumps do you Want? Full Clip HD - YouTube
  7. The adage, "like looking for a needle in a haystack" comes to mind. Try searching for the Silver age Silver Surfer #1. The one and only; the original #1, 1968. The searches are beseiged with statues, dolls, toys, cards, and every other Silver Surfer comic from all eras even if not #1, but has a 1 in the title, as in #11, #12, #13, 1997, 2001, etc., etc., well, you get the idea. Thankfully, I phased out buying and selling on ebay altogether quite awhile ago, opting for Heritage, Link, and Connect as my main resources. And as has been noted, any kind of genre or category search resu
  8. Both. But here's the dilemma. A carrier can sign for the addressee, either way; as the addressee, signing his name, or initials, or the carrier can opt to sign his own name, or his own initials! So signature confirmation alone really does nothing to fight a claim/case opened by the buyer for "item not received". They simply haveto say, "I didn't sign for that", and you know what? Maybe he didn't. Maybe the carrier signed the addressee's initials or his own initials, left it in front of the door and somebody seeing this wlked over nonchalantly and picked it up. For $3 you get nothing. It
  9. Nothing. You have to nip any buyer delivery dishonestly in the bud. Same with theft. You don't allow the opportunity for it to occur. You secure the things you don't want to disappear. You secure the delivery to eliminate the buyer option of dishonesty by splurging and paying the extra money for either restricted delivery, which is the next and best level of protection over signature confirmation, or registered mail which is the best, insured or not. Unfortunately, signature confirmation does not assure the recipient of reciving the parcel because the carrier has the option to sign for it
  10. This was easily predictable, once the managed payments initiated.
  11. Absolutely. The way it is now, it's no longer an auction site. Not anymore than Amazon is an auction site. The old search results for Silver age Superhero comics generate a page with a list of off-ebay websites that deal in Silver-age comics. This is like being given a menu at a diner that lists the names and addresses of all the other eateries in the area, but nothing about what they serve and what you can order from them. We've been saying for a few years now that ebay wants to become Amazon. Now they are.
  12. Maybe they really don't want any of these things. Maybe the folks in charge want the same thing that I'd serious suspect many higher ups running different things want, judging by what a bang up job they're doing; hands in the air like they really don't care. To fail. Maybe that's the goal. Seemingly so not being too much of a stretch of the imagination based on the changes over the past few years. Little by little, all of my buying was being done from Heritage, Link, Connect. I don't miss buying on ebay one bit, and iI don't remember even glancing at ebay pages over the past 3 months, a
  13. So there's no more "Big board"? The pages for categories, like Silverage super-heroes that you can search by ending soonest to watch each item countdown to zero seconds left? Looks like ebay hired either someone from Bizarro World or the Twiddlebugs to revamp their website.