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  1. I’m 38 and have spent over 300,000 on comics over the last 5 years. Grew up a huge TMNT fan. Did get my 8.5 1st pint for almost 8,000 a couple years back. Point is though, there are plenty of 30 somethings doing well enough to buy some big books.
  2. NEO. I’m proud to have as a part of the community. I think your insight is visionary. I’ve stated this to you before in a different venue too but I’ll state it in any format. Your boy, Beau
  3. Just aren’t a whole lot available and people are asking for a bit more than what most are comfortable to offer I guess. I do see a couple best offers for 9.6’s though so who knows.
  4. Usagi 1 is going nuts! Hope the show is a hit. Been a long time coming
  5. Jking347. As someone who has been observing, conservatively I would price the grade tiers as follows: 9.8: 5,750 9.6: 1,950 9.4: 1,350 9.2: 1,050 9.0: 850 8.5: 700 8.0: 500
  6. I saw the same thing. Just did “add new”. Didn’t cross anything out. Hopefully it works.
  7. Agree with everything said. I’m 37. Just don’t sleep on the fact that all coppers are on fire, IMO mostly due to the 30-40 year effect. GI Joe, He Man, TMNT, Aliens and Predator. Basically, for most people, in their mid to late 30’s, begin to make a little money. Ultimately, most will be interested in buying nostalgic books related to their childhood.
  8. Been working on acquiring these classics for a minute. Turtles are on fire!
  9. Sounds healthy for the hobby. I don’t post regularly but have back in to hobby for the past five years. This hobby is addicting, to say the least. I do feel copper era was next up. Bronze exploded a few years back. It was inevitable. I guess what’s so unique, however, about copper is the amount of popular low print run indies. I was a little scared of them not being in the mainstream but started jumping in head first a little over a year ago. I do think copper books are still ripe for the picking, even though many have realized significant gains recently. Outside of TMNT 1 and
  10. Hulk 340, Crow 1, ASM 252, Secret Wars 8, Star Wars 42 have probably all been mentioned but have all increased a ton since this time last year. Oh yea, and a little book called TMNT 1!
  11. Old_dano I was the buyer. 8,000 before taxes. I’m a believer in this book (and the set). So much so, I look at it as the number three copper book. TMNT 1. Albedo 2. Third spot has been up for debate for some time and Cerebus and Bone have obviously been part of the discussion, but for me, this is the one!
  12. I had an 8.5 that I purchased raw a few years ago for cheap. Got it graded afterwards. Upgraded by buying a 9.6 just two days ago off of eBay. Count me in as a believer in this book. About a 10,000 print run compared to Albedo 2’s 2,000 print run but much more of a known entity thanks to the early 90’s movie. I used to watch that movie on repeat as a 10 year old on paper view on an illegal box. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one It was great, dark, and goth and the Brandon Lee tragedy tie in just made it that much more tragic.