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  1. I'm thinking board ettiquette - this was part of the first box of a massive high grade SA/BA collection with tons more to come...but I think the members of the boards are more concerned about rules than comics. I admitted I was a newbie but that wasn't quite accepted. So I'll close this out, if anyone is interested in following the relase of this collection, please send me a note or follow trl comics on FB (ooops!)
  2. You got me human torch - I'm a total hardened criminal with no remorse. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get back to my secret lair since my laser beam needs recharging. :-)
  3. It was a mistake and unlisted...but I would have charged for shipping ;-) BTW- if you're interested, make an offer!
  4. not much I can do - I deleted it and I dont see a record of it.
  5. Just one post on this thread...beautiful copy with White Pages from the brand new Oregon Coast Collection (you never heard of it cause this is the first book from it!). Single owner, bagged and boarded right off the news stand and untouched for nearly 50 years. Just came back from CGC yesterday....tons more coming. $4350 (a Twin City Pedigree copy sold for $4500 on boards in Jan) Payment: 20% deposit PayPal, the rest bank check to the orignal owner of the collection USPS registered shipping included. No returns.
  6. Hey - I know this is old, but let me know if you're still looking :
  7. Hey - I know this is way old, but wondering if you're still looking - I got one for you:
  8. I'm also looking into finding a method to come up with values for books in rare grades that don't come to market very often. I've been looking at GoCollect's FMV Modeler to predict values. Seems as good as anything out there. For example, I have a Captain America 117 9.6 WP that I'm looking to sell in the future. Last one sold was 2018 for $2750, and I've had offers based on that value, which I totally understand. But the Modeler says its worth 4200 now, which makes sense to me too. I guess I'll just put it out there when I'm ready and see what happens.
  9. Has to be legit...I mean- look at the price!
  10. I have a nice square bound book I'm sending in - its been pressed, but wondering if the impression of the staples will be counted in the grading...is that something I should try to fix or is that not an issue?
  11. Thanks..This copy has literally never been opened since it was picked up off the newsstand back in 1968. Going to be interesting to see how it grades out.
  12. Still needs a good clean and press...what do you think?