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  1. Question about Heritage...I’m curious if the sold prices listed include the buyers fee, and if taxes are taken out prior to payment... for example - if a book sells for 10,000, does that mean the seller has to -2,000, -30% tax, -5% sellers fee, so the seller gets about 5k from the sale? Thanks!
  2. That was my feeling too...I passed on this book... tho it would seem odd to me to trim the cover without trimming the pages.
  3. Need a quick opinion if this is considerred trimmed (purple label)or a production error (blue). The seller states: "the cover has been trimmed (apparently the seller worked at a recycling plant in the 70's and kept the damaged comics caused by printing errors) " * note the date inconsistency...already inquired. Thanks!
  4. Saw this book posted - The description said "the cover has been trimmed (apparently the seller worked at a recycling plant in the *70's and kept the damaged comics caused by printing errors) "... ...wondering if its a production error or actually considered trimmed...I understand production errors can still get blue labels. * note the date inconsistency...already inquired. Thanks~
  5. Completed a massive deal with Greg involving 2 AF15s, 3 XMen 1s, an ASM 1 and a ASM 129. Whew. Went very smoothly, great communication - Greg is highly recommended.
  6. Thanks! by the way- whats a thumb crease...not familiar with that term.
  7. I hear you- and don’t disagree. I also think the space he was writing in affected the signature. There was a secondary issue with the book itself- it was discovered to be missing a page, so that impacts credibility a bit too. i was told by the seller, and the sellers seller that once they saw that splash page they kinda just blanked and the book became an afterthought so no one checked. either way, we all decided to cancel the deal, everyone will get what they paid back. though in the back of my mind I still want it...cause I can’t be sure. Maybe the original seller will submit it to cbcs and him and I can make a deal if it gets authenticated.
  8. Thanks- I sent it into an authenticator and he felt it was forged. His note read: "It does differ somewhat from known exemplars, and it also appears it was signed with pauses in the signature that allowed the ink to bleed a bit where it shouldn't."
  9. I've been told this is a fake..but still not convinced. Maybe its an elderly Kirby? Maybe I just want to believe in it. So what do you think? Much thanks for looking.
  10. Definitely- I picked up a FF52 as well...same grade as above. the 48 was the big risk...but I've heard that with big risks come big rewards. or something like that.
  11. Hey Bob- appreciate the feedback. I bought it uncleaned or pressed - the water stain was on the back already (as were stains on almost all the books he had from storing in his basement for many years). It was about $250, so I took a flier on it to see how it would clean up...thought it was worth the risk, knowing I wouldnt get a 9.8 out of it. Heres a couple other books I picked up - note the back stains...consisent if nothing else. These havent been cleaned yet.
  12. it was just cleaned and pressed, and there was some more paper that was in that area that was cleaned off (the code was all but invisible)...it must have been part of the book on top that took off the the paper on this book.