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  1. Final answer: 4.5 Oddly no one got it
  2. Thanks - the tatooz is there...I picked this up in a box of 80s ASMs this summer for $50, so I'm happy with that.
  3. This book has been blowing up recently, so I thought I'd send this in...What do you think?
  4. Lets say I have a book with a FMV of $700. I'll submitted to the Express Tier. My question is whats the downside of declaring the FMV of $999? Its the same cost for grading - wondering if it effects the shipping cost back - or anything else? Thanks
  5. Heres a shot before and after a good pressing (by Susan Cicconi)
  6. Heres good before shot with raking light...
  7. Heres it is pressed a nd cleaned...now off to cgc!
  8. I recently picked up a really nice copy of The Tick 1. It looks like its never been opened, but has tiny tears on the top and bottom of the spine. I'm wondering if these could be considered bindery tears and still have a shot at a 9.8...?
  9. I was getting my hopes up when you didnt claim you weren't a professional grader :-) I'll post the results when I get them...
  10. Damn I hope you're a professional grader. :-)