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  1. This is my first original art post! As a Golden age Timley collector, I've made it as mission of mine to collect every piece of original art featuring the Mighty Destroyer Here is what I have nailed down in the Invaders series thus far! I'm always looking to buy! So for any of you that have Destroyer art, I definitely am interested, just shoot me private message!!!!
  2. This is my first post on the golden age threads! I absolutely love golden age Timleys! Here is a extremely tough Timely that never comes up, Stan Lees first super hero! The mighty Destroyer in Mystic comics 10, the last issue with a extremely low print run!! Anything with Destroyer i immediately fall in love with! He's such an awesome golden age character! My favorite Timely super hero by far, and also like i earlier mentioned, Stan Lees first superhero creation along side with Jack binder! which most people don't even know about. I had to have CGC change the label on my mystic comics 6 which is destroyers first appearance!
  3. Hey guys just started my new page on the CGC boards! I mainly work from Instagram as Xeno_comics but I thought id try out the boards and give it a shot!! Here we go!!!! FF48 CGC 5.0 First Appearance of Silver Surfer $1100 Shipping in Canada and USA only 1st gets it Free shipping and handling Payment accepted by paypal only No probation or Hos members No Returns