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  1. I have signed up for it previously and have bought tickets previously before. I just alternate years to purchase tickets with my gf. But it’s ok she got the survey so we have our opinion. just thought I would mention that people who haven’t bought tickets probably didn’t get a survey even if they buy tickets much closer to the dates as a few of our friends buy tickets a few weeks before the event.
  2. I didn’t get a email survey but have bought tickets last year my gf bought this year is it a mailing list for current ticket sales only as she got the survey so we gave our opinion.
  3. Dang I didn’t know they sold dinosaur bones... hmm might have to go check to see if I can get one. Meteorites something about them I don’t trust like how do I know it came from space and not from someone’s back yard...
  4. That sucks that this happened to these shops I hope they can recover.
  5. Sorry for your loss but cool collection. Glad you were wise enough to research your stuff and not get low balled
  6. why thank you for acknowledging my greatness, i really appreciate it!
  7. yeah its best to remove it as CGC will take it out of the bag to grade it and will probably toss out the bag. Also its a good idea to check the condition of the book outside of the bag as it could have damaged unseen in the bag. This might then affect your decision to grade and would let you get a good assessment of whether it is worth it to grade. Many people grade for many different reasons. Also yes comics can get damaged in factory sealed bags and could also lose page quality, majority of the bags are not archival. To preserve it, its best to remove it and stick it in mylar with a acid free board as that is more archival safe than cheap plastic that breaks down and could yellow and damage the book etc.. Any ways welcome to the boards. Cheers
  8. As a buyer always pay with Paypal Goods and services theres fee's but the coverage to protect yourself from scammers is well worth the negotiation or higher price you pay etc.. I've bought off eBay, classifieds, FB, Insta, local guys, cons and shops i've run across a few FB people requesting friends and family PayPal payments and I always see those people later on being flagged for not sending books and scamming people. So life advice never pay with friends and family unless it is a family member who your willing not to get the money back ever.
  9. because he needs to increase his internet cool points... duh!
  10. My mom bought me some of my first x men comics and the 4 packs comics. she would do what she could with what limited resources we had.. it’s awesome to remember some of the good times and really appreciate them.
  11. Yeah but with that high of a death rate it’s pretty gruesome will be more loses than any of the world wars combined if the entire planet gets infected and 5-7% pass.. anyways to keep it comic related how’s, them AF15 holding up should I get a second copy?
  12. As many have said earlier comic sales have been steady but when people are talking about prices going down slightly I don’t think they are speaking of it immediately but in a year or two when we finally and fully see the fall out of this virus and permanent job losses as everyday I hear about another friend or business closing permanently. The economy is being slightly supported but government spending but not all will be held up and are trying to hold on as long as they can it’s in time where we will be in the downturn from a financial perspective when Social assistance ends or government assistance ends etc..