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  1. sorry to derail the thread so much, I forgot how much I use to love this stuff about wondering what the future would be like.. I guess this is why I came back to comics and started collecting again.. its fun to be a kid again. even for a short bit of time...
  2. I see the getting smaller thing but not the bigger brains things. The reason I say that is technology is doing a lot of the processing that we use to have to do ourselves. Many of us can barely remember phone #'s as we have them all stored in our cell phones as an example. But as technology evolves and takes on more of the tasks that we normally do we can either evolve but pushing our scientific limits or we can go the other route and become lazier and therefore use less of our brains etc.. it would be almost an autopilot kind of thing where we simply lose the abilities to do basic tasks as they have been assigned to robots, devices or tech. heck we might not even walk in the future as everyone might have their own hoverboards or some version of it. . As to the smaller size I think as our population grows resources are consumed/lost and increased competition for resources we will evolve with smaller bodies so we consume less resources and become sustainable to the environment. Mind you this all goes out the window if we can travel with ease to other resource rich planets that can sustain us and other species. I hope they have good fried chicken, ribs and steak with a nice potato
  3. I think the better question is will our comics last 50,000 years??? what our earth will be like 50,000 years from now. Found it an interesting read about the future and history of our planet and species.. didn't know sapiens have been around for only 100,000 years I thought it was longer than that and that we evolved faster than other species in the last 10,000 years. Maybe we will have super powers (technology made) as some one has already mentioned.
  4. c]Cool thanks; so its the UK's term for yard sale/swap meet or flea market kind of thing. Hopefully the OP didn't over pay for this book and grabbed it for a few bucks..
  5. also does anyone beside the OP know what a car boot sale is?
  6. what about having one of the first newsprint comic strips in there since comics evolved from the newspaper if my comic history is correct. \ or this book. Histoire De Mr. Vieux Bois’ by Rodolphe Töpffer., which was published in Europe in 1837. The book was later reprinted in English and was released in the United States in 1841–1842 with the title ‘The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck’ and looked like this
  7. to get even more heavier... wouldn't the his journey be the end be counter intuitive to the journey as the journey could be thought of as a process of movement whether its in time or at a certain place/space the journey would be the passing of the time or moving to/thru or after that time and space. where the end is a reference to a specific time or specific space/place. so the end therefore can't be a journey by its self as its the not a process or action of movement through time or space/place. wow its Friday
  8. I would say 50$ US as there is a 9.8 for 89.99 US on ebay. Also for future values you can look at ebay sold listings to get a idea of what books have sold for that are similar. A lot of collections for graded books use. GPA, but it a paid subscription. but that is usually the go to for many in pricing books and selling and buying. So new people use the ebay stuff but it goes all over the place and takes more time to search through the many listings, etc.. some use gocollect as well. Welcome to the hobby if your starting to collect books. take a look around the forums there is a ton of information and helpful guides, etc..
  9. I would say 8.5- 8.0 got some spine roll and dirt at the top of the BC and two spine ticks at the top
  10. I was wondering the same thing I would be in the 4.5- 5.0 range on this one lots of creases at the top cover got some dirt and tanning and rusty staple maybe.
  11. Not sure about the production crease is there missing ink under the crease that you can see? also there's a small tear on the interior page that looks like it lines up with the crease not sure though, but I would be at a 7.5-8.0 range as there is some spine roll the crease and small tear with the dirt.