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  1. Hmm I might have to look into what the costs are for fed ex account and to see if it will be more cost effective in Canada doing it that way! Shipping up north sucks! the post office people hate when you have to jam a giant box into our igloos
  2. Still a really nice looking 1.8 hoping one day to upgrade my copy
  3. That headlight and bondage label is utterly ridiculous.. and should be removed.. where do you find these books... umm asking for a friend..
  4. Sad to see the character resto label issue books still floating around... hopefully the book sells for the purple price not the blue
  5. Pep comics #30 first captain commando and miss Grundy name mentioned.. does this work as a key .. trying not to put all spidey and SA
  6. I have a Batman #1 new 52 first printing; but to answer the OP it’s not the same book as obviously they have changed the cover artwork whether it’s a different colour, different sizes, etc... it’s different. So in those cases I don’t see the 2nd printing as the same book because they changed the cover art or changed something to denote it’s not the same book...just my thought on it since I had the same thing with my batman new 52 where background is red in the 2nd print and grey in the first... thought I would stir the pot
  7. To answer the question posed by the OP yes I believe pressing is giving many new and even some experienced collectors a false grading standard as many tend to lean to the if there a slight bend it can be pressed out but forget about the very low chance that something can go wrong in the press to much pressure heat etc that can cause issues. So many books are looked at their potential to be higher grades because of this false understanding that bends etc or certain defects can be removed with a press instead of understanding it MAY be removed it’s not 100% all the time. Even I fall victim to this notion at times and then have to pull back my excitement and put in a serious face and take a moment to really think about the current grade and understand that it might not hit that potential press grade...
  8. Completely agree. Buy the book not the grade as most say
  9. If you have any valuable books tell them the price of them and you will see the interest peak lmao .