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  1. I did not get a survey must be a Canadian thing …
  2. I think I'll hold on to my poly bag purple webs one... damn so confusing even reading the thread and the mistakes
  3. yeah not much pictured in book so hard to asses grade, but I would be more on the 4.0 side in my personal opinion, spine roll staining and that pen and marker hits it a bit. The press can help the spine roll not much for pen if its pen or marker... if that staining is just grime it might help that..
  4. I thought pressing existed before CGC but not as popular as it is now? so wouldn't those books still have a chance to have been pressed and cleaned?
  5. yeah I stuck and still using paypal for my US transactions.. if there is something better for Canada would love to know about it.
  6. i didn't click the link so not sure of the values but if your going to sell them you can try eBay or doing a thread here if the values are not in the thousands you might be able to get someone here to buy them even though you dont have much credibility from previous sales here.
  7. @Point Five thanks for hosting this, it was really fun. Look forward to your next contest. I should of paid more attention to that batman book lol.. and had a oops on another book haha but a few bullseyes I am impressed with myself lol..
  8. my apologies.. sorry for the loss of your grandfather.
  9. definitely can't count this guess with copper wire such a weird shape.. huh..
  10. its ok I stirred the pot myself in @theCapraAegagrus journal...
  11. also the post above was my 3,000th seems fitting specially in your journal....
  12. ahh thanks... totally forgot about that 2019 summer celebrate post count threads . Geez those numbers just creep up on you