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  1. Lol better send in those af15 for re grading I’m sure they won’t disappear...
  2. I guess I can’t invest my loonies into this book then... darn
  3. Also this reminds me of the simpsons episode where Bart buys radioactive man #1 with 3 other friends and they fight over the comic and in the process ends up destroying it
  4. I remember this from a while back. It was very interesting and could be a great way for new collectors to get in but like I said it need more security or reliability. Lile how do you collect profits is there a time frame they ever sell the book? Do they really buy a book? Lots of loop holes or ways to get ripped off... so kind of a high risk low reward currently scenario..
  5. I have the BCW boxes and love them.. they stack pretty high currently mine are are 5 tall and no issues so far I have a mixture of Graded and Raw sizes. but as someone mentioned they do get a bit heavy moving the filled slabbed boxes but not much more heavier than a regular cardboard one. But I don't ever have the worry of the carboard boxes folding in and crushing books or falling apart/ bending when shuffling them around or moving them.
  6. because there's just no replacement for making it rain in da C.L.U.B.
  7. Hmm I might have to look into what the costs are for fed ex account and to see if it will be more cost effective in Canada doing it that way! Shipping up north sucks! the post office people hate when you have to jam a giant box into our igloos
  8. Still a really nice looking 1.8 hoping one day to upgrade my copy
  9. That headlight and bondage label is utterly ridiculous.. and should be removed.. where do you find these books... umm asking for a friend..