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  1. oh man there was a mom and pops pizza place on University ave in waterloo near Laurier and Waterloo university I loved going there back in my uni days. But damn it I can't remember the name.. they had a great ponzo deal and a delicious homemade crust... my mouth is watering...
  2. that is really awesome i kind of want to do the action figures now and pose them like that for ASM 1-10
  3. very specific.. yeah I'll note that but I would want it more to add to the collection... sorry if this happened to you and you took a lose.
  4. I think in that case and from what I've seen and experienced is that usually the shops will buy stuff that they know will sell, they usually have a thumb on what's hot if they deal with moderns and usually know what are first appearances or keys minor/major for non-moderns so they can jump on those books if the price is right to sell them to make a profit. They also generally ask me what I am interested in and what I collect etc.. i am sure they keep in their minds what their regulars like and buy those types of books first and foremost.
  5. i actually would love to get my hands on one of the adventures of Obadiah oldbuck
  6. i am surprised @kav is not all over this with his Woodgod..
  7. also with the re-slab if its in a older holder and you have to re-slab people will know the difference between the holders and ask what happened? t'is a slippery slope there.
  8. what's stopping someone from driving it around the block and potentially damaging the car? with the AF15 its slabbed so you have to unslab it to read it and that means you would have to re slab it to resell it which will cost you a bit.. what 1% of FMV to reslab so where is the incentive to open the slab... where as driving down the street to impress or show off is more of a incentive to do that with the potential to get away with no one knowing or being the wiser or telling people you had to go get it check by a special mechanic in another state etc.. and drive it around for awhile, etc..
  9. damn these forums I think i will have to start expanding my collection from silver age super heroes to horror, funnies, golden age stuff definitely wanting to read some of these.. the buying never ends...
  10. wow awesome I saw that crow before in a cartoon.. was he also in looney tunes or a similar crow with that hat? i was reading your old thread earlier this morning very cool.. I will definitely be following your thread..
  11. this just sounds another interest free loan... what happens if the guy decides to drive the car.. it gets damaged and sells for a lot less because its been damaged.. also don't cars usually depreciate in value as the years go on or the more they are driven, etc... I know there are some vintage collectable cars that sometimes goes up in value but if it starts to get used etc.. it loses money.. sounds risky
  12. its a yellow label which means no resto otherwise it would be yellow and purple.