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  1. For a small town con this one is really good! I attended last year and it was pretty awesome! Not sure if I can make it this year but I bet it'll be another good one. Good luck, Art!
  2. Yes I cleaned it and pressed it myself. I couldn't get the smudge off of the back.
  3. So tempting! Definitely one of my all time grails!
  4. If that's the case I'm golden! My dates aren't until the end of the month so that will be great if those dates stick!
  5. @ComicBooksDallas Any idea the dates for the February show? I have an event and hope it doesn't fall on the dates you have selected!
  6. I’m sending this one off to be graded tomorrow and hoping for a good grade. I’d love to hear from you guys about what you think this one will come back at. Any input is appreciated! Also, this will be cleaned and pressed prior to grading. MVS is intact as well.
  7. Definitely fishy. I'd be calling the 5-0!
  8. It has deterred me from making bigger purchases. A couple bucks here and there for lower valued books? Sure. But when I have to pay an additional $100 in tax for a higher valued book... Pass for me.