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  1. iggykoopa

    Wizard World Tulsa - September 7 - 9, 2018.

    Looks like they've updated the guest list, with more being added as it gets closer. Juts about a month away. Some celebrity guests: Ron Perlman Ryan Hurst And comic guests: Arthur Suydam Mostafa Moussa Steve Pulawa Mike Grell Jason Meents
  2. iggykoopa

    Signature Series Cost

    FYI - Neal Adams was $50 per signature when I seen him in Denver in June.
  3. I couldn't agree more! I thought that him seeing me make a point-of-sale decision on which 1 book I would now get signed would make him see the problem with all of this. I don't know, like maybe seeing me fumble through the books and go back and forth at which one I would decide on after hearing $25/sig would somehow make him change his mind or something... But no, he waited for me to narrow down the 3 books that I had for him to sign down to 1 and then signed it and sent me on my way. And you're absolutely right, when I get that book back from grading that's always the thought I'll have when I look at it. Something's gotta change!
  4. I ran into this exact predicament just this past weekend. Creator is charging $5 for each signature and there's a line of about 15 people in front of me. The guy directly in front of me has about 10 books that he's getting signed... Creator takes his time and makes small talk with just about everybody that's going through his line. He's a nice guy, very talkative, very outgoing, and only $5 for a sig? Awesome! When I get up to him I tell him that I have 3 books that I'd like him to sign that I plan to send in to get graded and slabbed. He looks up at me and says "Oh, these are going to be graded? If that's the case then I charge $25 for signatures to be graded." I was baffled. Don't get me wrong... I completely understand. They're making their money. It's part of the system. They're only doing what they think will get them maximum profit but I just don't understand the raise in price for sending it to CGC. I was about to ask him why he charges so much more for subs but I ultimately decided against it. So I stood there and made the decision to only grade one of my books instead of 3 because I wasn't about to pay $75 just for the signature, especially when he'd been doing it for $5 for every single person in front of me. I don't think any differently of the creator and understand his side... but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. For the record, these books are for my own collection. I rarely flip books unless I find a sweet deal and even then I usually end up keeping it for myself! This entire thread resonates with me especially since it's still so fresh.
  5. iggykoopa

    North Texas Comic Book Show — Feb, 2019

    Hey, it was nice to finally meet you also! I agree that it was much lighter attendance than February and in addition to the 108 degree heat I'm sure having it the same weekend as SDCC hurt as well. I'm looking forward to the next one! Safe travels and thanks for the Hulk 340!
  6. iggykoopa

    North Texas Comic Book Show — Feb, 2019

    Too bad but I understand. I'll definitely be picking up the Farmhand #1 variant. I read it last night and I love the artwork and story! And one of the things I love about this show is that there are a ton of actual comic book vendors there! It's putting the "comic" back into comic con!
  7. Any more TMNT??
  8. iggykoopa

    North Texas Comic Book Show — Feb, 2019

    Does that mean Rob Guillory will be at the event? Or just his exclusive Farmhand #1 book? Either way I'm pumped! Thanks.
  9. Saw it and was completely bored. The auction scene made me raise my eyebrows as well... $28 million dollars? For a dinosaur? And then the highly intelligent, people-trained dinosaur locked in his cage with a simple latch..? Wow. This one of of the worst JP/JW movies but it still has dinosaurs so that's always a bonus. Also agree, not enough Goldblum!
  10. Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1-4 complete (#2 Variant 1st appearance Gwenpool) - $65 shipped SOLD!
  11. Infinity Gauntlet Set #1-6 complete (#1 VF) $85 $70 shipped Infinity Gauntlet #2 (VF+) Infinity Gauntlet #3 (VF) Infinity Gauntlet #4 (F/VF) Infinity Gauntlet #5 (NM-) Infinity Gauntlet #6 (NM-)
  12. Incredible Hulk #271 (1st Appearance Rocket Raccoon) CGC 9.0 - $150 shipped SOLD!