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  1. Enjoying where this thread is going... the above comment speaks to me. My collecting mentality comes more from wine collecting ( what I liquidated to fund OA) than comic book collecting. Speaking with a few of you, over the years, about collecting and I always refer back to something @Sideshow Bob told me: " You get specialized early, then branch out, then get overextended, then retract to a core, then realize what it is that really gives you the feels, then pare down again, and finally end up with a very solid focused collection that looks almost curated." When I started collecting wines, I went through a similar cycle. After hundreds, maybe thousands, of bottles, my collection fell squarely into two regions and a handful of varietals. Im trying to avoid that whole middle part with OA and stick with "looks almost curated". I'd rather buy one or two pieces, of what I consider quality, and have a lovely collection over the longterm. Also, last time I was in Paris, I spent four days at the Louvre... my wife was there on business, she'd call me between meetings and my answer was always the same "yes, I'm still at the Louvre" 😉 Thanks for everyone's posts, comments, thoughts on collecting. Looking to be in this hobby for the long haul!
  2. Great post, thanks for taking the time to share.
  3. Not been at this very long, however, I'd say most of this hobby is aspirational. So, in that sense, there are goals and "checklists" that people set out to complete... make more money, be healthy, stop smoking, buy/ sell art... to that end, ya gotta set a time period to assess your progress, year over year. And it's kinda fun. Otherwise, yes, you're 100% current. 😜
  4. What's the one piece of art or one artist you'd like an example from before end of month/ year/ decade? For me....the obvious Mazzucchelli BA
  5. I'd be inclined to take advantage of the sales if, like you, there was something I was already interested in buying.
  6. I made it into Tokyo Ghost, SGM did a great job. I will insist - having a speaking part - that Keanu Reeves have a cameo, as me, in the inevitable Netflix series When I die though, I'll want Billy Sink to do my portrait.
  7. The art hangs in the home office... my wife wouldn't want it hanging anywhere else in the house, and, frankly, I agree. So in that respect we are in the same wavelength. She asked me once about how much I'd spent on some preliminary art, the answer didn't make her happy. She felt it was good money waisted on art she didn't like. Subsequently, a year later, sold the prelim art - for more. That seemed to temper her reaction over new art that made its way into the house. The hobby isn't necessarily a sunk cost.
  8. The summer of 1986, Daredevil issue 232...I was 13 years old. My ritual, that entire summer, was to ride my bike to town to pick up comics at the local five and dime. I'd return home with my loot, drenched in sweat, and park myself in my parents bedroom. The air conditioning window unit set to "max". I was partial to Marvel, over DC. Marvel comics felt more "adult" (I was 13 years old, after all, and not a kid anymore!). Nothing I'd read in comics felt more real than what Kingpin was putting Matt through and nothing shocked me more than the murder of nurse Lois. The scene in the prison cell is, to this day, some of the best sequential storytelling. I read issue 232 and subsequent issue 233, every day, all summer long... the issue really stayed with me. PS still looking to buy Daredevil Born Again original art 🤑
  9. Thanks! I pre-ordered the paperback, loved it so much I bit the bullet and picked up the IDW Artist Addition on ebay for $220. Now all I need is the OA and I've got the trifecta!
  10. Everything in my collection is from current artists on recent titles, would like to start filling the nostalgia holes David Mazzucchelli - Daredevil Born Again would go a long way in checking off many boxes on my list
  11. "Lots of detail does not necessarily = great art" I tried to ask master kim jung gi about this...his details are insane, however, an Alex Toth (to me) is more question was lost in translation and I came off like an All that being said, if I hit the lottery tomorrow...I'd bid this up to $800k - heck hypothetical money be darned - make it $900k!