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  1. Exercise in futility - bump. Price range $10k-$20k depending on example.
  2. Got to talk to the artist, Merwan, and ask about the difference in dialogue between the OA and is what he had to say: Eh! Yes the first change is importante! « Alors tu te ramènes » means « come on! » « Alors tu prends racines? » is an expression that means « will you stay there like if you were a plant? » And that’s Wallis problem, he is not moving in his life and at the end he is trying to suicide him by planting his legs in the toxic solution like a tree. The difference is that Aster is always in motion. The second change is not so important but it shows that Wallis is very accurate with the model of the bomb that reenforce there recycling way of life.
  3. I was there - got there right before 11am - had to wait maybe 30 minutes in line for the room. Max capacity was 50 people. Moy was mobbed! I was pleasantly surprised to see he had a recent HA auction piece from Sean Murphy's Batman White Knight for sale for $3500. Think it's the first time seeing Sean's work sold by another dealer other than Galerie 9eme
  4. Replace comic art with wine and that was me... Buying every interesting varietal.. My liver couldn't keep up with my wallet and soon had over 300 bottles. Similar to art you start by casting a wide net, then dial it back to what you really enjoy. Luckily learned my lesson with wine (which you can drink) and have been pretty disciplined with my art purchases.
  5. I've been using Collectibles Insurance - was recommended to me by Jason at Essential Sequential. They are easy to work with. Recently had to ship a piece I sold and, to my delight, turns out the shipped art is insured through my policy. So got to save on insuring via FedEx - that was a nice bonus.
  6. There's the question, here's the backstory.... So recently got to know and chat with a French collector who turned me on to the works of Merwan and his book Mécanique Céleste. I enjoyed the art enough that I picked the book up on Kindle, got through it in French and then found there was a kickstarter to publish the book in English!! I just picked up a page from the book and am so happy that it was actually available! Now here is the question: The art has word balloons/dialogue on the page, it's in French. However, the French dialogue on the OA is not the same French dialogue as what was published for the French book! Do you think it matters? Buying one of the best pages out of a 200 page book - all this time after it was published - I thought myself very lucky. But now I am left to wonder, do people frown upon this sort of thing? That it's not the "published" page? I love the page. The art, all done in watercolor, is fabulous. To my mind having the dialogue on the OA not agree with what was published is just a glimpse into the artists process and doesn't diminish the work. Curious to know what you all think . Here is a link to the Kickstarter if you have interest:
  7. Looking to buy following Jones Sandman, Ryan Sook and Tradd Moore pages
  8. Yep....I went to Essential Sequential to look at Amy Reeder art and after more than a few visits, and some time later, ended up focused on Sean Murthy's Chrononauts art. Chrononauts had wrapped up and Tokyo Ghost issues were being released so naturally Jason was getting Tokyo Ghost artwork sent by Sean while I was trying to decide on what artwork I wanted. I'd seen Sean tweet some WIP images for the cover to Tokyo Ghost, so I reached out to Jason.... when I finally got to go look at the cover Jason had some internal pages too.... Ended up getting all three.... My first OA. I went in looking to spend a few hundred on a Amy Reeder Rocket Girl page and walked away with a cover a DPS and splash page from Tokyo Ghost. I still get inquiries about selling my Tokyo Ghost art....Nope. . 
  9. Tradd + Doctor Strange = my best guess.
  10. With outdoor humidity being so high, I don't think you'd get the same calibur of art on display here in NJ.... not now anyway
  11. I've always been able to look at art and just draw it. Amy Reeder came to a local Con. I got to watch her draw commissions all day. It's like I absorbed something from that session of watching. I drove home, sat down and pumped this out from an online referenceOff a Zaffino I saw on IG. MOST art is a series of connect the dots. Folks like Zaffino, Bill Sienkiewicz & Sean Murphy create thru layers... This was fun. love Cordelia
  12. Yes, Ralph Snart. My brother and I enjoyed the book when we were lads. Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of the OA.