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  1. Let me think about that for a bit...I kinda like the Ms. Marvel 17 and the Hulk 234 but it's hard to trade down to copper or bronze with GA.
  2. This is the most quiet VCC I've ever participated in. Is the VCC not a thing anymore?
  3. It was like freaking church. It was a ritual. But sadly, it was in Portland Oregon, at the zoo, in the rain, so the audience was unresponsive for the most part. And it was still GREAT!
  4. My Silver Age are posted now. I have to run off and go see George Clinton now but I will be back with Bronze tonight early tomorrow AM.
  5. I just added 11 lower grade Golden Age books. Some precode Horror, a Planet and and LB Cole cover. The scanner is still humming with Silver Age next.
  6. If no one else takes them all it doesn't have to be random. I guess I can split it up though. But $20 bucks of media mail should get a lot sent. Let me look it up...
  7. Anyone want a bunch of Heritage Auctions catalogs going all the way back to 2006? (There are also a few Hakes but who cares?) I have 3 bankers boxes full of them. They have a ton of great pictures of some incredible books in them. It seems a shame to just recycle them all. They're mostly in really good shape. A few have dog ears from my GA shopping days. If you pay the shipping and boxing on them then they're yours free. I'll pack them and send you a paypal invoice or something and then ship them media mail. Oh, and no returns because I mean, why? You're getting exactly what you see in the picture and it's not like they're worth anything.
  8. I guess my old one disappeared.
  9. Sold a Strange Tales 110 to Bluemedgroup. Perfect transaction. Fast pay was awesome.
  10. Strange Tales 110 – 4.0 – $1300.00 shipped & Insured Payment by paypal. No return on CGC books unless damaged, etc. in the thread beats PMs. My price is under GPA by a decent amount when you factor in fees and shipping, etc. And this comic is moving up again. The last 4.0 was $1320 but the last 3.5 was $1425! There is a piece that was reattached with tape (you can see it in the Comics Code area) and the scan makes the case look scratched worse than it is. Hence my lower than GPA price.
  11. I kind of know some of what I'm sitting on. And I bought one of those guides. I mean, I'm a comic collector so in many respects, collecting is collecting. But prices online are all over the place. And sadly, nothing is worth thousands. A dozen or so guide in the hundreds. If only their sleeves were in better shape! Of course I haven't gone through all of the boxes yet... From what I can tell there are two conditions to consider, the album itself and the sleeve. Most of the sleeves are VGish but almost all the records are pristine.