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  1. Just came from there, those I listed are skeleton data or have "no title indexed". What I am trying to do first, is see what reprints from The Arrow go where. On comics.org, they are listed as being reprinted but with a question mark where the issue title would be.
  2. Hello, I'm putting together a compilation and maybe a book later on The Arrow. I'm trying to get an index of stories together and if anyone can help fill in the blanks, I would appreciate it. The stories I need information on are those from Funny Pages v3 #1, v3 #5, v3 #7, v3 #9, 36, 37, 39, and 41. I would like to get a title or the first sentence in the story. If you can help, awesome. Blessings
  3. Hello I am so very sorry about bringing up a very deceased topic however I would like to know more about this flyer. So does anyone have any information/links to this flyer? Also, any higher resolution copies I can get? Thank yall for your time.
  4. Aye, I did... I cried lol. Would love to have those digitized that DCM doesn't have, esp. all of Tarpe Mills' Daredevil Barry stories as well as that Sand Hog story. That is one weird cover lol. BTW, on Uncle Joe's Funnies, is it full of original stories or does is it full of reprints? GCD doesn't have it indexed and I am curious to what it has.
  5. Hi I'm a huge Centaur fan and am glad to have found this forum. Thank you guys for all the info and pictures you have posted. I mostly hang out and read the comics on DCM and Comicbookplus.
  6. Hi Both of those are indexed at GCD Western Picture Stories: https://www.comics.org/issue/172/ Funny Picture Stories: https://www.comics.org/issue/204/ Later