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  1. Thanks to BlowUpTheMoon and sckao for running the contest
  2. That's terrible. I'd send it back...
  3. an99

    Grader Notes

    Many thanks, gentlemen.
  4. an99

    Grader Notes

    I'm considering CPR for my 9.2 X-Men #266. I bought it right off the rack from my LCS at least 15 years ago and submitted it through a comic store. I filled out the form in pen and everything. It was never pressed, so I'm considering it. I looked around, but can't find where to get the grader notes. Do I have to pay for them? I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  5. I also work near Silver Snail, so I go there on my lunch. Again, by the time I get there, most of the good stuff is gone. I may try to get there early on Feb 19 and line up. Hopefully it's not too cold.
  6. I've never been. I usually hit up Dungeon Comics on New St., but by the time I get there, their usually cleaned out. Plus they do a lot of business online.
  7. Yes, the Artgerm cover is great! I'll be pre-ordering that one as well.
  8. You don't think you'll be able to get a copy at your LCS on the day of (Feb 19th)?
  9. I would love to be able to build something like that, but I have zero carpentry skills.