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  1. The news about Canada is great news 😀
  2. I have been working at home since March 2020 and have used the extra money to pay down my credit card debt and other debts. A couple of times I have seen a book I want to buy, but have stopped to remember the end goal. It also helps that the market is bonkers right now too ...
  3. Wow!!! That is awesome 👌 Now I want one. If I were to do a search on ebay, what should I search? Vintage Spider-man poster? Thanks for your help.
  4. I'd be pretty upset if Stan did that to my book. 😡
  5. That's a great looking shelf. Mind if I ask where you bought it?
  6. That's understandable. At this point, I'd be very happy with a small con. 😉
  7. Wait ... what? You actually have shows in your area? Man ... up here we're basically stuck in our houses. 😷