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  1. The books will get the green/yellow, qualified/signature series, label which will mean those major defects (unwitnessed signatures are major defects) will not affect the grade, but it will have an effect in the value (in all but the most rare of cases).
  2. I don’t want to burst your bubble or anything, but you’re getting a remark which is typically just a SMALL quick (think 5-10minute) headshot. I’m not a Brooks collector so maybe he’s different, but I looked at his remarks on eBay and all appear to be small headshots. Even sketches don’t typically have enough for a “story” unless “spidey shoots a web” is a story. Don’t let this stop you from asking though, just don’t get disappointed If he doesn’t do what you ask. Best thing for a story is to ask for a word balloon of some sort.
  3. I also find it odd that before the signing we are getting a submission acknowledgment sheet from CCS, but I have always found the CCS process to be frustrating since you get 0 information about your book while it's at CCS. Why doesn't CCS have their own account/submission status site?
  4. Go take a look at the cgc facebook videos of signings (stegman and cates in particular) and watch the way the books are slid around and placed on the table when the signing is going on and you will understand what is happening to your books. One of the promo videos has Cates sliding a book towards the camera and it's supposed to be a "cool" shot and all I can think is "I hope that's not my book". I think a majority of the issues are coming from corners. Also, I'd argue this isn't a cgc signings issue but more of a large volume of signing issue.
  5. You don't have to pay for a box with fedex. Once they ship to your address you can select "hold at fedex store" and they will deliver it to the store where you will have to sign for it.
  6. No, do not do ss if you want a guaranteed 9.8. OCD and the ss program do not mix.
  7. A super quick scan looks like this is his slow signature (primarily on sketches) and the other is the quick one for non-sketch.
  8. I think they're on a last in first out (top of the pile are done first). I had 2 submissions, one received 5/21 and the other right at the deadline and the one right at the deadline is already in grading. Don't worry yet, it'll take time with this many signings.
  9. Mail-away gremlins got ya. That's happened to me before and I'm sure it will happen many times again. Sucks, especially when there will never be an answer.
  10. This is not what CGC says will happen I watched all of the videos they have posted and have not seen a single non-windowed comic signed.
  11. Yes it has happened to me multiple times. The grade going down is always very real possibility when the case is being opened for any reason, even a press and re-grade. If you're not ok with the grade going down do not send it in.
  12. My newest addition by Rags Morales