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  1. Just saw this “in process” status change on mine also.
  2. @telerites sorry I don’t know what GA is.
  3. Any chance you'll be announcing more comic creators soon? Thanks!
  4. That looks like a through the mail fake (some say it was her mom that signed those). In person Fisher lifts her pen (F is disconnected on the bottom in the image below), notice this entire signature is one motion (F is connected to E and I). Don't buy autographed star wars stuff unless its very reputable.
  5. J.K. Woodward. he posted the full process video of this one on Instagram
  6. If at the end of this I still don’t have a piece, I would do what you’ve suggested. At this point he’s really only 2 months behind, I’m still ok with him delaying a few more times. What I really don’t want to get is a rushed piece.
  7. I recently commissioned a blank cover sketch from an artist and he’s missed his own, self-imposed, time frame twice. His most recent deadline (again self-imposed) was for the end of March and I have not heard from him for about a month now. Pre-paid, sent the blank myself, posted saying the commission list was open, not expensive (~100$). Just wondering what your experiences have been and how you deal with the inevitable commission “deadline” misses and what you’d do in a similar situation.
  8. This is by Brook Turner, now headed to CGC. Great price, easy to work with and open for commissions @brookturner
  9. I also can't recommend Michael Dooney enough, here is a Wolverine front and back he did for me.
  10. Definitely changed. I believe he was $25 a sig in Dallas. I asked and he does not do sketches anymore, but you can still buy OA from him (even his rep said it was pricey, so I didn't ask how much).
  11. This would be an amazing and incredibly unreliable database that you’re looking for. I don’t think what you’re looking for exists and I don’t think it can exist in a form that any collector would find accurate or even acceptable.
  12. My first sketch cover post! Sam de la Rosa