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  1. Digital comics are for reading physical are for collecting.
  2. As a minor sketch collector, I really want 9.8's and will/have paid a premium to get it. When these are displayed it looks so much better.
  3. He’s already said he’s spending 15k-25k on this “side-hustle”. let’s pretend he’s already taking your advice. .1 * 15,000 = 15,000,000 in savings.
  4. There’s a high probability you’re asking the wrong crowd. The people in this forum are comic collectors you might get a different answer from a celebrity autograph forum.
  5. Well, these are all the same service and its arguable they are all the same received date since the process cannot start until signed.
  6. huh, I wouldn't have read that as applying to the in-house signings unless you pointed it out to me. I still wouldn't think they meant for it to apply since processing the orders like that is an unnecessary organizational step when cgc is obviously struggling to keep up.
  7. Maybe I missed it, but where is everyone getting the “first in first out” from?
  8. The reason you're finding it hard to get solid advice is your price range. 15k-25k is the "big boy league" of comic collecting. Most people here do not buy a 15k-25k comic in their lifetime (I certainly won't). If dropping 15k-25k is a piece of your side-hustle you're at a very different place in life than 99.9% of people.
  9. My Percy & Kubert just shipped back. It's a lower grade than I expected, but not shocked. Notes say signed on 2/17 & 2/25. Using 3/1 as the first day of "grading", it is 6 weeks to the day turnaround time.
  10. I agree all of you should stop using Heritage.
  11. This is awesome, great post. I like hearing the process on these things. If I had bought one of these I would re-read this 10 times.
  12. According to twitter the Miller/Janson signing occurred this weekend. So, based on the CGC time-frame of 3 weeks for grading and 6 weeks for pressing and grading the expected turnaround dates are May 3rd and May 24th. Let's see how close they are (mine are in for pressing and grading).
  13. I really like how that TMNT 99 border blank turned out, now I'm kicking myself.
  14. No I would not ask for a refund.I understand that shipping can cause issues and during the signing process there can be issues (these artists and writers can be terrible with handling books). The difference between a 9.6 and a 9.8, there's a reason there are no notes typically on 9.6 grades, is so negligible that its basically a feeling the grader gets (I'd be happy if I had the corners you do and it came back above a 9.2). I didn't even complain when my 9.8 graded slab cracked by cgc and pressed by ccs for another signing came back a 9.6. Again this is my opinion. Let us know if you do compla