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  1. Definitely changed. I believe he was $25 a sig in Dallas. I asked and he does not do sketches anymore, but you can still buy OA from him (even his rep said it was pricey, so I didn't ask how much).
  2. This would be an amazing and incredibly unreliable database that you’re looking for. I don’t think what you’re looking for exists and I don’t think it can exist in a form that any collector would find accurate or even acceptable.
  3. My first sketch cover post! Sam de la Rosa
  4. Is there any reasons to not crack a blue label yourself if you're going to be adding sigs to it for a facilitated yellow label?
  5. If you have a CGC account you can send the comic to the artist and have the artist send the comic to CGC with a creator agreement and it will receive a gold label, but this won't work with 2 artists. If you are looking for both artists to sign the comic a facilitator is your only option. Best of luck
  6. I have a feeling the real reason is that that information would be a terror for a database admin.
  7. How much does your daughter charge? and does she have an Instagram? Quit hogging the artist.
  8. Its an un-witnessed sig either it gets a blue label and the sig is treated as a defect or it gets a green label and the sig doesn't hurt the grade. Looks like it was graded as the sig being a defect. I guess don't quite understand the problem.
  9. Ahh, thanks. I was sweating thinking about it.
  10. I’ve gotta ask, how are you getting Arnold on this? Did you pay for the $1200 pass?
  11. I don't think there were any. There was no reason for a witness to go as there weren't enough creators attending.
  12. Thanks guys, this was exactly what I wanted to know. @Ron C. @RadiantGraphix may your sketches always return a 9.8 (or higher).
  13. There’s been a series of these new blanks that have come with a blank sheet in front of the blank comic. How is this blank sheet supposed to be handled according to CGC if someone is going to sketch on the cover?