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  1. I am looking to get several comics signed at an upcoming local convention. Fortunately, CGC and the convention both claim a CGC Witness will be present. I have seen many forum posts about how to get your SS slab but they all were for when there would be a CGC booth at the convention. My Questions: When I arrive at Con, what should I do to get my comics signed in the presence of a witness? What will happen next? Do I need to be a CGC member? (since there is no CGC Booth offering their on-site services) Thanks for any/all help! (I want to get Ultimate Spider-man #1,#3,#5,#100, Spec#1; Ultimate Fallout #1, #4;and ASM #361 all signed by Mark Bagley; and Michael Golden to sign Ultimate Spider-man Spec#1) => Not looking to resale, just for personal collection. Yes, I'm ready to drop some dough.