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  1. . I want to keep them but I just would like to know any information I may have missed from my own investigation please... should I take or send any to CGC to get properly graded already?
  2. Thanks man I appreciate the insite...hope your day goes well for helping me out...instead of being a scumbag like other people (SPAM GUY) ...hope u can help me out with some of the comics I posted...
  3. Hopefully someone can give me some much needed info on a small glimpse of the array of comics i have ... and I do want to keep them ... i honestly did find them in an attic and since it's the first time I ever came across comics with eventually being financially helpful one day...I don't want anyone else to have them haha maybe not in my lifetime, but at least my daughterwill have something neat to get handed down to her when I'm gone it ...I just hope she doesn't go straight to a damn pawn shop and takes any cash offer for them smh
  4. Haha sorry I didn't get the email that was sent to everyone in the world that was explaining everything someone needs to know about comics smh but alright you seem to know ur comic info... I would have thought u only knew about SPAM since that is what u have as ur profile pic I got a good question and I hope it won't waste ur time either. . Why aren't the majority of the double digest magazines that are out there , as valuable or even increased their value even though 20 or 15 years have passed by since their release? And why have I been having trouble finding any double digest magazine issues graded by cgc? And why are there actual numbers under the comic code authority emblem on some comics and none on others? And not only that why is there is a weird symbol on the bottom of those same numbers under the comic code authority emblem? I hope you are eating enough SPAM to be able to answer back and fill me in with some of your comic knowledge... or if anyone else can I would very much appreciate it... thanks for the feedback on the previous question I asked before by the way , I am really interested in getting a better understanding of the comic book world I have a mess load of comics that I don't know a lot about, all I knew was to go get sleeves and back boards asap when I found them and get keep them in my fire and water proof safe to avoid the chance of having them all go to on me lmfao thanks for your time everyone and if I ask another rookie question please have patience with me
  5. Upetting to know that u want to be a million times better than u r now..but depressing to know that no one can better than anyone's all the same at the end of the day...
  6. Damn honestly have 80 of these magazine style comic books and no clue as to where to start ..can anyonehelp me with informING me on if anything is evev worth ananythin. ..I saved them as best to my ability but I know I can do better. ..I have another 100 double digest comics as well...found all these comics left in an attic sitting in a box.. Walt Disney ..archie ...catwoman. .lots of other different titles and weird names and dates. .please
  7. Please let me know what to do and how to set up these sets I honestly don't know how to do it ...brain is fried from investigation on my collection but to no satisfaction,..please anyone who can help a clueless man from breaking down. ..