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  1. Why not have one of Jack Kirby's grandchildren spit in a bottle, and viola, Jack Kirby DNA.....Jesus f@#$_&in Christ what has happened to this hobby?! "I'll retire to bedlam..."
  2. Could it possibly be a 0.0 ? Is this what's called "marvel chipping"? How the staples are still intact is a mystery to me Lol, hope everyone has a great day!
  3. I would consider A) consigning to a good auction house, or B) get your eBay account loaded up ......
  4. Been looking for one ....piece missing onspine back cover, tear on right front cover above frogman's right hand, spine shows wear.....LBC thought 5.0, I think maybe 3.0 ?
  5. Ok...iyo, what are the defects? I have a hard time with these....
  6. Unread copper age beauty , please forgive the glare I know its not an expensive issue, still thinking of getting it graded
  7. "You get a case! And you get a case! And you get a case!" This is an infinity cover case