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  1. I always love it when someone complains, and asks questions about some companies fees, instead of calling company, and speaking with them and ask questions.... " I'll retire to bedlam..."
  2. With plenty of white out....2.0? Spine is good, all pages complete...
  3. Ugh....poor Avengers #4 Can it be cleaned? Or advice, please
  4. If you have to ask this question about every purchase, you're in the wrong hobby
  5. If you're going to flip comics, you better learn to pull the trigger......
  6. Just open a case on's just business....seller will make it right, and or you get your money back.... Why would you post this problem here, when there is such a simple solution....
  7. You've never been to an auction before? There is no.....checklist.....
  8. I'm sure the success rate was very low...the only one who made money were the companies selling this junk
  9. Love the comments, many are spot on ...if the fanboys on the many Kirby FB pages read these, they would be jumping off buildings.....lmao
  10. Please explain to me why you would spend the $$ to have basically a coverless comic graded?!
  11. Why not have one of Jack Kirby's grandchildren spit in a bottle, and viola, Jack Kirby DNA.....Jesus f@#$_&in Christ what has happened to this hobby?! "I'll retire to bedlam..."