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  1. Could have used a little more room but I had fun and actually won a raffle (Omega Men #3, 1st Lobo) Thanks for putting on the show! I hope it was successful enough to make it a yearly thing. I would definitely go again!
  2. Update - I got the answer to my above question from Val Mayerik himself. I contacted him thru and he responded within 24hrs, his response below. "Thanks for contacting me. I charge $5 per signature. A quick penciled and inked Howard sketch would be $75. See you at the show."
  3. Just an FYI - That link has a different address "7145 E 2nd St Scottsdale, AZ 85251" The first post has "7220 E Wilshire Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85257."
  4. Does anyone know if Val Mayerik charges for his signature? I have a Man-Thing #1 (1974) and Howard the Duck King Size Annual #1 (1977) that I will definitely get signed. Thinking about grabbing a couple more of his comics off ebay to bring too. I am also interested to know if he does sketches at the convention and how much he would charge for that. Really looking forward to this classic comic convention and actually spending my money on COMICS for change!!!!