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  1. I would like Prize #52 please. Eclectic is always good! Prize #52: an eclectic mix of DC Treasury, Marvel magazines, Star Wars Bag Books, and Charlton romance books...Will ship anywhere in US - donated by batcollector
  2. Please move me to the end of the list. I dropped the ball when it came to adding something to the prize pool.
  3. Count me in please. This will be similar to buying the BINGO scratch-offs. I will lose, but it will be a slow process that provides brief moments of excited possibility! Thank you for organizing the contest!
  4. The owner was holding on to most of the Kirby stuff and some of her other favorites. I was pretty satisfied with a Kamandi run in the haul that I brought home. Maybe some day she'll reach out and sell me the rest of her collection.
  5. I got these as part of a collection. Some of the books duplicated ones I already had, but the price didn't match up. After a little search, I found out why. I can't believe how lucky I was to get 29 of them at once!
  6. @BladeTX It's in a cool, dry basement with a humidifier. I don't really keep them in the ceiling. These were throw ins with a couple small collections I picked up last year, no real attachment. The only other two I own; one has NRs (not that appealing), the other cracked in shipping. Once I learn a little more about grading I might store/display them in a nicer fashion.
  7. I store both of my slabs in the safest place in the house...
  8. @Karl Liebl Let's wait and see once I get brave enough to post my guesses on PGM! My "skill" with identifying lower grades may just be dumb luck.
  9. @The Lions Den I saw that idea on a reply on another grading question. I'm not sure who deserves the proper credit for that idea. I lurk on the PGM boards and have read the Overstreet and Heritage grading guides. I think that right now I'm much better on the low and mid grades, the 9.0 and above are pretty tough.
  10. I would like to get better at grading comics. I'm not looking to work for CGC, but I'd like to be able to assess books and make sure that I'm somewhat on par with the grade they're being sold as. I went to a con looking for a couple keeper books and didn't feel comfortable pulling the trigger on anything I looked at. I'd like to practice by grading a couple short boxes; re-grading them in a couple months to see if I feel the same way to get more comfortable with grading. Maybe next time I'll come home with a couple of the books I'd like. I was wondering if there was a proper order when it comes to grading. Math had PEMDAS. Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally for parentheses, exponent, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. The only acronym I can come up with is FBCSSPP. "F***ing biting c**t! Stupid spider," Peter Parker for front cover, back cover, corners, staples, spine, page quality, page count. I'm not sure that that's the best order to look at the book and I'm sure I'm missing a couple other grading criteria. Is there an order to grading the book that lends itself to more careful handling or a more efficient grading process? Thanks!
  11. Wow. That is quite a difference! I was interested in the book but something didn't feel right. I'm glad this thread popped up so I wasn't beating myself up about missing out on a Hulk 181 again.
  12. I saw this on CL this week. I was told the book has never been pressed in the 12 or 13 years that the owner has had the book.
  13. If you would have owned any of the bars or restaurants I worked in over the last 20 years, I'd still be in the service industry. I think your belief in taking care of the existing customers is definitely the way to go. I never understood why chasing new revenue took priority over maintaining existing revenue.
  14. Someone shared this in a previous post in reference to grading: https://comics.ha.com/tutorial/comics-grading.s?show=comicdefinitions If you search Heratige's sold listings you can look at different cgc graded books to help you see the differences in grades. Good luck!
  15. Great read. Thank you for talking about the hard work that goes into opening your own business. I've read a couple other "starting my own comic shop" blogs and there is no mention of initial investment, no thought process of stock, location, etc. or any mention of long hours. "Have comics, sell comics, profit" didn't seem to line up with what (little) I know about how a business operates. Good luck with the shop!