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  1. I just got word that my book is available to be picked up from Paradise Comics. So there is hope for us all!
  2. I sent Kristina a link to this thread in one of my emails with her.
  3. I saw on one of their Instagram posts someone brought up that the website was down. They said they are redesigning it to be more interactive.
  4. I also emailed Kristina at with my complaints. Maybe on her end she worked something out with CGC so they could email me the information?
  5. I emailed them with my complaints with Paradise Comics and they emailed me a .pdf file for my now graded book. Maybe they will do the same for you?
  6. I kept getting that excuse as well. Time to put some pressure on them I think.
  7. I just heard back from CGC. My book will will be included in a shipment in the beginning of February. It's been graded at Qualified 9.6.
  8. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully we will get our books soon. I think the customer service took a bit of a hit once Doug left. I was missing books from my file almost on a weekly basis. That is the main reason I switched shops to Cyber City Comix.
  9. I had Joshua Middleton sign my book years before submitting it through CGC.
  10. I haven't been to the shop in 4-5 months and have been going to a new shop. Before I stopped going I would ask in person as well and they kept saying they were expecting a shipment soon. Same excuses they gave me in my emails. Kristina from Paradise Comics has been in touch with me and CGC so we will see where this goes.