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  1. Big fan of todd mcfarlane in almost everything he does ... everything except his take on hulk ...
  2. Compared to say delotto 667 that still has only 48 slabs for 500 books , 428 for 600 is out of this world Would think it is much, much higher total books for 797 mayhew
  3. Amorphous And unknown definitely sold too. I had then all bookmarked but - being in Australia - slept through the opening bell. And they said 600.. just there has always been so many selling and 428 just in cgc slabs is a lot ( not including other unmentionable which I have seen ) doesn't leave much space for raws
  4. 600 per retailer 5 retailers is 3k copies .. which would seem about right. Who sold it .? .Sadlemon, unknown, amorphous were the ones I remembered.
  5. Came back to this one out of curiosity .. according to the census there are 428 that are now graded. That seems awfully high for a 600 only run .. are we sure it's not 600 per retailer that sold them ?
  6. Was it ever explained why red goblin has fire coming out of his mouth ?
  7. So .. where is the thread about most valuable modern variants again ? The last 10 or so pages need to be deleted
  8. 7 pages of this argument derailing yet another thread .. why can't you guys just make a thread dedicated to the semantics of theoretical print/ distribution and argue there for eternity .. I guess clicking on the thread would be like crossing the event horizon
  9. I saw that on ebay too. Ive read Todd Mcfarlane doesn't sign the thanks edition so seems they may have authenticated a sig that was printed into every book . That said , if there is a legit signature inside.. I want that book .(though 9.4 is bad grade for a thx .)
  10. Totally insane .. IMO Much better books to get at that price point but to each their own . Some obviously really really want it .
  11. What's the deal with the immortal hulk 20 with the red splotches all over the dress .. my lcs gave me that alongside the standard one saying they werent expecting the two different ones and not sure which one I would want
  12. Pick up the most recent issue (19) and read it Then come back tell me immortal hulk isn't all its hyped to be plus more . Amazing how it seems to get better and better every issue ..
  13. It's my must read book .. can't get enough of it
  14. But in the story he IS weakened and melting away by opponents a few times ...