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  1. Hence why some people stop posting, which is the general topic being discussed in this thread. You "play the obstacles" when there's still some value to extract from the game, and you leave when the value is no longer there. The fun I got from this board was directly impacted by the changes in moderation and the general culture of the board. I don't think it's whining to point that out when the topic comes up and I feel like crawling out from under my rock for a few seconds.
  2. When someone gets moderated, there are two parties involved: the moderator and the person who reported the post. The person getting reported on isn't involved. Random Ninny decides to hit the button, the moderator decides what action to take, and it's done. From my perspective, the pattern of appeasing the ninnies suggests to me that the moderators are primarily concerned with keeping complaints to a minimum. So of course this only works one way, as normal adults with healthy self-esteems who go outside from time to time and don't take themselves too seriously aren't going to complain to teacher every time someone annoys them, or has the audacity to express an opinion or conduct themselves in a way that doesn't perfectly reflect whatever is bouncing around in their psyche. So we got this gradual race to the bottom to make the thin-skins and pettiest among us feel safe. They will continue to clamp down tighter and tighter, choking the life out of this place in the process. Having the primary objective of moderation be reducing/eliminating complaints as opposed to, let's say, actually looking at context and intent when deliberating over reported posts, is precisely the problem. The priority seems to be dousing every tiny fire, as if eliminating complaints entirely is remotely possible, instead of aiming to provide an environment where people can express themselves freely, within the scope of a reasonable and clearly defined code of conduct. Nothing will change because the people who don't like it leave, and are replaced by the people who are doing the complaining, or people who are too new to know any better. And the mods are content to keep dousing those imaginary fires.
  3. Bingo. I can post and inevitably get banned, which will stop me from posting, or not post, which stops me from posting but allows me to access my PMs. Or I can moderate myself to the increasingly ambiguous snowflake brigade's standards, which would make me hate myself, so I might as well just not post. I could also be less of a jerk, but that's totally never happening.
  4. Your loss. I have the timeshare opportunity of a lifetime.
  5. The current key craze is hilarious. It's people buying keys to flip for more keys to flip for more keys to flip for more keys. Not sure how much actual collecting is going on. It's a race to literally and figuratively squeeze (look, a pressing joke!) every last dollar out of whatever hot potato you're currently trying to sell to free up cash for the next movie announcement. The idea of dealing to collect is what has created this monster in the first place.
  6. I could do with less eristic casuistry.
  7. All I care about is people actually reading posts and addressing/making actual points. Or you can talk at people in italics and platitudes trying to sound profound, like a teenage girl on Instagram.
  8. If the old guard drives away just one newb..... ....that's called a good start.
  9. I got my custom title in a custom spot! Thanks Arch. Time to crawl back under my cozy Old Guard rock.
  10. I get the irony and I get the ebb and flow thing, but at some point there is enough of a change in climate that it's worth discussing and not simply dismissing. And I'm not suggesting that you're dismissing it, but the tongue-in-cheek way that you've kept track of these kinds of threads may have the unintended effect of diminishing or obscuring some of the points being made here. Also, I'd like my custom title back, please.
  11. Can someone explain why we need more members? There were plenty of people here in 2003 to keep things lively, and the membership was a fraction of what it is today. More members won't bring my pernts back or get Dupcak to make an appearance.
  12. There is probably a myriad of reasons why there aren't new members. The biggest reason likely has nothing to do with any of the members here and more to do with the changing online landscape and the multitude of other venues to interact with. When this forum started, social media was barely a thing. And the problem with your analogy is that you go to a restaurant to get served, and you pay for the privilege. This isn't a place to get served, it's a place to participate.
  13. You read my post wrong, and you're not making any points here. That's not because of your join date, it's because you read my post wrong and aren't making any points here.