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  1. timguerrero

    Best of........ Future (Feedback)

    Breaking by age seems appropriate. I would add that the Best of needs a category were you only vote for art that has been published in the last year. The results are not very indicative of preference if I am comparing a page published last year with a Kirby page. Uploading to the Best of should be more simple. This was my first year participating and I hard a hard time completing all the steps necessary for me my pieces to participate.
  2. I have a big Goon splash page but would only be willing to trade for art. PM me so we can discuss if interested.
  3. Would you like to purchase some Death of Wolverine art? Send me a PM if you would. I also have a Captain America page I would also be willing to part with.
  4. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend. Especially as it is taking place so close to LACC.
  5. timguerrero

    WTB David Finch OA

    I have a Finch Batman Dark Knight page showing Batman, a small Scarcrow and Superman's boots on sale in my CAF . Batman The Dark Knight (2011) Issue 05 Page 10 David Finch I'm also open to reasonable offers or trades.
  6. timguerrero

    Art Day - Gary Frank Hulk 414 Cover!

    Such wonderful art from Gary!
  7. This is something that should worry Original Art Collectors as you might not be able to tell from an ebay auction if what you are purchasing is really Original Art or a print. I live outside the USA and sometimes OA gets sent to a friends house and I don't get it until 3 onths later to a year thus making it impossible for me to file a claim after such a long time since purchase has passed. Needless to say another thing to worry about when purchasing OA.
  8. timguerrero

    ruined by a signature

    I have done it to be sure that what I have is really done by the artist. I had Adam Hughes resign a preliminary for a WW cover I bought as I wanted to be sure it was really made by him. I also like to get the writers to sign the artwork too just never like the defaced that Anacleto piece!
  9. timguerrero

    Photographing art with a cell phone (tips)

    I like Camscanner better than office lens as Office lens erased some lines from some art I scanned but CamScanner made it perfect
  10. timguerrero

    Baltimore Comic Con pics anyone?

    Strange that no other dealers were set up in the show. I went in 2016 and I found Spencer Beck had set up and I couldn't leave without getting a David Finch Page from Batman Rebirth #1
  11. timguerrero


    I reholdered a Wolverine Origins 3rd claw variant signed by Joe Quesada and they did it. I guess it really depends on the amount of damage to the slab and if it would be able to be opened and the book exchanged.
  12. timguerrero

    Shipping OA

    So essentially they made a Gemini Mailer for Original Art. Must be very heavy and provide appropriate protection!
  13. Is it only for sale or would you consider trades?
  14. timguerrero

    Dell'Otto Cover Prelim

    It isn't signed? Did the guy you traded with acknowledge the provenance of the piece? I bought a Dell'Otto prelim directly from the artist rep and it was $400 but it also came signed by Dell'Otto be careful with fakes. I'm not saying this one looks like one but you never know.
  15. timguerrero

    Colan Shores DD Art For Sale

    It got me to the gallery were 2 of those pieces are shown.