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  1. I think outside of his Batman work he is underrated. If anyone is interested I have these pages I would be willing to trade or sell. They are 4 consecutive pages from DC Infinite Halloween Special featuring Killer Croc and Resurrection Man. I am not willing to break them up so they are being offered as a set of pages.
  2. Has he been convicted or are people already burning him without a trial? I have a sketch from him that I bought from ebay and don't plan on letting it go just because someone is claiming to have been wronged by him. I like the piece of art I already have but would think twice on supporting new work if allegations would be proved to be truthful.
  3. Problem is you loose Paypal coverage once you do a F&F and mailing art across the border should be properly insured to avoid any problems in case package is lost. There is a person from Italy who sells a lot of art and if it is the same person I'm thinking of I've done trades with him before and everything was silky smooth.
  4. A lot of art was sold in this event and it has been mostly a great experience with a few exceptions with some dealers that are known to be problematic.
  5. could you elaborate on the ways to avoid the government piece?
  6. How will we be able to look at what each seller is offering? Will we have to go to each person/business Gallery? Links would also be appreciated to jump on stuff as quickly as possible.
  7. let us know what the outcome of this ordeal is please.
  8. What Cardboard slabs? Very interested to know about them.
  9. Is this event exclusively for dealers, representatives and artists or can anyone participate affixing CAFCON 2020 to the name of For Sale listings?
  10. would you consider a trade for this piece?