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  1. A Kieron Dwyer came up for sale on ebay years ago and I was sorry to miss out on it.
  2. @Rick2you, @ESeffinga is right. Use parchment paper or SRP paper it is what I use to press my comics in my Seal Press so that the paper won't stick.
  3. it can be pressed like a comic
  4. I buy more than I read and with art I buy more modern art than older stuff just because of current prices for a lot of stuff I read as a kid but I have been lucky to get some vintage pieces that I aboslutely love in my collection.
  5. My examples of unpublished art: Ed Benes Red Lanterns Issue 01 page 09. This page wasn't the one that was published. Book of Lost Souls Issue 07 cover. This one went unpublished as the title was cancelled in issue 06.
  6. I've had a page I bought from Todd Klein from Fables mailed in a tube and also a package that I got from an art gift enchange rolled in a tube. I hate it but I have placed them under some weight to flatten them out and now I have a Seal 210 that I bought to press my comics that I can now use to flatten art too!
  7. Those Joker teaming up with The Demon fit for this theme?
  8. I once made a deal for a piece I really wanted for my Black Hole collection. I made my first payment and then the seller sent a refund letting me know he had already sold it for a little bit more and in one payment. Bummer that we have people like this in the hobby.
  9. Probably it was a maybe and a lower offer will make the piece into a keeper? I know I've done it with a publisher that wanted to low ball me on a cover. I just went ahead and put it in a price tag nobody will ever buy. I've also had buyers wanting to pick great stuff for cheap telling me that the market is not there for the stuff. If it isn't why care to buy then? Lol, get out of here!
  10. I have this cover by Ben Dunn To Warrior Nun Areala Scorpio Rose Issue 1 for sale for $600 including shipping and Paypal fees. PM me if you are interested. Size is 11" x 16 3/4"
  11. I think outside of his Batman work he is underrated. If anyone is interested I have these pages I would be willing to trade or sell. They are 4 consecutive pages from DC Infinite Halloween Special featuring Killer Croc and Resurrection Man. I am not willing to break them up so they are being offered as a set of pages.
  12. Has he been convicted or are people already burning him without a trial? I have a sketch from him that I bought from ebay and don't plan on letting it go just because someone is claiming to have been wronged by him. I like the piece of art I already have but would think twice on supporting new work if allegations would be proved to be truthful.
  13. Problem is you loose Paypal coverage once you do a F&F and mailing art across the border should be properly insured to avoid any problems in case package is lost. There is a person from Italy who sells a lot of art and if it is the same person I'm thinking of I've done trades with him before and everything was silky smooth.