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  1. is this a recreation or the original art to that cover? I'd be interested if it isn't a recreation.
  2. https://www.comics.org/ is my go to site.
  3. what are the archival page protectors you found?
  4. The biggest piece in my collection, triple covers from the closing of ExMachina Issues 48, 49 and the double sized one for issue 50 by Tony Harris.
  5. yes, you definitely should have as he isn't the only one that has done covers for Locke & Key.
  6. I have a Locke & Key cover that if the offer is generous enough I might rethink about selling. Have lots of Y art just not interiors from the 12 first issues, only covers.
  7. I don't post my permanent collection on CAF so that I am not tempted to sell or trade them. Decided on this a long time ago.
  8. prices for these have been astronomical to say the least! Congrats on your purchase
  9. were did you purchase this bag? Does Itoya have a smaller one? I like this one and would like to purchase one!
  10. Moral aspects may be okay but if it legally now belongs to the owner of the purchased car I see Shane having a difficult time getting it back without some sort of compensation. Shame as he does great art, hope it isn't burned.
  11. I regret trading a Sandman page with Destruction on it along with 3 other pages in order to get this cover by Bisley from Locke & Key. Immediately upon receiving this piece I knew the mistake I had made. And it felt like pouring lime on a wound when I saw that the dealer was asking more than what this piece was worth just for the Sandman art. And he still got 3 other pieces! Horrible! I true collector nightmare. After that trade I decided to remove all of my artwork from CAF that I was not willing to sell or trade to anyone so anyone looking at my CAF doesn't think much of my collection or as me as an OA collector. I just post to closed groups the art that is in my permanent collection.
  12. I had one commission experience were I had to sit a complete day behind the artist in order for him to finish the commission. He was tired of working on it and at the end he made a terrible mistake with a color he applied. Needless to say I stopped doing commissions since that day. I have only gotten one more since then and it was a nice one that I really liked.