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  1. Sme of the ones I've gotten at cnventions I've attended. Lots more were those came from
  2. I also used it for a transaction with Annabel it just ended being more expensive for me altogether but it at least worked.
  3. Starting tomorrow, November 14 and extending onto November 15th will be the dates for November's edition of Comic Art Live and I will have a booth set up with some pieces for sale so I am showing of the pieces I will have for sale. If you are interested in any of them I highly encourage you to tune in early and contact me in case you would like to purchase a piece. Some are just being shown at the show so if they don't sell you probably won't see them again for some time. Be there or be square! vMy CAF Gallery name is Timothy Guerrero and my booth's is titled Timothy Guerrero's booth ART IS LOCATED IN EL SALVADOR, CENTRAL AMERICA!!
  4. I recognize that The Goon #23 pg 16 by Eric Powell! It was in my collection up to 2013 when I traded it to Andy Brown.
  5. I can't find the Artist Edition book. What is the price tag for that one?
  6. I have a lot of preliminaries from Planet Hulk by Aaron Lopresti, if your interested in those send me a PM.
  7. I would much rather do a trade instead of a straight sale. I have sold most of the art that no longer fits my collection (mostly the one I got early as an OA collector). If I get the money I will most likely have spent it in the next month or less time frame. If I get another piece of art and it is more desirable for e I have advanced in my collecting goals.
  8. I prefer his Daredevil art I think because it was inked by Al Williamson.
  9. A Kieron Dwyer came up for sale on ebay years ago and I was sorry to miss out on it.
  10. @Rick2you, @ESeffinga is right. Use parchment paper or SRP paper it is what I use to press my comics in my Seal Press so that the paper won't stick.
  11. it can be pressed like a comic
  12. I buy more than I read and with art I buy more modern art than older stuff just because of current prices for a lot of stuff I read as a kid but I have been lucky to get some vintage pieces that I aboslutely love in my collection.