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  1. $100k for non tradeable art! Of course, as it is it is that same way!
  2. I am looking through you tube but can't find anything. I am also curious of any announcements.
  3. I am currently using Photoscan
  4. I have sincerely never thought of erasing that information from a piece of OA
  5. Were to start? 1. Having people selling art back out from a done deal. Yes, I am looking at the person who backed out of selling me a Jim Lee piece with Lady Mandarin in it. 2. Loosing art in the mail. 3. Having art that has been sold take 3+ months to get to its final destination. 4. Seeing an artist pricing before getting a rep and then seeing his new pricing with a rep. 5. Having previously purchased from a rep and asking on another purchase for more than 6 monthly installments and getting no for an answer. 6. Having artist back out from a deal. 7. Not being able to keep track of my purchases because life gets in the way. 8. Not being able to find a piece of art when I have received offers for it. 9. Not being able to purchase more art. 10. Not being able to purchase more art. Those are some I can start thinking of my head. I'll post more as I think of them.
  6. Could you PM me an image of that catalog? I want to see it and see if I can get one for my collection as it will be the closest I'll ever get to a Sandman page again.
  7. I checked my records Gal and you are right about stating that part earlier maybe it was why I inquired with Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez about the piece. Deeply sorry for the confusion.
  8. So you knew they weren't from Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez when you traded them to me? I inquired with Jose Luis when I got them from you and he said they weren't his. I will tell you I am not liking this Gal.
  9. Do you happen to now anything about this piece @Brian Peck ?
  10. This is the last of my Sandman pages as I foolishly traded a page from the Destruction story by Glen Fabry.
  11. No Sandman here but non the less a page I am proud to own.
  12. In the case of two signatures I have had pieces that were already signed by the artist signed again to authenticate it as an original and not a fake. I know it may sound weird but I also took photographs of them signing said art.
  13. I have a piece of OA that is from 3 comics and I would never, ever think about cutting it up to the 3 different covers. Then again I would never even think of shaving a piece of paper from a published piece of OA or erasing a dedication. To me it is part of the history of the piece. The first years of collecting OA I asked for dedications on the pieces I purchased directly from an artist but currently I have ceased that. I am, however, getting as many people that worked on a particular comic to sign any OA from said comic.