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  1. I didn't. I figured he had no other place to sign except the black background. Nice of him to avoid the title and artwork and keep it clean. Also, subtle way of saying he's Thanos
  2. Back from the Rubinstein signing.
  3. Didn't know about this quirk. Learn something new every day
  4. Got myself some Vin Diesel lovin' A common modern, but it's hard to resist the Valiant label.
  5. Would like to see Kingdom Come. I always think who would do best to play late-aged Superman and Wonder Woman.
  6. Wow, $120 for Romita and $110 for Jim Lee. Add shipping, slabbing and processing fee, its gonna be expensive. Heard some bad experiences on these boards that does warrant doubt. I personally subbed 5 9.8 slabbed books to them, 2 came back 9.8, 2 9.6 and 1 9.4. It's a gamble.
  7. Yeah, the old slabs are not very finely designed. I hold on to them until I get enough of a batch (or a custom label I like) to submit for a reholder which looks way shinier, more durable and seals better.
  8. Me like most everyone else here, the extra bucks come out a day or two after a major purchase.
  9. Depends on which age though. For copper/moderns, most 9.8s are reasonably priced for the casual enthusiast. 9.9s and 10s are outrageously and practically unaffordable, targetted to the hardcore collector.
  10. True, Rob did influence other artists; Fraga, Miki followed his footsteps. "Liefeld's School of Superhero Anatomy"
  11. This popped on my mycomicshop daily feed. Everything here is just physically and anatomically wrong. Let me guess... Liefeld. "UNGH!""
  12. Popy Yamato, nice!! I used to hang out on the website until my interest waned. I still collect Japanese robot toys but just mostly the newer Soul of Chogokin lines.
  13. Heard back on my BIN that was rejected, said "The consignor sold it privately but forgot to delete it off my site. Sorry for the inconvenience." Not happy about it but what can you do
  14. Wasn't clear, but did Doug tell you that some books on the site are from old postings/stale, and if this happens basically the books you BIN'ed are no longer available?