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  1. Had to try the new Hulk labels on 2 books that needed reholdering. Tossed in a Venom.
  2. Got a good deal this week on this hunker, the Fewture Plawres Sanshiro Juohmaru.
  3. Got this for a fairly good price on the bay. Question: How is it that the publication date was 9/14 but was signed earlier on 7/25/14? I see this on a few books. Books released in advance?
  4. Wondering if you've had sketches and/or remarks made for family members? I'll start, this was made for my daughter by Mr. Tony Fleecs at SDCC16 during her MLP craze heyday. She sat through the pencil/inking process when this was made.
  5. Not really, they're boxed up and at the bottom of the shelf pile
  6. I have always loved the Takatoku Max and Milia. I dig the Elinseeker too. Super Ostrich? I only have the 1/55 Bandai reissues and 1J + Armored Valk.
  7. Sharing my 3pc reholder submission: Received: 7/22, Scheduled for Grading: 7/23, Grading /QC: 7/26, FInalized/Shipped: 7/30. Well below their quoted 15 days.
  8. Like butt marks on a copier machine glass
  9. John Blackstar and He-Man (??? - can't tell with the sword) Love the sketch.
  10. Thanks. I did see the 300+ eBay prices and was wondering about the markup/profit. Seems fair though.
  11. Other than those that outright say "pre-order", isn't it against eBay policy to sell stuff that is not on-hand?