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  1. Yep! I was at a crossroads last week of purchasing a Stan Lee or a Turner signed book, chose the latter. I tend to snatch up any affordable SS Turner that I see.
  2. For some reason I like Turner's rendition of Supergirl. I wish I had an SS book of his.
  3. If he paid, then nothing "fishy" here
  4. That is complete BS. It clearly shows label and actual are the same. Does ebay make these shipping adjustments, or do they get some sort of report from the USPS? Ebay would have no way of evaluating the actual dimensions and weight when you ship it out. Shady way for ebay to enforce something they don't measure. I got 2 credit adjustments in the past and it said something about the actual weight being lighter than what I paid for, so I assume USPS does some QA from time to time. I round up the dimensions/weight.
  5. I see (rarely) SS books signed in the back, but a very few that says signed on page x. What is the reason for having an SS book without seeing the sig? Perhaps a perception of keeping the book "pristine" while having a yellow label designation?
  6. I remember we had a book set listing the current president as John F. Kennedy. It was not an encyclopedia, but the volume set was called "The Book of Knowledge".
  7. This has always been my fear -- keeping them "mint" but only to find defects once I open them. I won't likely resell them so yeah I'll open them up as soon as I get them.
  8. My guess is they want to distinguish this from "fake" DCs? Interestingly enough, it doesn't register when you lookup the certification label. Perhaps an oddball variant like the red Wizard labels they came up a couple of years ago. May appeal to label completists, but otherwise doesn't really add value.
  9. Saw this on ebay, looks cool. Heard that they were given out by distributors. Think it will be a regular mainstay? So far I've seen a blue label Batman and a Harley Quinn. ** photo credit to seller
  10. Sorry, my bad. Just realized you were asking about CGC private signing events. which they have specific rules on. I spoke mostly about 3rd party facilitated signings. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. Window bagging is optional. If it wasn't "windowed", signers will sign anywhere they wish. You should still be good.
  12. Toss up between Val Kilmer and George Clooney and toss in Chris O' Donnell in there.
  13. So what is the definitive thing (if any) to make sure that Kirby sigs are authentic?
  14. Got this off ebay, love the art. If seller is a boardie here, thank you.
  15. Rest in peace. Truly sad about their passing but at the same time very happy that they lived their lives to a ripe old age (and still part of the comic book scene till the end). Inkers rule!!