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  1. Me like most everyone else here, the extra bucks come out a day or two after a major purchase.
  2. Depends on which age though. For copper/moderns, most 9.8s are reasonably priced for the casual enthusiast. 9.9s and 10s are outrageously and practically unaffordable, targetted to the hardcore collector.
  3. True, Rob did influence other artists; Fraga, Miki followed his footsteps. "Liefeld's School of Superhero Anatomy"
  4. This popped on my mycomicshop daily feed. Everything here is just physically and anatomically wrong. Let me guess... Liefeld. "UNGH!""
  5. Popy Yamato, nice!! I used to hang out on the website until my interest waned. I still collect Japanese robot toys but just mostly the newer Soul of Chogokin lines.
  6. Heard back on my BIN that was rejected, said "The consignor sold it privately but forgot to delete it off my site. Sorry for the inconvenience." Not happy about it but what can you do
  7. Wasn't clear, but did Doug tell you that some books on the site are from old postings/stale, and if this happens basically the books you BIN'ed are no longer available?
  8. I have the same thing happen on an Inventory listing. Asking price was $195, I sent a $150 offer, but decided later on to do the $195 Buy It Now. Then I get an offer rejected for the asking price. Sent an email to Doug, sent him a PM too on the boards, never got a reply. This was around 2-3 weeks ago.
  9. Surfer looks nice. FF, Thor and Spidey/Goblin may look good only on certain books. Miles Morales unfortunately limited to moderns.
  10. I got 3 books go through last April via DWC before Mr. Romita halted signing. In hindsight, I wish I submitted more during his past healthy years.
  11. Happened to me as the buyer. Book was in USPS limbo for more than a month. Item was shipped promptly via Priority Mail but I understood that it wasn't the seller's fault. I had to file a case with eBay just to have some trail that a transit issue was going on beyond the 30-day eBay threshold. Wasn't expecting it but the seller sent a refund and I promised that if the book showed up I'll pay it back. After 2 weeks the book came and sent back the money to the seller. I honestly also don't know how to handle this. Is it the buyer or seller's responsibility to check with the post office? If y
  12. Yes it does. Two occasions I subbed a 9.8 blue slab and came back a 9.6 and a 9.4. Doesn't happen often but they sting when you remember them. Subbing an already high grade book is always a risk, that's just the reality.