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  1. I do not have any paperwork as them being so. I bought them well over 10 years ago from a seller on ebay who had huge runs of Dell titles that were all in the same condition range. He was selling them all at a time when the Random House File copies came to market, so there was no reason to not believe him. The books were all similar in appearance and page quality. There were several books that I sent to CGC for grading, mostly Dell Rocky and Bullwinkle books, that were files, and they all came back as highest graded. I did not have anything signifying them as File Copies, but CGG noted them as such on the label when they were graded. I put File Copy on my order form, and they were able to determine them to be. With Dells, it is actually kind of easy to tell a File from a non-file, and the graders at CGC know what they are doing when it comes to Pedigree and File books. I think you would be completely ok.... but that comes from my past experience submitting File books. Hope that helps. Scott
  2. Send me a message with a reasonable offer and we can talk. Thanks.
  3. Ok, let’s make this official. All 8 books for 275 shipped to the lower 48. I paid 180 for them all over 10 years ago. Thanks for looking. Scott
  4. #13 in 9.2-9.4. Very sharp black cover with off white to white pages. Super glossy.
  5. #21 in 9.2 with off white to white pages. Insane gloss on this hard black cover.
  6. Hey everyone. Not sure if anyone has an interest in them, so wanted to ask before I post. I have 8 issues, all high grade from the Random House Files. I love the books, but need to move them along. I wanted to gauge possible interest before I post a lot of photos and have them fall on deaf ears. Let me know and if so, I will post photos and price as I would like to sell all 8 as a group. Thanks for reading my babble. Scott
  7. Thank you Sean. Good to hear from you again. Marked as Sold.
  8. Hey everyone. Offering up one of my last truly nice books. I have had this one for a long time, and it is my favorite Wrightson cover, ever. It has been on display on one of the walls in my man cave, but not subjected to much by way of light. I thought about having it pressed many years ago, but Matt Nelson said it did not need to be... and he called it a 9.6, which I do as well. Snow white pages, tough black cover, with an amazing spine. There is a touch of distribution spray at the top of the cover, but this technically not considered a defect as it was part of the process of getting a book to the market. Oh.... and what I feel is Wrightson’s scariest cover. I have sold a lot of books, but I always held onto this one. Need the funds or I would not be passing it on. Please see the photos below. Asking 225 shipped to the lower 48 for this awesome book. Ask if you need references. Thanks, Scott