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  1. Last one of the signed books that I found....
  2. Dave signed this one on Marilyn’s pillow.
  3. Hey everyone. I hardly ever post on the boards anymore as I am pretty much out of the hobby. I still buy the random hardback and read a ton of stuff on-line, but my comic buying days are pretty much behind me. Too much water under the bridge as it were to ever go back. About 4 years ago, we moved from one home to another, and the company who moved us had some very dishonest employees. I know they stole at least one short box of books, and possibly took two of them when my back was turned. I was transitioning out of books at that time and the loss of the books they took was kind of what drove it home for me. I knew a lot of what I was missing, but I had no recourse as it was months after the move was completed before I noticed them gone. Fast forward to about March12th, 2019. I was in the crawl space looking for something in one of the many plastic totes that reside in there when I opened one and found a small cardboard box with a lid. I thought it would be more of the small toys and knick knacks that I can never seem to bring myself to get rid of, but it was not the case. It was a handful of about 23 books that I thought were among the ones that were stolen. It had been over 4 years since I had seen them and I could not believe I had them in my hands again. There were a couple of high grade Kaluta Shadows, a high grade set of Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come series, four nice issues from the Daredevil Born Again storyline, and old golden age issue of Wild Bill Hickcock, my George Evans signed copy of Crime Suspenstories 24, but most important were the 11 Dave Stevens books that I thought were gone forever. It was one of the best feelings I have had in a while. Dave was one of my favorites, and I had the good fortune to meet him a couple of times and hang out and talk. He was beyond gracious, and in my opinion, cool as hell. Out of the 11 books, 5 of them were signed by Dave for me. I have sold almost every book that I own, but with the rare exception of the books that I had the creator sign for me personally. That is why it was so important to find these books that I thought were long gone. I had no idea I would ever see my signed Marilyn cover again. It broke my heart years ago to think it was gone as I knew I would never be able to replace it due to Dave having left us way too soon. His art and stories brought joy to our lives, and I am grateful that these books came back into mine. Finding them again a day after the 11th anniversary of when Dave passed away seemed fitting. 11 books for 11 years. Pretty cool if you ask me.