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  1. You've got some very cool books. I especially like this one
  2. Awesome books. The series of posts on your Planet 1 progression was a lot of fun. Thanks for posting your books
  3. OK, so I didn't know how to post pictures when you guys first started running through the Planet list. Here is my Planet 2. This is another of my favorite books. It was also the first high grade Planet that I purchased and cemented my decision to try to collect the entire run. Only that pesky 15 remains.
  4. I picked this up from Jason when he was selling off his rivets. I absolutely love this book. Not sure why Planet 1 doesn't get more love, as it's an all-time classic IMHO.
  5. Those Locker reprints are very cool. Congratulations on the pickup!
  6. I keep this book as a cautionary tale to myself. A couple of years ago when I first started buying Planets, I purchased four raw books from one of the auction houses. Of these four books, two came back from CGC with grades that were in the ballpark of the advertised grades, but the other 2 were a different story. One of these 2 books (Planet 9, which was the most expensive of the 4 books) came back with extensive restoration, the other (this book) came back as a 3.5 Brittle (book was advertised as a 7.5). I sent back the Planet 9 and received a full refund, but I have kept this book. To b
  7. After Flex's jaw dropping 9.0, I'm almost embarrassed to post my crappy 8.5.
  8. This one is a nice book, but is graded by the other guys.
  9. Thanks. I was surprised at how infrequently nice copies of some of the later books appear on the market. People seem to hold on to the better examples.
  10. Compared to the last 3 books, this one comes up a little short. Still fun to look at though. This copy has a lot more purple tone to it in hand.