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  1. I agree that the iPad is no longer worth $550, but Schedule C (where I report 1099-K income) simply asks for cost of goods sold - not the depreciated cost. I'm not offering or looking for tax advice here - just thought I would introduce a potential silver lining when PayPal lumps all of your sales into a single sales total. Check with your CPA to determine if this strategy is appropriate for your tax situation!
  2. If PayPal sends you a 1099-K with your gross total sales, do you now have the opportunity to use losses from garage-sale-type items to OFFSET your profits from comic books and other profitable sales? Example: Sell a comic book for $1000 (cost basis = $500) Sell an old iPad for $50 (cost basis = $550) Total sales reported on 1099-K: $1050 Cost of Goods Sold: $1050 Total Profit: $0 Total Tax: $0 It seems reasonable to balance losses against profits, a process at the corporate level that allows companies to minimize their yearly tax bite. Just a thought...
  3. I have a used HP 8300 scanner (legal size scan bed with CCD) available for sale in the Denver area. It produces good CGC scans with Vuescan on my Windows 10 computer. I don't want to ship it due to size and weight, but if you are in the Denver area and looking for a good comic/CGC scanner, drop me a PM. Thanks...
  4. Be cautious if Buttock slips on a pair of gloves...
  5. Another cool mechanical Valentine from the same era of the Buster Brown piece that Rich posted:
  6. Great stuff as always, Bob. Got any rare pinbacks or high-grade Dennis the Menace books that will make this sales thread? Asking for a friend...
  7. Bought this one in the middle of December and it finally arrived today. I'm glad I used priority postage...
  8. Fantastic tribute, Jeff - thanks for posting this...
  9. Hi Bob, Here's the Capt. & Kids spinner: My example has a shallow dent at 2:00 but it's the only one I've ever seen. I have never run across your Broncho Bill example - very cool!
  10. I have some books on ComicConnect that will be won in 2020 (they just don't know it yet), but this is probably my last GA book in hand for the year. Grades 9.2 in the other guy's plastic: