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  1. Never seen these before - very cool!
  2. In addition to Yellow Kid's great website, I have a pinback website that documents many examples from the Yellow Kid tobacco pinback set. This is one of my favorite pinback series, and it took me 20+ years to complete the set. Outcault's artwork is truly special, and I love collecting everything related to his work. Here's a link to my Yellow Kid page: Yellow Kid Pinbacks
  3. Nice duck books! I have a framed and Barks-signed lithograph of page 20 from Donald Duck 26 hanging in my guest bedroom. Probably the closest I will ever come to owning an original Barks page.
  4. Thanks - I'm having a hard time putting the Four Color 199 away - I can stare at that cover all day. Please keep posting about your duck collection - I really enjoy reading about your almost (!) complete run of WDCS books...
  5. It's funny to me that you have a book with color touch that also features color touch in the artwork. Beautiful book, by the way.
  6. I received a box of Barks ducks from Harley Yee today, including a Four Color 199, which is one of my all-time favorite comic book covers. I also acquired a Four Color 456 and Uncle Scrooge 16 for my Scrooge run. A banner day for my Barks collection...
  7. I like this book, but I will probably wait a few years until it is reslabbed as a 9.4.
  8. The Heritage auction is offering a nice high-grade copy of Large Feature Comic #8, but can anyone shed some light on the train wreck at the bottom of this book? Looks like there is a lot of room in the inner well - is this an example of shaken comic syndrome?
  9. I purchased some of the Murphy Anderson Sugar and Spike books last year on Heritage (and condition is amazing), but I certainly agree that they should be labelled "File Copy" or "From the Collection Of..." with blue labels.
  10. Circle 8 is another pedigree name that CGC stopped recognizing...
  11. I've never seen these books before - very cool!
  12. This is one of the best threads on the boards - I love hearing your back stories. Keep them coming!
  13. I've been using my time at home to organize my collections. It's a long overdue process that has turned up all kinds of things that I completely forgot that I owned. As a collector, I'm always focused on the next acquisition: search and buy, search and buy, search and buy. But, looking at the piles of stuff I already own is also a nice way to spend some time. Highly recommended! Stay safe Bob...
  14. I added another Pogo to my collection, courtesy of the last Hakes auction. Whenever I buy a new book, I prop it against a bookshelf near my desk for a few days, and every time I look at this cover, I smile. I've been collecting comic books for 40+ years, and the silly things still make me smile. I love this hobby.