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  1. Does anyone have experience with other collectible insurance providers? Just curious if CIS is the main player or if there are competing insurance companies to consider...
  2. Great flea market booth! For the record, I never see Planet Comics at the flea markets I attend. Out of all of your comic merchandise, what is currently selling the best for you?
  3. This was my first one as well. I unwrapped it at Christmas and showed it to Gramma, and let's just say that the cover had a strong Gramma-disapproval factor.
  4. Bob, if you ever decide to offer a tour of your collections, I will purchase the first ticket. I'm serious.
  5. Makes sense. I've been on eBay since 1998 and there have certainly been a lot of changes over the past 20 years. I still enjoy the treasure hunting aspect but it does take time to find the good stuff. I also collect a lot of comic-related material like premiums and advertising, so consequently, I never run out of ways to spend money...
  6. Good week for Pogo books. This one arrived today...
  7. Dan! Has eBay died down as a viable source because you don't find many books there or because the competition is too heated? Just curious because I still acquire a lot of books there. Cool thread, by the way. Looking forward to more details when you summarize everything...
  8. Fantastic thread - I've thoroughly enjoyed reading through all 48 (!) pages... Does this cover qualify as one of your war bond covers? Apologies if you've already posted this one...
  9. Thread bump: more Animal Comics and Pogo goodness. I'm in danger of repeating myself: I. Want. More.
  10. My first purchase from the Animal Comics title. I. Want. More.
  11. Nice pick-up! I have the Katzenjammer Kids version of this spinner, and I've seen this one and the Tarzan spinner only a few times over the past 20-25 years. This is exactly why I like pinbacks and celluloid advertising - I still get to see new things after decades of collecting!
  12. I'm not much for the Western genre but how can you go wrong with a Frank Frazetta baby scalping cover? Did I just say that out loud?
  13. Hi Tim - I enjoyed working the show with you even if you did make me carry thousands of pounds of comics. I thought the life of a comic dealer was all glamour?
  14. Names added - thanks for the suggestion...