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  1. Thank you very much all! I appreciate your time and expertise. Makes sense with your in-depth explanation Get Marwood & I.
  2. Any other experienced thoughts on this? Thank you.
  3. Acegraphix

    PGM Venom 1

    I have CGC graded and sold close to 30 of my personal copies this year resulting in mostly 9.8's (about 80%) and 9.6's. Of course, I never thought this day would come, but taking advantage of the market as not only a collector for several decades, but a recent seller for the last few years. FWIW, once the movie hype is over, the volatile high-sale period may or may not be over, so I would consider waiting on the decision to spend the money on grading, especially if you risk ending up with anything below even a 9.4. Agreeing with everyone's comments here, I would add that you could spend less right now overall buying single or multiple copies at a more realistic high grade. If you are serious about needing retirement money, and since you are a member here, pm me and I would be more than happy to work out a deal for a few raw high grade copies or even a graded one near cost.
  4. Thank you divad. That's why I included photos of the inside cover and the back. Strange to me it would just be the front cover...
  5. Hi everyone. My friend's grandfather passed away and I bought a few containers of comics from her for $50. This post is mainly intended to see if you think this comic might be a color printing error on the front cover. I am pretty decent at grading comics in general, but do not have the knowledge to tell for sure if there was an error during the printing/color process. Based upon what I see overall, I am thinking it is an ink issue not a storage issue, though I could be wrong. Not that this is a valuable comic, but I have 15 regular copies of these in this lot and this one is the only comic like this. The first three photos are of the comic in question - which includes the inside of the front cover which is in full color, and the back cover as well. The next three will be one to compare it too (with the same three type of photos as the first), and the final photos will be corner shots for further comparison if need be. I appreciate your expert opinions on this. I checked CGC and other sources, though no error variant is noted from what I can tell. However you see this, I would also appreciate your opinion on grade. For instance, if this is in fact a rare printing issue, would you get this pressed and graded? Thank you!
  6. Acegraphix

    Please grade this Secret Wars #8

    8.0-8.5, though I always aim a bit lower when I send mine in. Without seeing the entire book, a 9.0 is possible, though I would expect this range IMO.
  7. Acegraphix

    Please grade this Daredevil #170!

    Beautiful comic and vibrant. 9.4 maybe 9.6 IMO.
  8. Acegraphix

    PGM Sandman #4

    I agree with the refund part - which is great!
  9. Acegraphix

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    I meant to add that I tried using two small suction cups to pull the back and front panels apart - which worked until I removed the suction cups. No air escapes these cases and the front and back cover end up touching the panels again to no avail.
  10. Acegraphix

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    Thank you for starting this thread and including the poll. I have been receiving my latest waves back from CGC (More than 90 comics) and 90% of them have the NRs. On my online store, I have included the phrase "This graded comic may have the "Newton Ring" effect to some degree when viewing at an angle, which does not affect the grade or condition of the comic" - this of course after complaints recently after purchase. The effect varies - but many of them look like this Spawn 1 at an angle. Unacceptable is an understatement as not only a collector, but a seller, buyer, etc.
  11. Acegraphix

    PGM Sandman #4

    No I don't.
  12. Acegraphix

    PGM Sandman #4

    I have an eBay store and suggest you consider reporting him. JMO.
  13. Acegraphix

    PGM Books of Magic #1 (re-upload)

    Bump on the 9.6 mentioned previously, though from my experience based upon these pics alone, there is potential for this one to fall in 9.4-9.6 range. Seeing side view images more clearly would help. Also, the vertical lines on the front and back where the book was opened, looks to have some break in color. This could lower the grade too. Have you looked at a detailed grading scale guide? This will help give you a better idea (though it does not cover everything) of where this book may fall. I definitely do not see a 9.8 here.
  14. If the lines break color from being opened, then that will affect the grade. Try posting in the PGM Comic thread too....