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  1. Hi Jokiing. Only recently have I been active on these boards; however, I have been collecting comics since the mid-70's. I have an ebay store and have been selling graded comics the last three years. In reading this entire thread, which no doubt is worth the read considering all perspectives, as a buyer and seller - you are on the mark IMO. You have three days left on this, 29 watchers and decent bid level right now. Full transparency, which you have shown will save you the heartache later of dealing with an unhappy customer. On a lighter note, I learned quickly to be transparent about the darn Newton Rings because of unhappy customers. Every raw comic I sold with damaged showed great pics like you have and were well explained. Final bids were higher than expected and feedback was fantastic. Phew! Good luck on your sale.
  2. Acegraphix

    Sticker on Comic

    Thank you for the info, I appreciate it.
  3. Acegraphix

    Sticker on Comic

    Thank you for your reply. No I do not plan on submitting these as I have been replacing bags/boards/boxes and doing some re-inventory. . I just never had a comic with stickers on the front cover.
  4. Greetings! As I have been re-bagging/boarding comics recently, I realized five of these have a store sticker on the cover. Any experience or ideas with this? The comic is a 9.8 without the sticker, though I'm thinking this will drop the grade considerably as a foreign object. Thank you for your time.
  5. Acegraphix

    Newton Ring Question

    I have been having the same problem just recently. Both Spawns I sent in have the same issue, not as bad when looking at it straight on, but at any slight angle with light they are obviously distracting to say the least.
  6. Greetings all. I have been sending comics to CGC for just over two years now. Recently, I dipped into about 20 Venom LP #1's and the majority came back 9.8 with a few at 9.6. As I was recently going through about 25 others from what now seems to be a different "batch" if you will, most are 9.8/9.6 after careful scrutiny, other than just about every one having what appears to be the result of a dull-blade cut on only the bottom edge of the front cover. This is consistent with all of the issues. Your experienced thoughts on this is much appreciated as I'm thinking of only sending 1 or 2 in my next wave that are what I believe 9.8+ to see how this may/may not affect the grade. Thank you for your time. Aaron
  7. Acegraphix

    Is grading strict currently?

    Case in point on mail carrier "mishandling" - just happened recently. I go to extremes to ensure comics do not move and are well protected. Well, to me this looks intentional like it was kicked or hit with something. It actually busted the slab - at least the comic did not get damaged. At any rate, another reminder to think about when sending off comics for grading or customers who buy from us.
  8. Acegraphix

    How long does it take to grade books

    FWIW, I've sent about 120 comics total (in waves of course) since late February. My average turn-around time for 10-15 comics has been about 6-7 weeks.
  9. Acegraphix

    Universal vs. Qualified grade

    What are your thoughts on a signed comic - say J. Scott Campbell - with COA. If a comic is a 9.9 or 10, is it true that because of the signature, the grade would automatically be a 9.8?
  10. These are nice compared to the five of the same I received. Bindery tears top and bottom corners as well as cover bend on each on the bottom right corner. Seems like a majority of this run has similar issues (no pun intended).
  11. Acegraphix

    Venom Lethal Protector #1 unread lot

    I had 14 of them graded in various waves and ended up with one at 9.4, three at 9.6, and the rest 9.8. Two of the higher grades were the newsstand version. Bump on the advice earlier of inspecting a few at a time, not sending all at once, etc. I have another dozen or so that should grade 9.8 but I'm hanging onto those for awhile. I was hoping for a 9.9 on three of them as they were in excellent condition...but they ended up 9.8's.
  12. Acegraphix

    Anyone own a CGC 10?

    And they just came in...
  13. Acegraphix

    Anyone own a CGC 10?

    Wow...that is awesome!
  14. Acegraphix

    Anyone own a CGC 10?

    Hi Konrad. I've yet to post on these boards, but am excited to in response to your inquiry. I have submitted close to 200 comics for grading since around 2015 and just now in one hit have a 9.9 and 10.0 on the way. I'll post photos next week when they arrive. First of each ever and there were several I was hopeful for 9.9 - but always end up 9.8. Aaron