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  1. Comics can easily move within many types of mailers without additional packaging inserted to keep them from sliding around. I would not suggest sending just the mailer - the probability for damage would be high. If anything, consider securing the comic(s) in a mailer, then wrapping the mailer within another box (priority mail, a slightly bigger box, etc.) just to have the extra protection. Packages get thrown around, stepped on, and stacked on by heavier objects so the better packaged with padding/wrapping the better.
  2. I can't really tell what's going on with the spine on the top left FC if that is a mishandling indentation or not. If not, 9.6 to 9.8.
  3. Dang. I know I have a few of those. Going to be like BuscemasAvengers and have to go digging...
  4. Sold one in 2018, but keeping a few of these in my pc...just a great cover!
  5. And another ASM cover that's doubled in price at the moment...
  6. Agreed. I don't buy many graded cards because I would rather seek them out and get them graded myself; however, I do want to know exactly what contributes to the final grade for a purchase.
  7. I'd love to contribute more but an early post was removed for "politics" - not sure why as factual statements were made like many others here. Anyway.... Looks like its time to double-down on sales until that date!
  8. For this comic a multi-step press would be worthwhile.
  9. Surprised with what appears to be small creases on the spine that break color in the photos. If I would have sent this in it probably would have received a 9.4 ish... Congrats!
  10. I did not see this back when it was originally posted, but in looking at the images closer before seeing the grade I thought 9.0 to 9.2. Probably just as surprised as anyone else. Congrats!
  11. Does not look 9.6 - those bottom corners for sure. Is that a crease on the bottom left side of the title on FC or a scratch mark on the case?