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  1. Just sent a few dozen books off to him yesterday. He's super cool and easy to chat with. Knows his stuff for sure.
  2. Make sure to remove the polybag before sending.
  3. Lenore is a nice find. I've been looking for those.
  4. Agreed. Just sent this off for a minor press fix. for 9.8 but okay with a 9.6 - white spots on the black areas are polybag reflection.
  5. I finally dug through enough older boxes to find these. I know I have more but didn't track where I put them back then. Bags and boards kept them nice though....
  6. Books shipped fast and very well packaged. Don't hesitate to buy from Cristian!
  7. People like that landlord are terds. Can I say terds? Hopefully carma is a beeaatch...
  8. Was digging through boxes for issues to send to Tony to C&P and did not realize I had a newsstand of this one...