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  1. Anyone have any data on his solvant dna comics now? I've only seen a black panther blue ink and thor comic
  2. It was bought at the marvel studio. But I had yet seen one posted to Ebay. It is supposed to be a limited edition.
  3. There's a Thor and rare gold ink black panther variant copy. Some may have both wink wink lol.
  4. Hello, the new Avengers Station in Vegas is the only store that is not under Disney contract and they have "new" comics that are certified hand stamp signature of Stan Lee using his Solvent DNA Ink. They have a Thor comic and a Rise of the Blank Panther Variant edition one comic as well. Has anyone heard of this before? The comic retail guy who said he is a comic grader mentioned that last year Stan Lee signed all these himself and only a limited amount. The picture is included. Thanks any info will help.