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  1. I have been haunting Heritage, Comic Link, regularly checking Comic Connect for nearly 5 years and have seen maybe one book over 7.0. I would hate to see the madness if something over 8.0 ever hits the market through those mediums.
  2. This is my second CGC a 105 3.0 was my first. My early buying in 2015 was like this. (My original run all bought back int he 1980s started at 108). After seeing Barry Allen on arrow and seeing the Flash series I went back into something I swore I would never go again. Collecting. I found Mycomic shop (had bought all my Pain killer Jane's several years before) and saw a 105 CGC 5.5 for $2,550. I told my dear wife one morning that the first Flash in the series was 25/50 at a dealer. She sweetly said, "darling you should go ahead and buy it" , I sort of realized the mistake so said two thous
  3. As I may have said before it has been a lot of fund following you on your quest. Have you say down and read it yet ??
  4. I agree, but maybe this reflects the amount of effort that Julie was putting into getting his new SA up and running. The time he had to play with was also never to be repeated as it was 3 years (??) from SC4 to Flash 105, covering just 5 issues.
  5. thank you - at the time I think I was coughing up blood when Harley agreed to sell it but don't regret it. Cold is the focus of my collecting.
  6. DC entered into a contract, for distribution locally covering what they would offer for printing here. I have a local Batman 121 in around 9.2. I don't think these covers were done for Australia, but do think they were done as alternate covers for Julie to choose from. I collect art and I have several covers that were never published including two from this year. Much more common than people realize. The one in color was in solicitations, while the inks version is what was distributed. Rafa had not read the full story when he did the art - and he made the same mistake again a few issues later.
  7. The archives are true to the comics. In Australia when they printed these local editions, if the Flash issue like 105 or SC8 had two stories then both were sometimes printed in different issues. In this late 50s period new Super Hero (not Batman Supes or WW) stuff was very hard to find, nearly non existent, and these issues came out spanning several years so they used everything they could find.I am guessing Julie had both covers drawn and then chose the one to run with in the US, and as they were available they were then sent to OZ. We have the MM cover for 105 as well, (on my wish list) and
  8. There are no records of who did any art on these and SC22 had some changes to accommodate cover text..There is also a SC8 that is also quite different. The SC8 and Flash 105 are both for backup stories in those issues. As they had available cover art for Tomahawk (the publisher loved it, maybe because Davey Crocket had been big on our TV a few years before, and Wonder Woman, - the issue contained many stories, I just cannot think the publisher would have tried to convince any local artist to try their hand, or been willing top cut in top profits by paying for it. The other two things are the
  9. Flashes Rogues, whenever there has been great writing, or sometimes an attempt at great writing accompanied by even better art. Sort of obsessional, lousy investment, but makes me very happy. Very enjoyable tracking these characters over nearly 60 years. Plus the usual a page two of someone who had a great series, hmm looking at my avatar, who could have guessed ????
  10. Shown it before but as we are doing 105s (and why not !!!!) this was the cover they did not use. This is the second story ..and I think that cover was only ever printed in Australia. Very, very hard to find.
  11. Agree .. simple and who would think that Mark Mardon would still be kicking around 55 years later.
  12. I had this back in 1967 and as at the time you could not give these away, I let it go to "save space". Found another copy a couple of years ago. As much as I love it because of that story, the cover has been .... adjusted.. sigh. Now to see if that copy I bought for 5c in 1970 without the center wrap is still around. Heatwaves left hand looks to have been added locally but Cold's left arm appears original Cinf, which was covered by the Comic Code stamp. I guess anytime I get more Cold by Cinf I can't complain.
  13. That Batman cover of course is Cinf as well. We could do a whole thread on his covers that that were ground breaking. Great artist but an artist who understood design much earlier than most of his peers.
  14. One of the most iconic covers of the SA. I heard that Mark Waid many years ago had a giant version of it behind his chair in his office. 155 was the first Rogues team up, but this cemented "The Rogues" their place in DC. I actually found a US copy in about 1970. The first US Flash I had ever seen. Pretty beat up minus the centre wrap, and yet it was maybe the most precious item in my collection. I could not believe of all the issues, it was that one that turned up in a second hand book shop in Hurstville Sydney on the other side of the world where it has started. Think after buying literally t