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  1. I had this back in 1967 and as at the time you could not give these away, I let it go to "save space". Found another copy a couple of years ago. As much as I love it because of that story, the cover has been .... adjusted.. sigh. Now to see if that copy I bought for 5c in 1970 without the center wrap is still around. Heatwaves left hand looks to have been added locally but Cold's left arm appears original Cinf, which was covered by the Comic Code stamp. I guess anytime I get more Cold by Cinf I can't complain.
  2. That Batman cover of course is Cinf as well. We could do a whole thread on his covers that that were ground breaking. Great artist but an artist who understood design much earlier than most of his peers.
  3. One of the most iconic covers of the SA. I heard that Mark Waid many years ago had a giant version of it behind his chair in his office. 155 was the first Rogues team up, but this cemented "The Rogues" their place in DC. I actually found a US copy in about 1970. The first US Flash I had ever seen. Pretty beat up minus the centre wrap, and yet it was maybe the most precious item in my collection. I could not believe of all the issues, it was that one that turned up in a second hand book shop in Hurstville Sydney on the other side of the world where it has started. Think after buying literally thousands of back issue comics from the US since 1980 I still have it. Must dig it out. And special thanks for Flashlites in keeping this incredible thread going.
  4. Congratulations and one of the very few who have actually read the book. Very special. Presents better than 1.5.
  5. Wow, seeing Infantino Elongated man art.. The colours appear excellent and page quality looks very nice. Photos can be deceptive. Did they repeat any of the classic SA covers like Tec 359. The Bat covers look original, but were any of the stories original.
  6. This is the only copy I have ever seen although there are others around. Does not feature Grodd just Piper and from memory I don't think it has back cover. In the last 12 months these have started to become much harder top acquire and when they turn up many sellers have done there home work. A rough OZ 123 was offered for A$180 (US$125) and lasted only two days. Most so far paid for a Australia Flash book on ebay. I checked out some listings last week and someone in the US is selling the Australian 252 first Supergirl for $3,499.99 although that condition is extremely rare for an Australian copy. Still the days of picking these up for A$19.99 may now be long gone.
  7. Would be better with Stan, Steve and Roz Kirby
  8. that artwork looks so nice in that grade amazing. Cinf really went out on a high in those last four issues
  9. I loved this issue. All three Flashes, Sci-Fi, all wrapped up in 22 pages, and to me this was the best period for the art. Loved Greenes inks. One of these pages has also turned up for sale. This makes it the last Cinf SA panel artwork
  10. That Kirby guy drew everything !!!!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Flash-124-DC-1961-2nd-Captain-Boomerang-KEY-12c-Jack-Kirby-Joe-Sinnott-5-5-/224050056108?hash=item342a6c8bac%3Ag%3AIpUAAOSw3hZe684B&nma=true&si=B0fIWqiWAe9B4wsh3JRvCzr6DSU%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  11. Bought it two weeks ago but have been making my way slowly through the 90s version. until the second last disc I was not really enjoying it but the last few episodes with Trickster Cold and Mirror Master were overdue and makes it worthwhile plowing on. Hopefully next week I can start on Season 6.
  12. it does not look too bad but that spine is barely hanging in there, so 1.5 from me
  13. That book is perhaps the strongest Flash book right now. 105 at around 6.-8. has come off although the rarefied 9.0s find their own level, the 2.0 to 5.5 are still strong ,110, 123 are sort of steady but last 4 years 106 slowly creeps upwards at all grades. I have never seen a copy at 7.00 or above. They must be there but a 105 at 6.5-7.5 are almost common, same with 123, but I think those 106s might not have been snapped up and stored well back in 1959.
  14. Bill as a kid one of my happiest finds was to find a 40 #, I had know the GA GL from our editions of JLA 21-22, but to get 40 was a big thrill.
  15. Not sure but looking at what else he he is selling but he maybe making them