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  1. is this because it would be seen as a "poor man" Tec #27?
  2. this was early 90s, not sure exact year, '91,'92. but the footage is from a video that overstreet put out that year, I have a copy. although, only a small portion of what is presented here is actually in the video, this is the first time I'm seeing the complete unedited video that was taken. love the discussion of the "dot" v.s. "no dot" on the Batman #1s. and those estimated prices. whoo boy!!!
  3. great book! the highest I ever had on this issue was a 4.0.
  4. Oh, I'm sure we all have had a similar experience. Lol
  5. the ever changing, vague, subjective, CGC grading standards.
  6. I only still have the Action #44 and #48 at this point, I've done a lot of selling these past 10 years to pay off my mortgage, but I've also done some buying, still have a blue label low grade Batman #1 and an X-men 1. plus other minor stuff. but once I get to a higher financial level I will probably start buying again.
  7. i was only collecting the #40-50 range cuz I liked the Fred Ray covers in that range, plus I had a few others. Action #10,19,20,23,63,66. but what you've put together is really nice. the Superman title as well.
  8. I have so many favorites Supes 1-24, 32, 53 Actions 1-63, but this one is my all time favorite.
  9. Heritage
  10. which books are we comparing? the Cap #1 CGC 0.5 Qualified and the Batman #1 CGC Universal 0.5 that recently ended at Heritage? Cap#1 ended at $19,200 MARRIED COVER (but still original) Batman #1 ended at $12,600 FRONT COVER IS A COLOR COPY. so really your only getting original inside pages and back cover with lots of tape. if your going to have a cover missing, it shouldn't be the front cover, not really a one for one comparison to me.
  11. the year was 2009, I had bought a Showcase #4 raw, had it CGC graded, came back blue 3.5 off white. at that time (2009), a Showcase #4 3.5 was going for about $2k there was discussion on these boards at that time of the future 10 year growth for Showcase 4. and the consensus was that whatever you paid for the book at that time (2009), that is what it would be worth 10 years later (now). so basically, no gain. so, I sold the book at that time, getting about $2k for it. Showcase #4 in CGC 3.5 are currently selling for $10k. the CW show happened, then Justice League movie, and now rumors of a Flash movie. nobody knows what the future holds. I have stopped listening to what the group think is in this hobby, because the naysayers are always saying "nay" dude out.
  12. the market is becoming ever more "key" issue focused, which in the first 100 issues of Action, there aren't a whole lot of key issues. so unless it's #1 thru #19, #23, or any of the war cover issues, or super high grade, then prices are stagnate and growth is slow.