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  1. you have always been world class Mikey.
  2. LOL! ok, I'm not angry with you at all. and I don't know why you brought race into this, it's irrelevant. it was in the weeks leading up to the 2016 Tarzan movie, which you were making more bold predictions. and also, if I have a Bat #1, wouldn't I WANT it to be more valuable than Supes #1 or any other comic? but if I set my self interest aside, and use market history as a guide. I don't think it will, could it? yeah sure, maybe in time. but other factors besides character come into play. overall rarity, rarity in unrestored condition. Joker not being on the cover of Batman #1 is a detriment, plus, hero keys have usually out shined villain keys. at least up until now. that too may change. so no ill will toward you at all.
  3. I also remember you.. ahem.. predicting the last Tarzan movie would catapult that character's popularity over Superman. I can find it on here, don't tempt me. the reason the Joker movie is doing better than "Man of Steel" is because, Man of Steel is not a good movie, Joker is. also, any character has peaks and valleys, this version of Joker is being received well, Jared Leto ? not so much, Superman Chris Reeve, yes, Brandon Routh, not so much, Christian Bale Batman, yes, George Clooney Batman, not so much. same with Spider-man, Hulk, etc. I'd like to also reiterate my offer from the last time you gave this "prediction". I will gladly trade grade for grade my blue label Batman #1 (no dot version) for a blue label Superman #1. any takers??
  4. I agree that the very presentable 4.0 copy sold for cheap, the 2.5 copy seemed to do ok ending at $15, 250.
  5. This. I love Supes #1, and I think Cap 1 should be #5 book.
  6. "welcome back my friend, to the show that never ends" had this book from 1992-2010, sold it to help payoff credit card debt, didn't want to, but kinda was hoping I'd own it or another nice copy again someday. won in the last Clink auction, great looking 4.5 copy. back home once again where it belongs.
  7. scratching my head trying to figure out how this is a comparative example. the Cap #1 is a full grade and a half higher, shouldn't we compare grade for grade or as close to as possible?
  8. So with the new joker movie out later this year, will Batman #1 get a FMV bump like it did when "Dark Knight" came out?
  9. I like your list Rick, but, no Cap #1? just wondering since all the grade for grade comparisons to Batman #1