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  1. I remember being at a con with a friend of mine several years ago, I pointed to a dealers wall copy of an X-men #1 and said " that's the next key book to pop", he didn't really comment, but I felt like after watching the price of AF15 escalate, along with Hulk #1, #181 etc. that X-Men #1 was too cheap and was due for a run up in price, what I didn't predict was almost every other book in the hobby escalating as well. LOL
  2. thanks man, couldn't remember the amount after the . (point), well then, GO Action #1!!!
  3. so is this the top record period? or record for this grade? what did the 9.0 ebay copy go for years ago again?
  4. oh, I agree, Cap #1 at #5, unlike Overstreet which has it tied at #7 with Action Comics #7, I mean, I love Action #7, but it shouldn't be tied with Cap #1.
  5. In order of "wanting to own". 1.Action Comics #1 2. Detective Comics #27 3. Superman #1 4. Batman #1
  6. Yeah, fell a little short on my guesstimate. Lol. But I'm glad the Golden Age books are having some exciting price movements, should be a lot more when compared to Silver/Bronze books. I'm happy for Leroy and anyone else who owns a Batman #1.
  7. I don't disagree with you, I think Batman #1 is a fantastic book, just not sure if all the recent exuberance has spilled over into GA books, seems to mostly be Silver, some bronze and 9.8 moderns. It's just a guesstimate, we shall see soon.