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  1. This. I love Supes #1, and I think Cap 1 should be #5 book.
  2. "welcome back my friend, to the show that never ends" had this book from 1992-2010, sold it to help payoff credit card debt, didn't want to, but kinda was hoping I'd own it or another nice copy again someday. won in the last Clink auction, great looking 4.5 copy. back home once again where it belongs.
  3. scratching my head trying to figure out how this is a comparative example. the Cap #1 is a full grade and a half higher, shouldn't we compare grade for grade or as close to as possible?
  4. So with the new joker movie out later this year, will Batman #1 get a FMV bump like it did when "Dark Knight" came out?
  5. I like your list Rick, but, no Cap #1? just wondering since all the grade for grade comparisons to Batman #1
  6. congrats Leroy! but you also have a very nice Cap #1.
  7. ahem....
  8. I'm going to guess around $12k.
  9. they keep going back to the vintage well don't they? man o man, I don't have a ton of Original Kenner Star Wars stuff, but I do have a fair amount, it was difficult enough discerning fakes, repros from the real thing, not to mention Mr. Replicator boxes, which is why I resorted to only buying in person at toy shows, flea markets, etc. I educated myself as much as possible and went from there. here's a comparison pic someone posted on Facebook. showing the different markings. looks to be very easy to tell the difference. I'm surprised that the overwelming majority of collectors are excited about these, and all state they can't wait to display these or hang on their walls, I just can't understand how someone can feel good about displaying a $10 figure. I mean I would love to have an Action #1, but i'm not going to be excited about a $10 reprint to display, guess I'm different or just been hanging around here too long. oh, and I can't wait for the new Vinyl cape Jawa or Blue Snaggletooth. (NOT!)
  10. Plods appreciate much slower than unrestored books, I always try to buy blue label. Not always easy to do since price, eye appeal, etc. Are a factor, but they appreciate faster and are more liquid.
  11. a quick scan of the Heritage archives shows that the "dot" copies are more prevalent than the "no dot" copies. there are a few "no dot" copies on there, but not many.