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  1. A different case but possible similar scenario. I have a 1986 fleer Jordan Rookie that I pulled out of the pack myself. I sent that card to Beckett and they sent it back ungraded. They claimed the card had been “trimmed”. I knew that was completely wrong. I pulled that card out of the pack myself in 1986. I then opened a PSA account sent the card into PSA and it came back graded a PSA7. If I wouldn’t have pulled that card out of a pack myself or if I would have bought that from an individual, I would have accepted Beckett’s evaluation and lost tons of money but I knew for a FACT that card was
  2. I agree with this 100 percent. This book looks like it would have graded somewhere in the 6.0 to 6.5 range if the staples were in tact. The thing that gets me is the notation indicates that the staples were removed , not just missing. To me this should indicate the book is not complete and probably should have received a qualified label no matter what the grade. CGC has historically put a deep emphasis on staples and their importance. This book getting a universal grade with the staples “removed” is a head scratcher for me.
  3. I have one on your list if your still looking. It has a date stamp in the moon, I took you an up close photo of it. The book presents much better than the grade. It has beautiful colors.
  4. I love the Munsters ! I bought that entire statue line that Tweeterhead came out with a few years ago.
  5. I have a nice Avengers 43 that is a solid 8.0 book but when you take it out of the bag the smell of mothballs will knock your socks off !
  6. I really don’t know and you can’t even see that line in person. That lighting actually shows this book to be in much worse condition. The book looks even nicer in person. My thing is I have multiple 7.0 , 7.5, 8.0 and 8.5 cgc books in my collection. This one leans more towards the 8.5 and even some 9.0 examples that I have. The value difference between an 8.0 and 8.5 was enough for me to risk it being sent in for the possible upgrade. With it receiving an 8.0 white page grade two times I really wasn’t that concerned of it falling in grade. I was dead wrong !
  7. I have already busted it out of the slab but here is the book. It graded an 8.0 white pages two different times. Then when i sent it in a few months ago it came back 7.0 off white to white pages. I’m sending it back in again and trying for that 8.5. Even if it doesn’t get that elusive 8.5, I feel this book is better than a 7.0.
  8. I had a 8.0 white page book that I truly felt should have got an 8.5. I sent it back in over a year ago and it came back again as 8.0 white pages. I sent it back in a few months ago to try again and it came back 7.0 with off white to white pages.
  9. I’m thinking the grader notes will probably say “effects story”
  10. Is there a known name for this type of flaw? I would like to know what its called the next time that I see it. Thanks
  11. I know there are different levels of foxing and water stains but it doesn’t seem to inherit the conventional traits that you normally see with those flaws. It’s only on the bottom of the rear cover. It doesn’t penetrate the cover or pages at all like a stain and it’s not splotchy like you see with foxing. Any idea what this could be ? Thank you.
  12. Every time I think about stamp collectors I think about Brewsters Millions.
  13. That used to work but now you can’t. All of the grader notes on every book , including the books that used to have grader notes , is now GONE !
  14. Yep ! That’s what I’m getting too. The click tab is now completely gone.