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  1. I agree, with this many books there is really too much money at stake to risk it. I will call them and make sure , Thanks
  2. This is just one example. We have probably 200 books to send in. Some have pencil on the back like this and we’re just wondering if the normal clean and press will remove this, You just don’t want to submit that many books without knowing everything they will do under a service. The term “clean” has its limitations and I’m just wondering if pencil removal is part of that. If it’s something that would need to be done under a different service , we want to make sure all of those books go into that tier the first time. Thanks to everyone.
  3. Thank you , it has some marvel chipping but the colors were deep and really liked the way it presented I was looking at 3 different copies , a 5.0, this 5.5 and a 6.0. I liked the 6.0 but the book had turned really brown, especially the back cover. The 6.0 didn’t have chipping but I liked the way this one looked overall so i bought the book and not the grade. It was tough but i couldn’t turn down these bright colors. I’m very happy to have it.
  4. I punched my ticket last week. It came in the mail this morning. It felt like Christmas morning 1982 all over again !
  5. If the back of that book is clean that book looks to be under graded. That’s a nice looking copy to be a 2.5.
  6. It’s a silver age book that my brother was going to submit. I will get a photo of it. It’s a pretty clean book but some wrote 10 cents on the back cover in pencil.
  7. To have them remove pencil writing on the back cover ....... Does anyone know if this is included with the “press and clean” service or do I have to submit it for the restoration removal service to have it removed ? Thanks
  8. That would be awesome ! I’m hoping to get somewhere around a 4.0 but the grade isn’t as important as getting a blue label. I’m sending it in tomorrow. I will give and update as soon as I get it back. Thanks again everyone.
  9. Yes, I did win the book. I am very happy with the book but you never know what or how a 3rd party grader views something. It looks like whatever that dot is , is an accident and not there to cover anything up but I just wanted a few opinions before I sent it in. If everyone here thought it might cause a concern I would have had CGC possibly remove it ,but I would prefer to leave it alone if it won’t effect the label. Thank you both for your response.
  10. This book has all of the normal flaws of an older book. There are no color touches or places that look like they have been altered in any way. However , there is a small spot of what looks like ink or something that has got on the cover at one point in time. It also bleed through the cover. Is this something that I need to ask CGC to possibly remove to keep a blue label or is will this be looked at as something that just got on the cover and they will grade it as such ? Thanks
  11. Mainly because the bottom of the book is a good bit wider than the top. It’s just always a red flag on trimmed books ,but in this case the pages look normal compared to the cover. I just want other collectors with a much better grasp of spotting trimmed comics to take a look and give their opinion. Thanks everyone again.