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  1. I completely agree. I’ve seen it both ways up and down. Over grading is just as bad as under grading. You’re happy when it comes back better than you thought but over saturation of a book in certain grades on the Census can also have an adverse effect on the value, not to mention that presentation comes into play, if you choose to sell it. I do know that in their Grading Department they do have a certain amount of staff turnover and often the right and loose Grading is a direct reflection of that. This is why the Overstreet Guide to Grading still remains my go too, for trying to pre grade book
  2. I have used CCS on multiple occasions in the past, usually on books that I know were never pressed, usually Signature Series books that had Cover creasing, that I know would be removed with a good Quality press, only to have the book returned to me in the same grade with the same imperfections, and the book looked as if it hadn’t been touched by anyone other than the employees at CGC that reholdered the book, and placed it in the newer slab. For the sake of getting banned, I won’t say, who I believe would’ve gotten me a more desired result, but the list is extremely long. I can say in all hone
  3. Actually yes, I do know of someone and consider them to be heads and shoulders better than CGC’s sister Company ( CCS ), isn’t this about getting the best possible result on your investment, that you can get. Forget about what’s in “Good Taste,” this is your money at play here not anyone else’s. If you want more information contact me on Instagram @Brettbarrett95 send me a DM, and check out some of the books and results from the Professional Pressing Company I had my books done with.
  4. Good Luck with the that, Stan Lee Signed books are stil climbing, especially on the older books he actually really worked on and it’s been almost 9 months now. I don’t think the market will ever readjust itself.
  5. I guess these are my Top 5, somewhat debatable the Batman 251 could be swapped out for a few of my others, but because I just love that Classic Neal Adams Cover, it has to be in my Top 5, although a couple others I have actually have more monetary value.
  6. More than 1 and a couple of others with 4 or fewer graded higher. ??‍♂️
  7. People say, “There are so many out there, and Stan signs everything!” Fair enough, but does anyone here posting or replying on this thread, have a Highest Graded Signature Series Signed Stan Lee Comic, in which Stan Lee was the writer, and if so how many issues like that do you own? If you own a Highest Gradef Signature Series Stan Lee Comic, is it a Key or a Mega Key? I have another question. If you own a High Grade Mega Key, that is Signed by Stan Lee, have you checked the Census to see how many are graded Higher, than yours and the rarity of your book signed? Granted Stan Lee Signatures are
  8. I was wondering if any facilitators would be a the Dallas Fantasy Fare Convention, where Jim Steranko will be signing? I need CGC witnesses if Mr. Steranko is going to be signing books or there is no reason for me to attend. Thanks