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  1. I didn't see this addressed, apologies if it was. So 5 years post snap Hulk brings every one back, the big battle takes place and all is well with the world and we see Peter Parker return to school to greet Ned. So we assume Ned was also gone for 5 years and they are in school with half of their old class from 5 years ago and are expected to just start right back in school where they left off? This will be interesting to see if it was addressed. Or is Far from home going to be place after homecoming but before Endgame? I read that Mysterio entered by a hole in our dimension created after the snap?? FFH Trailer shows he is with all his friends from Homecoming so did they all disappear too?? Ugh I'm having trouble straitening out this detail...
  2. I had nearly the same exact order with the same exact problem. I understood having to wait until all comics where released so they could consolidate shipping but I was like 8 weeks post AMS 800 release. I had other comics and variants but the 800 was the last to release. I basically did the same thing with spamming every post they put up multiple times as they would take it down. I kept it up. Finally got PM response a few times but it was very difficult. My initial order was pretty large, I was pretty darn worried. I do like some of their variants and would only order again in small orders but I haven't honestly done so yet. I am really turned off of my last experience with them. I had ordered prior to ever looking at reviews so then reading all of them here made me anxious as all the bad reviews. So that was my experience, cool comics, decent prices, extremely poor communication, very delayed shipping, but I did get my comics and in really good condition. Take that as you will.
  3. nope. they must witness it. that other place does though.
  4. Were any of them preorders? If so they wait till all the comics are in to ship at once. Communication is rough. I had a 1.5 month wait past the final released comic in my order for me to receive them but they did come.
  5. Looking to purchase Amazing Spider-Man 378 in cgc 9.8 45$ open to offers Also looking for the maximum carnage run graded 9.8
  6. I had an amazing piece commissioned by Mark Bagley through Spencer and everything was amazing and very smooth. I have reached out to him since then showing him the piece, thanking him or his assistance, and also inquiring about other pieces of Mark's. He was nothing but pleasant and responded very fast. I will continue to do business with him in the future. The transaction went basically like this ... 1 Me - Im looking for something like this (shows image) 2 Spencer - OK $XXXX 3 Me - Done (paid) 4 Spencer - Mailed me the art 5 Me - Super Happy
  7. haha dont be sorry. I couldn't tell if it was broken or glare which is why i said it could, not it would. But I bet it would if it was submitted to P##
  8. perhaps, it might have broken color however. It could press out to a 9.0 imo
  9. Hey there comic community, dare I say "True Believers". So as you guys know John Beatty has provided so many of us with fantastic art work at many comic cons, let along his contribution to what some could consider very Iconic work like Secret Wars 8. Well I found on his Facebook page that he has a GoFundMe page trying to help his Father-in-Law who is dealing with some medical conditions. The link to the GoFundMe page will be posted below above his Facebook page link. Now I know we can all disagree on who the best villains are, or what makes a classic comic cover, but what I know we can all agree on is when the comic community bands together there is nothing we can't do. Let's see if we can't all ban together and help him reach his goal tonight? He has been providing updates on the page as well, I know we can do this!! https://www.gofundme.com/f2mcquws https://www.facebook.com/Johnbeattyart/ I hope this is the right section to post this and I didn't intend any board violations if I made any.
  10. Most important I think is so subjective, So I am going as just some evil arse arch enemy 1) Doom, Green Goblin, Red Skull 2) Joker, Luther, Braniac