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  1. I think the front cover looks really nice, but there appears to be some age-toning (tanning) to the edges of the back cover. That may have been what held it down a little bit the last time...and a press isn't going to help that.
  2. That's a sharp looking copy, but if you want a nicer one, it shouldn't be that hard to find...
  3. This was an oversight that CGC didn't anticipate when they introduced the special labels. There are a number of these books floating around, all special Marvel label books that should have received a purple label. And most folks wouldn't be inclined to return their blue label books to receive a PLOD. So apparently your friend has a choice to make...
  4. Believe it or not, this isn't as uncommon as you may think. Those pages likely stuck out further than the rest and someone trimmed them in an effort to improve the overall appearance of the book...
  5. To evaluate for a pressing, consider books that look really sharp (great color, gloss and printing register) except they have defects that don't break color (such as bends, dents and other non-color breaking defects). Make sure the spines and the staples are strong enough to withstand the rigors of pressing. In addition, I've heard that squarebound mags aren't the best candidates because it's often difficult to remove flaws near the spine, and early Famous Monsters mags aren't good candidates due to the fragile nature of the spine (the spine could split under pressure). I hope this helps, and good luck...
  6. I'm sorry to report that CGC seems to be pretty tough on tape, especially when it's applied to the full length of the spine. I did a little research, and the highest grade I could find for a comic with that much tape on the cover was 3.5. Given that this book looks pretty nice, you may do a little better, but most collectors won't be interested in books with this much tape...sorry.
  7. Yeah, I've received packages where the books were taped together but they weren't in bags...