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  1. Just what I was thinking...the stain really affects the grade. From the looks of it, 3.0 at the most...
  2. I agree with the Good range on this one. 2.5 is the highest I can go...
  3. I was lucky enough to have some contact with him before his passing. He was a great guy to talk to and deal with. I'm extremely saddened to hear of his passing and my most sincere condolences to his family. May he rest in peace...
  4. During the re-holder process, the book is often kept in the same inner well and only the outer shell is replaced. However, since the book is in an older holder, they may decide to replace the entire thing, which would involve taking the book completely out. They wouldn't regrade it unless something happened to change the current grade...
  5. And somewhat ironically, he's proving that CGC provides a valuable service...
  6. I apologize for any confusion. I was referring to miscuts, not miswraps. And I agree that mild miswraps aren't a big deal...
  7. If there's a page missing and it can't be Qualified, you're usually going to get a .5. I'm not sure why your book didn't receive a Qualified label, because it appears it should have...
  8. It can go either way. In this case, I wouldn't ever crack this book out of the holder unless it was absolutely necessary...
  9. Why is the sky blue? If it's egregious, it will be considered a serious flaw...
  10. Surprising that CGC didn't at least put "John Severin cover" in the art comments. A missed opportunity...