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  1. Does any of that top edge wear break color?
  2. Any notes? Looks pretty nice from the front...
  3. I understand completely. But life really is like a box of chocolates...
  4. A lot depends on the graders that saw the book...sometimes the situation dictates the need for speed...
  5. I appreciate your faith in my instincts, but I was going mostly by the appearance of the front cover. You really should think about a career at CGC---they could use a guy like you...
  6. That should certainly help establish the claim...
  7. You're right, of course. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I remembered this flaw, but I never realized that it appears on every copy. Unreal catch, JJJ...
  8. Personally, I like this book just the way it is. The wear actually tells a story. It's a great example of a key Silver Age Marvel! Of course, CCS can evaluate the book to determine if it's a good candidate for pressing, and pressing can remove indents and bends that don't break color. But there's always a risk involved, especially with older, more fragile books.
  9. Most of the time, you can expect an uncertified key book that looks this nice to have one or more of the following examples of resto: color touch, pieces added, cover cleaned, cover reinforced, tear seals and trimming. To me, this book looks like it's been taken apart at some point (note the enlarged holes at the staples). Also, the fact that the interior of the cover is so unnaturally white is alarming---many times key books like this will have a married cover as well. I've actually seen books with married photocopy covers that had also been color touched! So keep this in mind if you're thinking about purchasing this book. Personally, I'd want to see it in person (or see it in a CGC slab) before moving forward...
  10. Well, that's a nice find. This looks like it's in the VF range to me...