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  1. If the pages flake off and fall apart just from touching the outside edge, they could be classified as brittle. Hopefully they aren't degraded that severely, but they're definitely headed in that direction---please handle with care! Encapsulating this book is a reasonable strategy, especially if you want to sell it someday. Just be very careful if you send it through the mail. I'd also advise placing a FRAGILE sticker on the bag to alert the various people at CGC---this will help reduce the possibility of handling damage. Good luck and stay safe...
  2. From what I've heard, CGC is usually half a grade tighter than the other guys...
  3. I would say this book falls somewhere in the "Very Good" category. It's certainly worth sending to CGC...
  4. A good question, and I've seen mixed results in a case like this. If the book is in high grade except for the missing staples, it would most likely end up as a Qualified (green label) book now, with a notation about the missing staples on the label. The slight rust migration would also be factored into the new grade...
  5. Well, it's not terrible...but to me, this is one of the hazards of pressing. You're gambling on a higher grade at the risk of altering the structural integrity of the book...
  6. I see. Amazing there's such a difference just because of a slight variation in color. This sounds like information that should be shared with the CGC verification team...
  7. Interesting to note the possibility that the same human could have graded the book both times...
  8. 9.8 is a fantastic grade for a SI #1. Many mags included subscription inserts. What you don't want to see is a note saying subscription insert missing...
  9. If the last 20 years is any indication, there shouldn't be much of a change in the grade as long as normal storage procedures are followed...