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  1. The Lions Den

    Please grade this Tomb of Terror #3!

    I can see both the 2.5 and the 3.0...
  2. Yes, that is some serious foxing. I'm glad to hear you haven't purchased this book...
  3. As Matt Nelson said, there are many different kinds of stains. The stains on your Showcase do appear to be a mold of some sort. I think it's a good thing the book is sealed in an airtight chamber; this should certainly help keep the mold from spreading. I'd keep a close eye on it, though...
  4. The Lions Den

    Creepy 1 CGC 9.4 Frazetta signed

    Right on, brother! It's Frank's last full comic story and it has the master's signature. Money comes and goes, but a book with this kind of provenance is truly a one of a kind item. ENJOY!!!
  5. The Lions Den

    FF 48 vs Strange Tales 110 both Keys

    I'd go with the FF #48...
  6. I would say that spine reinforcement would be directed solely at the spine area, while pieces added would likely be anywhere else on the cover, even if the same material (such as rice paper) was used for all the different areas. And my guess is the restoration experts at CGC and CCS probably use the term "spine reinforced" as a general way to describe a spine that has been rebuilt using rice paper or any other professional reinforcement product---it's just an easier way to phrase it. Keep in mind there's only so much room on the CGC label... And if you haven't already, I would also urge you to examine the CGC/CCS expanded restoration criteria---it's very helpful to understand how they determine the different levels of restoration. I hope this answers your questions!
  7. The Lions Den

    Journey Into Mystery 83 CGC 5.0 Switched label??

    From what I recall, CGC usually only scans selective images of slabbed books for their own personal gallery. But like JJ said, Heritage is probably the best resource for something like this...
  8. The Lions Den

    Journey Into Mystery 83 CGC 5.0 Switched label??

    Nice job, JJ.
  9. I completely understand the frustration, but as the saying goes: "You'll have that..."
  10. All of the above. And the older cases usually have a slight gap on the side of the case about halfway down where you can pry it open---this could be causing the squeaking sound you referred to...
  11. That makes sense, Bob. Occasionally a book will slip through the initial prescreen and be rejected later...
  12. Highly unusual but it's nice to hear...