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  1. The Lions Den

    What are the hardest Creepy issues.

    I'm glad you're so enthusiastic about collecting. You didn't make any mistake purchasing nice copies of those early issues. Some of the other ones are a bit tougher in high grade, however they still show up from time to time. Most people consider a 9.2 grade the lowest they'll go in a high grade collection, but a nice 9.0 is always OK by me...I'll even take an 8.5 if it has nice eye appeal. A Vampi #1 in high grade is getting pretty pricey---I believe a 9.2 sold recently for over $3500. I hope this helps and good luck!
  2. The Lions Den

    My Comic Shop Experience

    All of the above...
  3. The Lions Den

    What are the hardest Creepy issues.

    The #1 is highly desirable. #3 is tougher in high grade. #4 is scarce in high grade. #5 is more common but what a cover. #7 is scarce in high grade and a classic cover. #11 is tougher in high grade. #12 is a great issue with the new logo and Gonzalez art. #14 is another great issue and tough in high grade. #16 is tough in high grade. #22 has the Dracula preview and first color section in a Warren mag. #27 has a great cover, IMO. #30 is tough in high grade. #31 is a cool issue and tougher in high grade. I hope this helps...and welcome to the boards.
  4. The Lions Den

    Storage Question - Mylites for slabbed comics?

    I use the bags which are made specifically for slabbed books. They work great. There is certainly no way they could harm the book since the book is already encased in two separate holders.
  5. The Lions Den

    UPDATE Books RETURNED by CopperAgeKids

    I'll add him to my HOS list...
  6. The Lions Den

    Dealers / Rinse and Repeat model

    I can honestly say that I've never heard of that character before...does he use a wooden club?