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  1. The Lions Den

    PGM EC Weird Science 13

    A tough one...I choose 4.5 due to the tanning which may be even more pronounced on the interior cover...
  2. That crease near the spine puts this book in the Fine range for me...6.5
  3. The Lions Den

    PGM: All-American Men of War #61

    I wouldn't be higher than 4.0...
  4. The Lions Den

    PGM Strange Tales #149

    Of course! In my view, this book still appears to be in the Near Mint category...
  5. The Lions Den

    PGM Star Spangled War Stories #113

    In this case, the crease doesn't appear to go all the way down the entire front cover (please correct me if I'm wrong). From what I can see, I'd be thinking more like a 4.5...
  6. I believe the other graders are all in the right area. I would feel comfortable giving this a 5.0...
  7. The Lions Den

    PGM my Batman #121

    I've seen books in similar condition get a 2.5...
  8. The Lions Den

    PGM Strange Tales #149

    In my experience this depends upon a couple of things: 1) The amount of the tanning (how much of the cover is affected, including the interior cover) and 2) The severity of the tanning (how dark is the tanning?) From the pictures you've shown, it looks like the tanning on this book is pretty mild (please correct me if I'm wrong). I've seen books similar to this one still get a 9.2. I hope this helps...
  9. Looks like faded color touch to me...
  10. The Lions Den

    FF Annual 2

    My first instinct was 3.0...
  11. The Lions Den

    Please grade this Pep Comics #44!

    I think you're on the right track...
  12. The Lions Den

    Please grade this Strange Tales 110

    The rust must have migrated to the pages as well...that's a shame.
  13. The Lions Den

    PGM: Daring Love 1

    Nice to know I can still get one right from time to time...and by the way, that's a really great cover...
  14. The Lions Den

    PGM Marvel Family #4

    This one should be known as the "triple witch-wham" cover... I think it's great! And from what I can see here, 5.5 -6.0 seems reasonable...
  15. The Lions Den

    PGM X-Men #49

    What am I missing on this one that makes this book already have 4 different grades..?