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  1. The rule of thumb says there has to be something on a 9.8 that keeps it from being a 9.9 or a 10.0. It appears your tiny bindery chip is it. And heat sealing the inner well is a normal part of the encapsulation process. I hope this helps your OCD...
  2. A very entertaining and interesting read...thank you! I appreciate the efforts CGC and CCS have made toward upgrading their criteria regarding what constitutes conservation, restoration and qualification. To me, this is a step in the right direction. And I can tell you that as long as certain key people remain within these two companies, there will always be an effort to improve the process and deliver the best possible service. Hopefully our children and our children's children will still be able to enjoy these treasures after we're gone...
  3. Let's have a serious conversation...about the evolution of conservation.
  4. "The only thing that's consistent is our inconsistency..."
  5. It would seem the future of the hobby is headed in this direction...
  6. I see enough color breaking wear on this book to make me think 8.5 is the right grade...
  7. I'm pretty sure I've never seen this book before. Thanks for posting it!
  8. Looks like John Severin art on this one...nice.
  9. That's a real shame Grottu. As it sits, this book would usually receive a Qualified label with a note on the label which designates the missing panel. The book would then be graded normally. For example, if the book is graded a 7.0 it would then become a Qualified 7.0 with a note on the label concerning the missing panel (and undoubtedly the dreaded word INCOMPLETE included as well). I've heard that folks can request a blue label for books like this, but that would mean getting a very low grade. Although with the price this book is going for these days, it may still end up a winner...