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  1. As mentioned earlier in this thread (June 9), I've gradually been converting my home office into my comic/toy room, and, as part of my Archie collection is still on display at a local museum, I've only completed about half of the room so far, but it's coming along nicely! I hope to buy at least one additional Billy Bookcase (Ikea) for the other side of the room and find a solution to display my 2000+ comics. I also plan to frame original art and a few posters. And I'll definitely share more photos when it is complete! (Note - Close-up shots of each shelf can be found on my Instagram page @archiecomicscollector).
  2. Archie 18 was a recent addition to my collection, and it is now my oldest comic.... I definitely need to start collecting more Golden Age comics
  3. I still don't have Archie 1 - 10 or 50, but 18 was recently added to my collection
  4. My family found it at Brass Armadillo Antique Mall near Kansas City a few years ago, but I've seen a few pop up on eBay over the last year. I love all things Archie, so despite how creepy some of Ben Cooper's Halloween masks are, it was a perfect gift for me! I also have the Josie (of Josie and the Pussycats) costume and mask (without the box), and another Archie mask (c. 1990) in my collection. I still need to find the Sabrina The Teenage Witch costume and mask though. The hunt continues...
  5. I've already shared a few items from my Archie collection on this thread, so I thought some of you might be interested in seeing part of my collection on display at a local museum.
  6. I'm still in the process of converting my home office into a comic/toy room, but I thought you might all be interested in seeing part of my Archie collection on display at a local museum.
  7. I hope to pick up a comic book rack and/or spinner rack with Archie on it sometime soon! It is definitely needed in my collection, as I plan to convert my home office into a comic/toy room this year. Please let me know if and when you all hear of and/or see one for sale in the Midwest (or find one with reasonable shipping costs).
  8. According to ActionFigureInsider and ToyHypeUSA, Icon Heroes sent along a press release announcing their reveals at this years New York ToyFair. These include Karate Kid 6″ figures, Robotech 12″ scale statues, Golden Girls Bobbleheads, Sabrina figurines, Riverdale figurines, and Friends figurines. I'm looking forward to adding the Riverdale and Sabrina figures to my collection.
  9. I'm happy to report I now have a complete set of Archie busts by Diamond Select And, if you missed it, I completed my set of Archie figures by Dark Horse last year
  10. Check out the Any experts on Spire Christian Comics out there? thread for more info, if you haven't already. I have most of their Archie comics in my collection, as my Catholic grandmother bought them for me.