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  1. I hope to pick up a comic book rack and/or spinner rack with Archie on it sometime soon! It is definitely needed in my collection, as I plan to convert my home office into a comic/toy room this year. Please let me know if and when you all hear of and/or see one for sale in the Midwest (or find one with reasonable shipping costs).
  2. According to ActionFigureInsider and ToyHypeUSA, Icon Heroes sent along a press release announcing their reveals at this years New York ToyFair. These include Karate Kid 6″ figures, Robotech 12″ scale statues, Golden Girls Bobbleheads, Sabrina figurines, Riverdale figurines, and Friends figurines. I'm looking forward to adding the Riverdale and Sabrina figures to my collection.
  3. I'm happy to report I now have a complete set of Archie busts by Diamond Select And, if you missed it, I completed my set of Archie figures by Dark Horse last year
  4. Check out the Any experts on Spire Christian Comics out there? thread for more info, if you haven't already. I have most of their Archie comics in my collection, as my Catholic grandmother bought them for me.
  5. I recently picked up a carded The Archies - Betty by Marx Toys, c. 1975 for my collection. I love having both an opened and unopened set in my collection. And, if you are interested, my favorite purchases of 2018 were...
  6. Welcome! It's always great to meet another Archie collector!
  7. It's been a great year! I became active on the CGC boards, joined Instagram to show off my collection, and joined an Archie Comics Fan Forum to connect with other collectors and fans. And, as some of you know, I've been focused on collecting vintage Archie merchandise, and my favorite find, my holy grail, is *drum roll* ... Archie's Car by Aurora. I've been searching for this model for 20 years Although it's associated with the Silver Age (and, as is most of my collection), I thought you all might be interested in seeing it. I plan to start collecting more Golden Age comics next year. I also plan to convert my home office to a comic/toy room next year to showoff my collection. I've already ordered vintage Archie fabric for curtains
  8. Interesting! I was excited to see Sabrina with a vintage Archie Comics thermos in the first episode.
  9. I recently purchased three more unused postcards featuring Laugh No. 32, Laugh No. 41 and Pep Comics No. 93.
  10. I thought you might all enjoy seeing my vintage Sabrina collectibles, as Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered recently. Funko announced a Sabrina pop vinyl (Feb. 2019), so I imagine there will be more CAOS merchandise to come.
  11. A recent addition to my collection - The Archies Dolls by Mattel. Each doll has a plastic head and plush body... a bit odd looking but I love 'em!