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  1. No. 13 skull to No. 13 skull
  2. It seems that the DC ones are mainly Bronze Age.
  3. Gnasher

    Shock SuspensStories 08

    Shock, so aptly named. A cover like this was more explicit than what could be seen in a movie. Such a great cover AJD.
  4. Bernie Wrightsons tribute to the Universal Monster....
  5. Never shown in the UK to my knowledge, but I know her from Twin Peaks and her appearance on Rules of Engagement as Adam's mum.
  6. Ha ha, very well edited. I like the warning, along with an example emblazoned on the preview frame...
  7. Here 'tis It's not all original copies though, Spidey's and the other big bucks names are generally taken from TPB's, but westerns and such will provide a good hunting ground for you.
  8. Always check the read online site, Steve.....
  9. Girl and a dog to girl and a dog.....