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  1. Produced and directed by Dan Curtis, screenplay Richard Matheson, which allows me to post this interview with Curtis about his best offering for tv. .....around the 12 minute mark, he compares making movies then to making movies now, something I think we can all agree to, (or not).
  2. I think a lot of British horror fans owe that to Dennis Gifford. It was a time when there was a great deal written about films of any genre; he kick started it in the UK for sure. He's got a few others amongst that list too.
  3. Some reading matter freom the 70's....I'm sure there are one or two of you that have one of these, or would like to own one at least?
  4. Time for some real horror.... I think the engineer has taken a shot of Ketamine to prevent laughing....
  5. The Faces - Cindy Incidently.... (Same toon as Dylan's I Don't Believe You).
  6. Me Want, NOW!!!!!!!! Great selection, Kevin, Cheers for sharing
  7. Update on the map for UK LCS...
  8. One of the first annuals I can remember as a boy was The Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual Annual, dated 1951, which I got at a jumble sale when I was 4. Among the illustrations, was this one, pf Geronimo leading a raiding party...... 14 years later, the annual has been re-donated, I buy John Lennon's Walls and Bridges, which includes this , as part of the album cover... A John Lennon aged 11 swipe.
  9. I watched the Johnny Depp version last year, and didn't think it too bad. The original tv series is available on Amazon Prime, and probably elsewhere. I couldn't take too much of it, as I think the emphasis was more on the soap opera aspect imo.
  10. From the public records archive Nov 1954... And as Ken states. similar restrictions in the 70's too
  11. Peter Sellers - A Hard Days Night....
  12. I quite like this link, because, I grew up in Welling from 1964 and remember this Police Box/Tardis ... this dates before my time, and the box was gone by the end of the 60's...