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  1. I recommend for ordering from previews. And Midtown if you prefer to create a monthly pull list. Both have good shipping options at a reasonable cost, and send books bagged & boarded.
  2. All E Gerber boards (halfback or fullback) are matte on both sides without the smooth/glossy texture that you find on most other backing boards. It sounds like you got the right thing.
  3. Very nice setup! I'm also using black wire racks with the BCW bins. The all black works well in any room, and it's not entirely obvious you're storing comics (well at least to a non-collector).
  4. Agreed. Comic Link has been doing very well with silver age ASM books. I was just checking out some of the other auctions that ended last night, very strong results.
  5. 2 Books for reholder, pretty quick TAT: Shipment delivered 3/26 Order showed in dashboard 4/1 Return shipping today 4/16
  6. Yes, about 50 silver/bronze books over the past few years through various lots. Never had an issue. The grading is very accurate in my opinion.
  7. 4-4.5 graded. Good pickup for $70.
  8. The Captain Marvel label looks great with that cover. Probably my favorite of the new Marvel labels.
  9. Yes, usually because I fall asleep before the auction ends
  10. I agree with others in this forum, start by reading some of the classic stories either in reprints or trades. It may help you identify issue runs or key books to prioritize.
  11. 8.5 as is, this looks like a good candidate for pressing
  12. I hear you. I’m worried the prices will discourage others in our age group from getting back into the hobby.
  13. Looks like a solid 8.0, though could see it drop to 7.5 because of the small tears/chipping on the right edge. Nice copy though.
  14. 6.5-7 because of the front cover spine stress and creasing. Nice looking book, good pickup.