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  1. Welcome to the boards!!! Yes you can submit magazines with a signature. It's the same process as comics except it will be under the magazine tier.
  2. He'll be at Fandemic in Houston that weekend. Any other facilitators going?
  3. First off welcome to the boards!!! In that case you would have needed a CGC witness go with you to the artist's booth to see you purchase the comic and then hand it to the CGC witness to get submitted for the SS Gold label. Since a CGC witness did not witness you purchasing the book, the signature will be seen as a major flaw on the comic and it will be graded as if the signature wasn't there. Hence it will receive a Green "Qualified" label.
  4. Add rybart-30 to your block list. He's a new eBayer with 5 positive feedback. He won an auction for $59.99 then a couple of days after receiving it he filed a complaint with his bank saying that he didn't "authorize the purchase." I verified with eBay and Paypal that the address I shipped to is his address. Did not and still hasn't contacted me about a refund or return just went straight to his bank. Seller beware.....
  5. I've seen that, it's been on eBay for awhile now. I don't think it'll sell for $50k though. I think it would have been nice if they did it by having one signature a year so we could see his signature progress thru time instead of 10 signatures at one time.....
  6. I have some CGC SS Spider-gwen books and sketch covers along with Evil Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, DCeased and other books on ebay. Thanks
  7. Any facilitators taking mail ins? Since Stallone canceled I can't find anyone going.
  8. Nice book!! I can't wait for The Warriors reunion at Chiller in Oct.
  9. Any back room signings set up with any facilitators?
  10. I spoke to Kevlar and was given a maybe. So you may contact him so he knows there is more interest.