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  1. You would probably have better luck posting in the "want to buy" forum. Make sure to read the posting guidelines though so it won't get deleted.
  2. Ya they were really hard for my to find in decent shape. Most of the copies I found were reader copies at the most
  3. Big thanks to Dork Buzz for witnessing. I didn't get to talk to Reedus and Flanery very long because of the extremely long lines, but hung out with David Della Rocco for a long time. That guy is hilarious
  4. I think @Hank Pym was looking into going.
  5. I have a high grade raw Walking Dead #100 Adler Sketch Cover 1:200 variant if you are interested.
  6. Are there any facilitators going to the Flashback Weekend Horror Con in Chicago 8/2-8/4?
  7. The completionist in me won't let this go so put me down for one and if Mattina pops up anywhere I want to add him, thanks Rich!!!
  8. I was just wondering if anyone had any inside info if Brie Larson was going to be at SDCC or any other comic con coming up. Thanks
  9. @Celestial Comics is based in Las Vegas, probably check with them.