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  1. Thanks, consensus seems to be 5-6, which I would be happy with. I wasnt sure that because it's a GA comic they might be slightly more relaxed about giving a higher grade!
  2. Thanks. Its already had a clean and press (second group of photos). I think they did a great job!
  3. Great thanks. I'm told GA comics are graded a bit more relaxed compared to newer comics so fingers crossed.
  4. I've had it pressed and thought I'd show the results.
  5. Thanks. I'm in the UK so might be a bit difficult - imagine your in the USA! I've sent to to a comic guy who reassures me its not mold! Phew...
  6. I'm submitting my tec 233 for grading. I've noticed that someone has attempted to rub if some pencil removing some gloss/colour. Would be considered restoration? Or are they more tolerant if the more aged books? Many thanks
  7. I've used a dry q tip and not much change. I'm not sure how confident I am using any chemicals on it. I think I'd have to get someone to do it for me. But if I'm honest, I just dont want it to spread throughout the comic or to my other comics. I can live with it there, the book otherwise presents really well
  8. Great I'll give that a try. Thank you for the replies, will let you know how it goes...
  9. I assume theres no way to know for sure or to treat it. If it was and I got it encapsulated would that protect it and most of all my other comics? Thanks
  10. Also concerned about the comics longevity if it is mould
  11. Trying to decide if this is mould... Also has an interesting staple defect. What you think? Will either affect grade?
  12. Just recieved it and noted this - wasnt made aware of... How would this affect grade?
  13. Your right sorry! Thank you. I'm hoping for a 5. Will definitely get it cleaned and pressed first