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  1. I agree there... 9.0 is clean but 9.4 is an heirloom copy. Thank you!!!
  2. Thanks!!! I suppose "invest" was a misnomer. My primary aim is not to grow the value and sell, I've just wanted a cherry IH 181 and ASM 129 since I was a kid (not to say I would mind the books increasing in value haha). It's just a pick between the BEST 181 I'll ever be able to afford, or a split for both books at VF/NM... My brain hurts from flip-flopping...
  3. I need opinions for a near future buy... I am investing around 6k into some bronze age books and I am torn between 2 options... 1. Reach a bit at 5300 for a 9.4 IH 181 and the use the remainder on a 7.5 or so IM 55 2. Grab a 9.0 IH 181 AND a 9.0 ASM 129 with a little change left over. HELP ME, EXPERTS!!!