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  1. I just bought 16, 21, 23, 26 but yeah if you got pics of the rest I’m interested
  2. Thanks bro I’ll check it out
  3. #50 and #66 have been found, Thank You
  4. Looking for a High Grade copy of the Detective 1000 Artgerm Retro Variant. I want the best book for the best price. Would consider slabs but depends on price. Thank you all and message me if you have one available
  5. Pretty sure thats out of my price range, Thanks anyway
  6. Hey everybody 😀 Looking to fill some gaps in my Early X-Men collection. I’m not looking to pay $50+ each on these because I just can’t afford it☹️. So with that said Lower Graded are fine (I guess preferable). I’ll list issue #s needed below. Looking for....(16,21,23,26,50,66 have been found) #18, 19, 27, 32 Also some of the Reprints.... #80, 82, 84, 93 Thank you very much, please comment/message me if you have any