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  1. It's taking longer than the time to say "Packers suck!"
  2. Now I can't even see any of my says I havent sent in a submission within the last 8 months. I've got 2 subs was in Grading/Quality Control and the other was in Scheduled for Grading. What's up with that?
  3. My submission went from Scheduled For Grading to Grading/Quality Control then back to Scheduled For Grading...and there it remains.....whaddup with that G?
  4. Honest question and if this is noted somewhere, I apologize for not finding it....are pictures of CBCS graded books welcome here? If not, no problem, just wondering if I can upload some pictures.
  5. I agree with this but certain books at certain prices are virtually liquid. It'd be interesting to compare the cost of AC1 or TEC27, AF15 etc back in the mid 1990s vs. the cost today...then take the same $ amount spent on these comics from the mid 1990s and buy (top tier stock like Amazon and Google) and also compare it to the average stock increase of the entire market. I'd bet the comics out perform the entire average stock market performance but probably not these two elite stocks....but the comics probably performed extremely well.
  6. saying comics are a bad investment is like saying the stock market is a bad all depends on the comic and the stock you choose to purchase. Comics can be very good investments if you bought/buy the right books for the right price at the right time.
  7. Angelo.

    My collecting Journey

    Born and raised in Toronto myself....used to visit Yesterdays Heroes, Dragon Lady Comics, Silver Snail, Pendragon just to name a few. Good read. Thanks for sharing.
  8. @littledoomI agree, that's exactly how it should be.