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    Technical issue with Competitive Set

    The following comic is not in the available list for Competitive Comics: Title Grimm Tales of Terror Heroes Convention 2018 exclusive. Issue No. v4 #3 Issue Date 5/18 Year 2018 Publisher Zenescope Entertainment
  2. I have read every comment on this post, and IMO a grade change after a re-holder submission is a direct correlation with CGC's grading integrity throughout the past. I can CLEARLY discern grading patterns within all my CGC books from 2005 to present, regardless of era. Personally, I will NOT have a book put in new plastic and dubbed "Graded". Once Graded, ALWAYS Graded.
  3. Bowtiebuilder

    Zenescope Zenbox CGC 9.8 - Three of them

    Was not aware of this, so Thank You for the little bit of insight. And thank you for the sales encouragement.
  4. Does anyone have a Green Arrow Mini Series 1983 #3 CGC 9.8 they would be willing to sell? Will pay via Paypal immediately upon viewing photos of the item.
  5. Attached are the latest Zenescope books delivered yesterday, June 15, 2018. I am not able to see the census stats on these, however, there are 2 of each. I sold the first of each just a few hours ago to a prominent collector here on CGC. Asking $150 a piece.
  6. So I'm not a NEW CGC member, I just opted not to get into the forum discussions. No particular reason why. Since joining CGC what, over 2 years ago, I have collected about 150 CGC books. May not be many to some, but it's a start, lol. I've recently started selling CGC books and I have read this is a better place than eBay, which has left a bitter taste in my mouth after being a member with them since 2005. I'll begin to be bit more active here and get to know many of you. I'm not one to be on forums daily for very long stints but as I stated, I'm looking to network and start up selling to interested collectors. Have a god weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there.