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  1. Yes, I understand that but the slab does not say it and the cert number is also associated with a first print. I know it's possible that CGC could make that mistake, but then when looking at the pics it just looks below 9.8 (to me anyways). If anyone cares to expand the picture all the way open you'll see the broken and dirty spine, as well as what looks like color missing in places, and at least one chip. Something just doesn't seem right about this. But as I stated, I am certainly no expert grader, which is why I'm asking if it looks like a 9.8 to anyone else. I appreciate it!
  2. Hello, I hope this is the correct place for this. This book is currently on eBay. The listing states that this is a 4th print but also makes clear that the label does not say it. When you do a cert verification, it says it is a first print. I would have thought that maybe CGC just made a mistake, until you take a good look at the book. I'm not an expert, hence the post here, but just looking at the spine alone leads me to believe that this is not a 9.8. Wondering what everyone thinks. Thanks!
  3. I found this raw and submitted it through CCS (I think it was still Classics) and it came back restored, which they missed. Sent it back to have the resto removed (for free) and it came back universal with the note about 'small amount of glue.' Wish I could remember what the restored grade was! This is my favorite Action Comics WWII cover and oldest slabbed book. I was most interested with how it displayed, particularly the white area around Superman, which I think is really clean. Wish I could afford a higher grade copy of this book!
  4. I used to love being able to 'talk' to Matt before CGC bought him out and actually get a reply as to what he thought a book might do after pressing. Never felt great when CGC bought CCS... seemed kind of like the Fox guarding the Hen House in my opinion. Now I just send my books off to CCS and fire and forget. I too have had a few books that I wondered if they were either pressed at all or benefited at all. Still, I always pay the extra fee for pressing to give my books what I think is the 'best chance.' I have not paid for a restoration check though and up until recently, didn't really care about that.
  5. I realize I may be the minority here, but I loved the 15 issue run of Major Bummer. I have all of my reader copies and intend on creating a set eventually. Either way, here’s a hero getting clobbered.
  6. Wish I still had mine!!! Jealous!!
  7. I stretch for exactly 75 seconds per day because that is the issue that Superman 'died' in. I also only eat Cheerios because that is what Ma fed Clark in Superman: The Movie the morning after Pa's funeral. I only drink Budweiser (not any more) because that is what Clark and Jimmy were drinking when they found out Lois was going to crash/burn in Superman Returns. I am super limber, and not in a weird way!
  8. You sound like a ! I could use some more warning points
  9. You guys may want to get a room... to train, of course...