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  1. I hope they eventually move into non-sports as well. I have a ton of DC chase cards I collected through the’90’s that I’d love to get graded.
  2. Hey, it's only money... you can't take it with you after all. Oh wait... you can't take comics with you either!
  3. My cat walked on the keyboard! That is the ONLY explanation for this.
  4. No kidding right!!!! Seriously though, I have 9.6's that don't look that bad. I'm sure there are other people on here that could identify whether that is a bindary issue, etc. and whether they think it should indeed be a 9.8. I will just say that if I was looking for 9.8's I personally probably wouldn't have even submitted that book. Having said that, the whole idea (and it took me awhile to wrap my head around this) is that if we are sending books in to a third party grader then we need to just accept what they say. Your book is inside an undamaged CGC slab graded 9.8 so that is what it is... might as well not question or worry about it. Especially if you submitted this yourself, just be happy with it and decide to agree that it wasn't anything worth knocking it off of 9.8. Congrats!
  5. For what it's worth, I currently have the #1 set in this Set Type and concur with this Set Type name change request. As Brandon said, it better represents the chapters of the storyline. Thank you!
  6. Thank you Jennifer! I appreciate you guys considering it! Just my opinion, but it's a pretty iconic cover and it would be cool to have the cover artist credited. Thanks again!
  7. Hello, recently I realized that neither the Superman 75 poly-bagged or platinum edition credits a cover artist on the label. I have done some research and several sites credit Eric Kachelhofer as the digital artist that created this cover. As you probably know, this is the tombstone style cover. I've pasted links to three different sources below: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/superman-75-doomsday/4000-68545/ https://www.comics.org/issue/87730/ http://dcuguide.com/w/Superman_Vol._2_75 I know you can't believe everything you read on the internet so I reached out to Mr. Kachelfofer via LinkedIn to attempt to confirm this through him. I did not receive a reply but from the looks of his profile he doesn't seem to be very active there. This was a landmark issue and it seems to me that proper cover credit should be given, particularly because if history has shown us anything in the comic industry its that proper credit can be an issue over time. I'd like to propose that he be given cover artist credit on CGC labels for these two books, as I'm sure CGC could do a more thorough job of confirming the claim I am making. For all I know 'digital artists' on this type of cover don't receive credit but I'd like to throw this out there anyways. I appreciate your time!
  8. I think that CGC (or any third party grader) is only held as an authority as much as each individual buyer and seller hold them as one within each and every individual transaction. In the case of the OP, they held them as an authority which led them to conclude that this book would contain the centerfold they needed, but it did not. The real question is probably whether they are infallible? We all know the answer to that question is no, which leads to the ultimate question of how many, and what types of mistakes are they allowed to make before their ‘authority’ no longer means anything to either buyer or seller? Enough of these types of mistakes and people stop relying on them as an authority. I thought that the whole point was to have books graded so everyone knew where a book stood. If a missing centerfold is missed, or CT, trimming, or any number of things are missed enough then what’s the point of third party grading? Just call your raw what you think It is and be happy with that. Somebody had a great example above of cracking a 9.6 and having it come back as a 9.8. Technically that shouldn’t happen but it does. This is why I personally believe we are OWED mandatory grader notes below 9.8. If you can’t even tell me what defect my book had then who are you to knock it down a peg, particularly when you know how much of a premium a 9.8 pulls over a 9.6 in most cases? I personally view CGC as an authority by, if nothing else, almost all of my searches include CGC in the string of words. I also know they are not infallible but hope I continue to be on the lucky side, unlike the OP.
  9. Still looking for all of these. - Really focusing on the JLA 69 3rd and JLA 70 4th raw 9.8 candidates right now. Appreciate any help! P.S. I forgot to thank waaaghboss for sending me the raw JLA 70 4th print and refusing to take my money! I sent it off to CCS/CGC yesterday... probably not a 9.8 but definite upgrade of my 9.0, and definitely very much appreciated! Thank you!
  10. You have some truly amazing books! The more I see these WW 750 variants, the more I am disappointed with the Action Comics 1000 variants!
  11. Hey, did anybody else notice that centerfold missing!
  12. If anyone is still interested in these notes... here they are. I'm chalking up the $5.00 as part of my education to add to my learning experience with my Avengers #4 crease/tear experience. Notes don't mention the centerfold is missing. I imagine anyone really looking for a centerfold would not have been 100% deterred by these notes, other than what seems to be the overall brittleness of the book. My guess is that even if the centerfold was there, it may not have been one worth trying to put in another book. Based on these notes it probably would have fell apart, but I would have bought it anyways to give it a try if I was desperate. If it ended up not even being there at all after I bought these notes I'd be pretty irritated. Only the OP knows how upset to be about this I guess. If it were me I would probably contact CGC just to see what they say.