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  1. I know we’re way off topic here but I really think those stickered books should be Universal and not Qualified. For comparison you have guys over in the sketch cover thread burning and cutting up covers and not being Qualified, yet a sticker put on by the publisher gets Qualified? Makes zero sense to me!
  2. Thanks! My personal opinion (and I am nowhere near the DC Universe logo expert here) is that they were 1) in lower numbers and in packs sent to toy stores etc like onlyweaknesskryptonite mentioned and didn't survive in high numbers in high grade, and 2) in the case of the Doomsday/Funeral story were the last printings of the books (although not every book from this set with multiple printings got the DC Universe logo treatment). I also think that where they shared the first/only printings spot with regular editions they just look really cool with the logo on them, which appeals to me. I
  3. This is exactly the way I felt back when these came out. I remember seeing many 2 packs with these later printings at Toys R Us and passed when I saw the Roman Numeral. I even remember thinking that the way title colors changed made them look cheap! Man did my opinion change over time! I think the problem then was that the first printings were still easy to find AND not many people, other than @onlyweaknesskryptoniteand maybe a few others were wise enough to see how cool these were in real time. Also people like @Brandon Shepherd et al starting threads like this about this set makes
  4. Weekly bump!! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Almost fried my computer refreshing all my searches!
  5. I appreciate the reply and any help! It would have to have a good shot at 9.8 for me to want to buy it as I’ve already got a 9.6. This one isn’t hard to find, just hard to find in high grade. I'm also really interested in any unopened packs that this is in. Thanks again for the reply and please let me know if you come across anything.
  6. I won’t pretend to know as much about these books as @onlyweaknesskryptonite but I’ve got a couple good pics of graded copies in my set here; https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/WCM/ComicView.aspx?PeopleSetComicID=1186401
  7. Hi Matt, Can you please create the following set: Major Bummer (1997) Issue 1 Cert 3702359001 Issue 2 Cert 3702359002 Issue 3 Cert 3702359003 Issue 4 Cert 3702359004 Issue 5 Cert 3702359005 Issue 6 Cert 3702359006 Issue 7 Cert 3702359007 Issue 8 Cert 3702359008 Issue 9 Cert 3702359009 Issue 10 Cert 3702359010 Issue 11 Cert 3702359011 Issue 12 Cert 3702359012 Issue 13 Cert 3702359013 Issue 14 Cert 3702359014 Issue 15 Cert 3702359015 Issues 2-15 are the first graded copies. Thank you!