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  1. Thank you for sharing! I know we’re not debating anymore but this one seems different to me as you could look at the ‘burn’ effect no differently that applying paint/markers etc. Nothing was taken away from the book. Very nicely done and I appreciate you posting it! Take care!
  2. Well, to be technical then it’s the ‘2020 SKETCH COVER MEGA THREAD’ not the ‘burnt up, cut up with an exacto knife mega thread.’ I get the message though...
  3. Would love to see one of those burnt covers. Perhaps not every form of art is appropriate for a SS comic book and maybe that should be Qualified as well. CGC should remember that they grade comic books and any art that damages the book itself should reflect in the grade of that book. It's not semantics, it's literally in a comic book holder graded by a third party comic book grading company, which leads one to believe the grade is assigned to the book; it's not a subjective opinion on whether the art itself is worthy. I don't think this is derailing any thread... the books were posted and they resulted in a little bit of debate. It's healthy to offer differing views on stuff like this because CGC doesn't always get it right the first time.
  4. I'm not familiar with the licensed Marvel die cut covers but if they are anything like the die cut cover below then I think CGC made a bad call here. The below die cut process was part of the manufacture of this book. In the case of the SS cut out book an artist has removed pieces of the book at their own discretion and altered the book from its original state. It's no longer anywhere near what it would have had to be to earn a 9.8 Universal grade (minus the signature of course). As much as I want to, I just can't wrap my mind around this not leading it to be a Qualified Label. Again, really neat work and I actually wouldn't mind having a couple of these with my preferred characters, but I wouldn't expect them to be anything but Qualified under CGC's own grading criteria. It has become art more than it is a comic book at this point; the problem is that this happens to be in a comic book holder with a grade (a high grade that many books can't attain) assigned to a comic while also being allowed to miss parts. Actually NG (coverless or partial comics) may be the appropriate way to go for these books at this point for all we know. It just seems like CGC made an exception to their own rules for grading comic books for no real good reason here other than to satisfy a particular artist's taste, and perhaps enhance the collectibilty of their art and that is really discouraging. With so many collectors trusting CGC's judgment when it comes to their comics something like this casts doubt into their thought process and makes at least me question the integrity of the process.
  5. This is super perplexing to me... I wonder how/why CGC decided to go that route with the label? They are DEFINITELY COOL and it's definitely an 'art form' in and of itself but actually troubling that CGC didn't go with a Qualified Label for these. I also imagine, they could be very collectible for the art form/artist but not so much for the book itself anymore because it's cut up (just my opinion as I know to each his/her own). I guess next time you submit a book with a coupon/piece missing have it signed by an artist and say it was done for artistic reasons and you are good to go. Please no offense intended to the owner of these, I agree that they are very cool indeed but it really troubles me when so much effort goes into finding Universal 9.8's and they are giving basically the same grade to books with half the cover cut out.
  6. Awesome information! Yes, I think it’s time for me to do this as well! I totally understand about not covering 3rd party damage as well and that does seem completely reasonable. The reason I started this journal is to give me something to keep my mind off of these books while they are not within arms reach. Insurance would definitely help with the financial worry around sending them off. I also thought it would be cool to share before and after pics with the community as well as talk about some of the books in my set. The other piece of it is the thought of actually trying to replace something that was so hard to find, such as a lone 9.8. I know you know how hard some books are to find. Beyond the financial loss that is what really scares the heck out of me! Man they look good when they do come back though Thanks for all of the great information!
  7. I hate to say that I don’t. I appreciate the tip on CIS and will look into that. Homeowners ins down here is already really steep with the wind/hail requirement and by the time it’s affordable your deductible is so high you better just pray you never need it. It sounds like CIS is more up my alley especially with your recommendation I just sent these out... went to the UPS store but surepost wasn’t available so it’s USPS all the way. I always worry about the trip to CGC more that the return trip for some reason. Will be refreshing the USPS site until they are received. Can’t wait to see some of these in new holders!
  8. No Sir, that Superman 74 newsstand just happened to be the first 9.8 copy of that book I came across back when first putting my set together. Would actually prefer a direct edition to be honest. Recently I had a chance to get a number of signature series books that I couldn't pass up. Figured I might as well upgrade a few slots while waiting on the last couple 9.8's I am looking for to become available. Idle hands, as they say I started a second registry set for only Universal 9.8's but don't plan on ever intentionally trying to finish that one. At this point I'm so broke it'll be for extra 9.8's I get from my own submissions Doing these reholders to get my whole set looking as nice as possible. I know you aren't supposed to buy the holder but I can't wait to get everything in the new holders... then maybe I can take a break even if I'll still be missing a couple 9.8's.
  9. Did an inventory of my set and have a total of 37 books that need to be reholdered. 36 comics and one magazine (Newstime). Decided to go a little bigger this time and do 18 comics. Would really like to eventually have my entire gallery filled with books in new holders! They just display and photograph so much better. I recently bought a bunch of Signature Series books in old holders and some of them are in this batch. Several of those concern me as they were signed in the early 2010’s and I think they may be paint pen, but not really sure. Considering CGC’s reholder disclaimer I decided to move them up in line to get it over with. I’m a little worried about the signatures lifting, I’ll post closeups of those sigs. The spoilers are where I will post the results when I get the books back. Here we go... This one is the lone 9.8 in the census. One of two 9.8’s in the census. One of two 9.8’s in the census. Signed by Kerry Gammill May be paint pen but I’m not too worried about this one as it looks pretty good... we’ll see. Signed by Bob McLeod I am worried about these next few sigs.., This book has the slightly subdued chromium. I have a side by side of the more vibrant cover in my set. I hope the new holder livens this one up a bit! Pretty sweet third printing! And the rest.., Sending out tomorrow via UPS. Fingers crossed for a smooth trip both ways and no issues with reholdering!
  10. Same here, especially for my main set... look forward to the day when I have them all done! Can’t imagine them updating the holder again after the current one but then again I imagine people were pretty happy with the old one back when it was new too! Don’t even want to think about that!
  11. It is pretty nerve racking... at least it was for me! I have about 40 more books I want to send in but keep talking myself into and out of it
  12. Weekly bump! I have seriously considered doing what this guy did to solve his problem... I could conceivably go back in time to when these books were plentiful in places like Toys R Us and clean the racks of them, place them in a bank's safe deposit box. and then come back forward in time and pick them up and submit directly to CGC. There are only a couple problems with this... as I first slowed time before reversing it this would cause massive earthquakes, tsunami's etc resulting in mass death. That would be a bummer. It wouldn't be as simple as Lois's car just lifting out of the crevice that she perished in, or me strolling into Toys R Us... there would be suffering on a massive scale to solve this one problem. The second problem with my plan is that as long as I have already caused humanity to go through this devastation just for me to find these books I might as well go way back in time... just as Superman could have essentially gone back to before Lex even tricked him into opening the Kryptonite chest, or heck... he could have even went back to before he challenged his Pa to a race resulting in his death (who knows how much longer Pa would have lived if not coerced into a foot race with his super-powered son!?), I could go back to 1938 and throw a couple dozen Action Comics 1 in the same safe, or I could stop WWI, WWII, or any number of other tragic things throughout history. This is all just too much to think about and what if I made a mistake along the way! So, unlike Superman, who selfishly decided to spin back time just to bring his 'girlfriend' who wasn't even nice to him (there are plenty of fish in the sea dude) back from the dead, I will opt to continue my search for these last two books in real time. I may forgo weekly bumps for awhile but will update this post if/when I find these books. Appreciate any help!