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  1. Seeing that this thread is getting so much action... please check out my WTB post ‘90’s books rock
  2. I think they are onto us and know many collectors are completists. If they plan ahead for multiple printings and variant covers many collectors will want them all even if the material inside wouldn’t otherwise result in the demand for subsequent printings. Instead of letting multiple printings happen naturally based on quality/demand they are manufacturing it ahead of time. So far it is working out for them.
  3. Sounds like that sign-on bonus has attracted some new hires that might not be the right fit for a collectibles guarantee company. I had a similarly detached (although nothing like what you experienced) reply via email from an unfamiliar person and had to push back a bit to get some resolution. You should ask to speak to some leadership there. That type of person needs to seek employment elsewhere, or at least be better trained.
  4. The first thing I recommend is that you check my WTB post and then PM me if you have the book I am looking for.
  5. Finally pulled this Alex Ross Superman portrait out of the closet... wish I had a better place for it... Even worse, had to move the Jerry Siegel piece to an easel.,, Will look for a better location this weekend...
  6. Make sure to check them close. My last reholder batch of 14 book had half that had hairline cracks on the lower left side of the slab. Not obvious unless you look close and turn the slab in the light... I didn’t even notice until later after I took pics and everything. Seems to be from someone being in a hurry during reholder. Being reholdered again now...
  7. First, that is an awesome book! I don't have a dog in the fight with this set but I know this thread allows for discussion when it comes to additions. I only personally follow one set where a couple books have an ‘error edition’ as well as the regular (non error) book and the errors DO NOT have slots of their own. I personally wouldn’t recommend errors getting their own slots. I recommend each single issue/printing having a slot where either could be added, which is how I believe it is now. Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Anyways, just offering another opinion.
  8. Very nice video! It is nice to look at all of the printings side by side! Cool that your school had a comic book club and funny that the teacher had all the kids looking for JLA 69 4th print, I wonder if he ever found it? Look forward to the next two segments!
  9. WOW! Did not see that! Hope it was a really nice copy!!
  10. This just popped up on eBay... seller says it ‘might’ be the only 9.8 DC Universe Logo copy (it’s not the only copy however). Overpriced?
  11. Congrats Brandon! Really enjoyed your story! I agree, that would have been a pretty great cover... the similarities between that image and Lois holding Superman at the end of Superman 75 are pretty cool. Poor Ma, but hooray for you for adding this book! P.S. sorry, no tissue to offer you... use it up every time I bump my WTB post... Does make me sad to think about 11 or 12 year old Brandon crying into his comic books though, no wonder it's so hard find these books in 9.8!
  12. It might be worth it to buy a membership to create an invoice in the ‘submit’ tab and it will tell you exactly what to expect, whether you send them through CCS or not, with return shipping, etc. If you don’t send that invoice in it’s not a big deal... you can always recreate it later.