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  1. Thanks for the evaluations, if the #4 comes back anything over a 2.0 I'll be pleasantly surprised there. Really hoping for a 3+ on X-Men, but really hard to say what the small missing piece will take off. I'll still there actually, just torn off the staple. Hopefully it doesn't come off on it's way to CGC in a little while.
  2. Hi all, I recently acquired these three books and was wondering what everyone thought they might grade at. The staples are pretty tight on all three, all firmly attached throughout the book and to the CF. The Avengers #1 has tape along the spine, just not sure if it's the kind that could be considered restoration/conservation. There is a small torn piece on the top staple for X-Men as you can see in the one picture, but the staple is still attached. When I bought the books I pegged X-Men in the 2.5-4.0 range, Avengers #4 in the 2.0-2.5 range, and am more uncertain with #1. Obviously the Stan signature graded would come back as qualified and the tape is problematic. I would think it would grade anywhere from a 1.0-2.0, but it's complete and nothing is missing from the book. I doubt the tape can be removed, and I wouldn't want to risk damaging the staples. Sorry if three books are too many, but have been weighing out grades on them so thought I would ask for assistance.