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  1. Take per PM. Have a cover I can match this with. Now I need a cover to go with a #15 (I bought a #5, but inside was #15).
  2. Looks like I jumped the queue a little. I have four orders value from 5/11, the crossover books were shipped on Friday (with some modern and reholder books I had them hold), two orders are marked as finalized/shipped (just haven't gone out yet), and the last is still in grading/quality control and should be done by tomorrow. I also have a modern order that was received on 8/28, and also went to grading/quality control today. Probably will get them all this week, at least hoping so since Fed Ex is on the other side of the city. Just dunno where I'm going to fit 125 slabs, but not complaining! Got them to send my grades. My All-Select 1 I thought would be a 1.0/1,.5 came back 2.5 and X-Men 1 was a 4.0 I was told would be 2.5/3.0. So pretty happy so far, a couple more restored books than I would have liked, but a couple home runs at least.
  3. Yes value tier crossover grading, possibly so they could charge me for the books.
  4. Well my 5/11 comics started shipping today... even though I was told a month yesterday. I won't complain over good fortune, just a tad strange. Not everything has shipped, just my five crossover books thus far.
  5. I sent an email asking for clarification on the timing when they'll go out, all they replied was sometime in the next month... so I'll wait until yours go out Adamantium and assume I'm a few days behind yours. Best to not continue to pester them otherwise it'll only get further delayed lol.
  6. I called for my 5/11 books and was told they would likely be shipped 1st or 2nd week of October! Damn i hope it doesn't take them so long. Grading is done and they're at the encapsulation stage. No idea how that can take 3-4 weeks even for so many books. I'm a patient guy, but last year it took just over three months during con season and this year it's reaching five! They need to hire new graders lol.
  7. No further movement on mine today, I have five value orders, four show in grading/quality control and the last still scheduled for grading. I figure they're all actually in quality control as the books all have been assigned their designation (universal, restored, or qualified). I sent them an email hoping for grades. I wanted to leave it as a surprise, but who knows when I'll actually have the books in my hand. I have a modern slow track order received on 8/27, I am sure I'll get those first now. Here is a deception of all our value tier orders right now.
  8. Books have been graded and now doing through Grading/Quality Control. Categories have already been finalized. Now to play the waiting game and try and keep the grades a surprise... These were all received back on 5/11 at the Dallas Expo drop-off.
  9. Yeah I always wondered if Saturday counts as a business day, I doubt it; but I see status updates on submissions on weekends (at least books marked as "received"). I'll still keep using value. I don't know about everyone, but when you submit in larger orders it's too just much to use any other tier. I'm surprised so many people use fast track unless the purpose is for resale (even if 95 working days feels like an eternity).
  10. Sweet, mine was the same time; just a couple days later. How exciting!
  11. Mind me asking where you made your submission Adamantium? Was it Dallas Con?
  12. Am I the only one who literally checks every hour? Getting the grades finally posted will be way better than Christmas morning!
  13. I have almost 100 books submitted from the Dallas Con that were received on 5/11, SFG like everyone else. Sorry Adam! I was told the same 19-20 weeks as Adamantium last week. Hoping they'll be done by next Friday!