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  1. Sure, they very well could be. I have to imagine that no newton rings is more desirable than newton rings. It does not affect the value of the book, but certainly there's at least one person who won't buy because of it. In that case they would basically have to stay away from CGC slabs entirely. I hadn't tried it with no slabs, so I pulled one out and yeah; super tight on the sides.
  2. I don't see how this would be an alternative to SDCC in any way. Most people who attend SDCC don't do so to buy comic books... but more book focused shows the better.
  3. Collectibles are not what I would consider an investment. Sure, they meet the criteria per the definition of the word, but you're playing a pure speculation game in a highly volatile market. Not a wise investment from any perspective.
  4. It is, though I've had great luck throwing offers out. I don't know why people consistently list them at ~10% above THE HIGHEST PRICE A BOOK EVER SOLD FOR. Looking through sold listings they almost never sell for that much anyway and you're not moving inventory while you hope for a sucker to cross your path. For example, I did not pay $550 for my ASM 50 today, though it took ~5 emails to get a good (great with 20% off) price.
  5. I mean, you could be right, but this isn't the first time they've done this, and I'm sure they spend a lot of money on marketing and post-analysis. I assume they have information we don't which shows it's a net positive.
  6. ASM. Not original, but been working on it for more than 20 years now.
  7. WTS ASM 50 6.0 W $600 Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have that one already, though only a 4.5 (a very nice looking 4.5 though.)
  8. For sales like this one (store wide), ebay eats the cost, whatever that nets in the end (obviously it's not actually the full 20%.) It's a marketing campaign and there is value in getting more people to use the site, even if it eats into the marketing budget a bit. When you see coupons that are limited to specific sellers, the seller eats the cost. Reference:
  9. Ha I have a message out to that guy for better pics. It is tempting, especially with those white pages, but I'm afraid of buying based on one out of focus pic. Plus the cover looks better than a 6.0, which has me worried about what the back/inside looks like... I was mostly joking, but appreciate the suggestions. Hard to help someone if you don't know what they already have... but I am having a hard time. I just grabbed an 8.5 W JIM 86 and thought I was done for a bit.. but the coupon is pulling me back in.
  10. Guys.... what do I buy? Help! Want an ASM 50, but not sure I want what's available... and the rest of my current list are large purchases I'm not going to make now. I NEED TO SPEND MONEY! Quick, ~$600 budget and I am a big SA Thor/ASM/Avengers fan. Need ideas!
  11. If it means anything, you handled this in a much more mature way than I would have. Buying for a friend, neither of them can afford the purchase, asking you to pay for some insufficiently_thoughtful_person buying comics behind his wife's back, threatening a PayPal dispute, and to top it off: the guy asks for a $100 discount! Yikes, you're a better man than I.
  12. Yeah I see that now. I was actually going to come back and delete my comment. I made it after reading like two pages... out of 20. Been reading more since then, so just disregard what I said there, it's about 18 pages out of date.
  13. I think the problem here is that you didn't state your return policy up front. I'm sure you will in the future, but that's what muddles the waters here. The fact that he was buying for a friend is irrelevant. He is the buyer; what he does with the books afterward is his business, not yours. It's really up to you to decide whether or not you are going to take a return. It's a tough call without a previously stated return policy.
  14. Can I just throw out there that it's incredibly frustrating that I can't marry e.g. a golden size mylite2 and a golden size top-loader from the same company? The mylite is just slightly too large. Why? Currently I have all of my books in golden size mylite2's and golden top-loaders and it wrinkles the mylite a bit. I just didn't feel like buying another bunch of mylites and/or top-loaders, but I don't like that there's side pressure on the mylars. It doesn't seem to affect the book itself (they are still flat, no waves), but man....
  15. It does happen, but the reality is that the vast majority of buyers are not out to screw you. That said, if it does happen to you, that's not much of a consolation. So, you can decide to only sell to high rep buyers as others have suggested. That sucks for a lot of buyers and decreases your buyer pool, but it's an option. You may also chose to sell on here to high rep buyers (or, at least, someone with a few good transactions under their belt [like me]). There's no 100% safe option when selling over the internet unless you only take cash as payment and don't ship until you're paid.
  16. Yes. The initial claim is for insurance purposes and they don't expect that you'll know the exact grade (obviously, and which is required to price the book) when you send it.
  17. Off topic: too bad it was wrapped in the first place; that stupid shrink wrap damaged the book. I would rip it off.
  18. Purchased ASM33. Great communication / fast responses / fast shipping / item exactly as described and well packaged. Thanks!
  19. The "Justin" referenced in the original post confirmed that he was also let go on his personal FB account (and he implied that PGX is being a bit naughty, but no details.)
  20. People know that SCS is a thing. CGC cases are imperfect and do not even protect against rough shipping. There are plenty of cases where a 9.8 was damaged while still inside an unbroken case and are obviously no longer 9.8's. It's unreasonable to imply that the grade is whatever the label says it is because we all know that's not true. In this specific case, I am not familiar with the book in question, so I can't weigh in on whether or not this is a common issue with the print run, but there's far more nuance here than you're letting on.